The story of a need to have a big conversation about me as a failure is not an emotive one, it’s an old case of the fact the problem with the Media has always been the case of what they will be spending or wasting next in the lives of those they have enjoyed tormenting all the time; so in my case I am not necessarily tormented but it’s about to enter fighting stage where they will keep off my Books and stop following me around all the way to the academic institutions to do their damage. So they always love to claim they enjoy oppressing me which is utter nonsense as first we know if I get hold of those civil rights I will get it all done for them and the business equities they develop from it will be gone for good as well, the other part is that it’s been half a decade since their stupid selves spent time trying to convince me of their famous disposition by putting up their money to do business in a way that damages my Books; we have outcomes such as Americans who hate my guts which simply means that they have gone along with a notion that Royalty is stupid, so they enjoy helping stupid people to make money on my Public image to blow off the big American mouth like I did deserve it, except what I do with myself unconsciously to put myself out there on account I have written a Book means they want my Books but do not like me or like the fact I had written one altogether which feels exactly the same as the nonsense I have to put up with – we have such nonsense as threats running around to add to these conversations about me being a failure, something to do with the idea if I thought of what I have done with myself in 13 years I would think I had been wasted but it is not necessarily true, hence the fact I am not emotionally attached to their Celebrity stupidities means that I am always able to carry on irrespective of insults and abuses that were supposed to help them make the 13 years count to a large extent but it’s the dangerous bits of not being emotionally attached they need to be worried about as well, as I have warned them I have had enough of them too; it does not do any favours in terms of the threats being about how much progress they have made with myself extracting money from my Public image on the basis of what they want to do with the relationship I have with my parents, so it beats my imagination what it is exactly they believe they can do to me when I have not yet made money from the relationship they have with their parents too, in order to get it all going. Feeds into this other case where they say I have hurt them so much I had better not show up where I will be found as there will be threats, yap yapping all the time and can never let people be – but making stupid people rich at my expense and making my life toxic on social media with it was something that happens because it’s the way they are, likewise the fact they like my Books but do not want to be seen to help me by buying it being the way I am – the only reasons we have these conversations is because when they have opinions and feelings they touch, handle and get as pragmatic as they stupidly can; so I ought to set out that there will be no threats as I am thinking they are bluffing as well since they do not know me as well as they suppose they do i.e. I have not yet made money from telling them to love their mothers the way they have exploited me by being the ones to force me to respect mine, so it needs better put its money where its mouth is, bearing in mind my Books were not even designed to operate on this and the reason we are having this conversation is wholly based on their well-fed stupidities that does not want to deploy the health to work for money in the city who cannot stop looking for trouble by handling me.

There is this other case of how Americans have damaged British interests which does not bother me in anyway whatsoever; we know they are complaining on a global stage as well and spending a lot of time to make statements about provocative great Britain that wants to rule the world working with them so we might all be great together, while the sex based abuses continue and if we established a Trading Block with China they moved in and wrecked it, the South American bits always get wrecked anyway since Royal Office helping people out with self-provided security issues never really sits well with freedom based criminals; my point is that I am not emotionally attached to them. The case feeds into this matter of how it means I have no specific allies which is utter nonsense; we do not make it up at Government Office like we find them complain about all the time apparently, if the job is done properly the specificity of allies will not matter, which is usually said to be the disposition of cowards but we know what happens with people who say such things is that National security operatives once returned from service will not be able to rely on their Government to provide them the intelligence and security systems that will make their jobs safe and then what people were supposed to do at a courageous capacity with Government Office will have been achieved. The idea is usually that this is a dicey way to think of Diplomacy but it is not in anyway; whenever people move to the left its usually an indication they have problems but have chosen not to make contributions to the violence that we see all the time, hence it is usually safe to say that where they are tells us what Public Diplomacy should be – we do not have that these days anymore, what we have is Liberal USA led insanity that means idiots who know I have Government Office to look after, begin the business of fulfilling their stupid dreams by becoming more important than I am on my Public image, meaning I behave towards them in the same way and I do not end up being the one to complain about it and its much the same with the business of terrorism where they claim I am friend of terrorists and this is what bothers Liberal USA while I am not the one complaining about that too; what happens is that they think this story bothers me when it simply means I am in control and they seek trade secrets which I will never give as they are party to every nonsense that has to do with people ripping up my academic work and finances so that my public image may be broken up and shared with neighbourhoods to ensure everybody had a piece on their doorstep to bring about wealth and social equality, we find the same behaviour expressed towards my hermitage as well, they even say it was the new global markets for the poor people and that I will be made to serve the Obamas and it is such a huge responsibility obviously to handle me, which I have made good by ensuring that they understood my security was now based on getting them stuck with me, such that they were no longer able to chase the Celebrity lifestyle because they do not have the stomach for it anymore and then I may tell them if their money gets to their heads, it would make sense to keep their hands off me and get organised for it – this is what produces the outcome where they attack me because I am selfish while it is not sustainable for me to share by dropping out of University and smelling like my loo in Public transport so I might get beaten up; I mean I don’t get beaten up as such as they claim I play tricks while it is usually always a matter of those that can beat up making the most of their disposition and those who cannot hurting themselves, of which I would have loved them to shut down those stupid communities they build up and feed with ideas about what to do to me in the first place.

As for the idea most of the time I get attacked it’s because HM is uncomfortable with what I am doing, that was a matter of the fact they play their practical joke around here too often – such that actual government business gets blurred by the fact I am prepared to crush their Celebrity stupidities as well for what it has done here and continues to do still. I mean its government so if you are given a glass of wine and some biscuits, then you walked down and took out a drumstick from a table reserved for Dignitaries, it will come to notice no matter how much you had tried to keep it out of sight – what then happens with these fools is their involvement and physical handling of my person and property creating confusion about this matter which was also instrumental to causing my University drop out to happen in the first place and the fundamental structures by which they do continues still as we speak I.e. I will be an Arch Prince if they said so but what I write and what I say now has to be explained while I have Books to sell – so we see that even when they make out this stupidities to be what their civil and human rights were, it does not prevent me from releasