HH's MEDIA BASED WORK COURT | ANTI MEDIA SYSTEM | THE REST OF THE WORLD - I hear the part where video games Industries furnish people with how to get out of the clutches of media and celebrity bullies but I dont see any of that being the case anyway – in terms of myself the matter is largely an issue of my Literary empire emporium and the fringes that fluctuate all the time because people come in an out at the Brokerage with Industries and have many things they do with the communities and video games are just things they create from fantasies that I have then taken steps to provide equities to help them stream line and therefore like films get better, solve a social issue and establish a market and not basically operate on Machiavellian activities happening at Industry only and so those are my equities at the video games Industries: where I stand is a matter of where fans are i.e. for example when Honda made the Civil Type R and then after it became really popular took it back and made it worse – why would anybody make a sports hatch back, a racer box space hatchback and more so at that time and why would they take it back and make it worse after people became attached? It’s always a matter of where the fans are and what has changed to cause them to become more interested in commerce than quality and durability and satisfaction of playing and I for my part really hate the Online experience thing and want to deal with this problem, especially where my equities are making games and so on. However for the media it is a matter of stories about military interventions in government being an issue but they have no wish to discuss just like they have none now, the fact there is no depth of degradation they will not plunder over greed and the need to abuse people to get rich and their thirst for corruption is legendary: the other ones on the right to whom they want everybody to consider as evil are much the same as well, they have plans for what they want and the only way the plan can be executed is when and if you are afraid of them as a basic form of fundamental existence, they dont see that it is their insults that cause a process where it appears you are sucking up their air and getting in their way because there is no point to that if they can beat you up. So when it comes to the question of the part where people take up your stuff and do it, the reality remains the same; those of them that find their way into the military enjoy corrupting people and that is why the media ones love their corruptions of involvement so much and their women think they can handle anybody and are powerful and invincible and awesome and stubborn and need to handle peoples possession in order to be but I dont see it as a problem anyway since they cannot corrupt me and can keep talking nonsense about how I need to treat women so we can find out if it will get them what they want anyway and I will therefore be completely unlikely to get worse as well on account that I have no clue whatsoever what Political stability really is as it were – in the end of which I am a Government Chief of staff and they are spying on me as I play Video games and I suppose they do it because they expect that to be something that the Armed Forces will be pleased with as well. I mean in the end of which when it comes to it, they are the ones on either left or right hand side that are playing video games to gain ideas and kill each other and leave a mess for law enforcement and the armed forces to clean up all the time: reality of which is measured when I have a Court and for that reason they are seen in public places being a collection of twats day in and day out year in and year out looking for trouble and wondering why I pillage their cultures and societies as well and set out a means to get rich with doing so too bearing in mind I am already famous doing so as we speak. I dont think it is a matter about which people should get into a heightened state of affairs – it’s the same old reality about being a Chief of Staff and being the best of my class: apparently the idiots do mention their racism in the services which is about my provocative behaviour towards women that means I do things to them which means that the things extremists can do with them can happen again and again and again but all these things are clearly not done by people who have an experience of how to set others up for a racist slur apparently and we all know how quickly it can degenerate from there but these fools have continued to think they are evil and I will be beaten up by them when they are bigger than me is enough to take a risk; now they spy on me playing video games and make noise all over the place because something has terrified them before then it was the books and even now especially for the insolent black ones I am still being factorised by my low4est and commonest denominators so their stupid girls can do soul music and clubbing and parting otherwise there will be gangs and yet we hear them mention a question of how many more people will be killed by mass shootings before e decide to do something about it as though there is anything we can do about the part where they spent some time in a correctional institution and come from a family where they have always gotten their way and like to pretend the world is like that and if not should be made like that; I do become a nice person over the matter anyway for my part – I do mention the fact when you see the Bus drivers, the only thing that can prevent a process where they bully you is living in a racist slur and because you are black that can always happen because when you look at them from the soles of their feet to their heads is written a trophy of victories they had over others from their parents and then their teachers and then their children and then their women and then everybody else and now being their bad history is all over the place feel that somebody else should be attacked for no reason so that their lot might be shared. It is much the same as nothing we can do about the assumption that others are fundamentally empty and that you are supposed to fill them up until when you take them over and they assess that the only way to stop you is to remove themselves from the world but because they dont want to cause pain to those they love remove you alongside them – only then does it appear that people know of those that have been in prison and had experiences of living in a world where state of affairs is paramount and have decided they have no plans to earn a living if they can take what belongs to other people instead and turn up all over media and Politics talking nonsense so that when you handle them a bit it turns out their stupid confidence was misplaced and it is time to get the Politicians but still they are after your anus and your penis and you can never feel good or be a happy person and it shows no signs of ending on account they are trying to get rich and so on. So this whole process of telling others to get rid of the right to bear arms is much the same as standing in front of my home to start a fight with people all the time while preserving your home in order to measure out relative privileges and become better than I am and then one day the person is so angry they smash my bin and pick up a fragment to gouge out your stupid eyes with and it turns out what you think about it is that I should have no bin or if I have one keep it indoors with a big mouth: it is a wonder what they suppose they can do if the right to bear arms is not removed.

I dont think the part about being bullied by journalists is a major issue, I just need to be kicked until I give up what I have already given and stop being such a pig in their view but I keep an open reception around my media equipment because of my relationship with my Court and not them, so there is enough filth to throw into those filthy mouth yet; they really are squeezing some out and I cannot eat properly or exist with a tummy that feels okay whatever it is they seek anyway, the part about getting beaten up being what we always hear before we hear the complains; they are spying on me as I play video games, especially the blacks – something seems to have spooked them fucking idiots apparently. They do speak about how they do these things to create an environment where they can handle me in a condition where there is no law but I dont think that equity brokerage in public does not indicate that you have found out that those who like to mess you up all the time until the very you smells of death and some frustrated goon might like to finish it off are vulnerable when you threaten them and extricate a relaxation from it, I dont think it fails to indicate I want to get their stupid insolent media men somewhere and beat them up seriously as well especially for the blacks: I mean if those touch me I am prone to hurting them seriously for it as well anyway at this point: none of it is a new story I know what Political stability is and they have not had me wrapped round their insulting media little finger, such claims especially concerning extremism in the armed forces only lasts for as long as you allow the confidence of the news of it to continue: otherwise they do realise the reasons their stupid girls have become more and more exposed to the actions of extreme violence as well anyway and have seen there is nothing they can do about it too. It is hard for them these days I see; they cannot say if they are important as well or have achieved something as well or are famous as well lest there be trouble. I dont consider these matters to be of prime concern, it’s a simple case of each time you tune up your telly you see some fat middle aged idiot who have a television career issuing threats at you and so out of curiosity bearing in mind every time you set out your book sales is the best point for them to show what they like and how they can take it and be the biggest monumental twats there are, you may ask why they would want to do that and find out it is because you have done something that interferes with the corruptions of involvement they like to have with your personal life and women that you have relations with – in essence fucking you up to ensure you feel like a stranger in your own personal life; which is not a new evil, just the kind that like to twist Christians until they suffer so much and give up their faith to those who want to deploy a history where they have lived in that way to have their personal lives and use it to please their own villainy but the threats do mean if they touch me I will handle them seriously and for those famous ones that are always right there every time digging down low and deep to ensure I am terrified of them, they can come around here and beat up if they want, so we can find out if being a famous prick means you can be so stupid as well. The American ones like to talk nonsense about their powers of sociopath but the last time I checked it was war on my books and media is our salvation and of course even then they will not stay away and so if I say any of that stupid culture around any of my concerns I will rip up all of it again and this time I can comfortably promise I will destroy it permanently too. I know we should all imagine where black men will be if they were able to control the lives and movements of their kids: I am going to be responsible for their deaths as it were – so the basic issues still stand: I keep an open reception for my Court and not to let them and their stupid women into my life, not staying off my book sales is a certain and easy way to ensure it explodes.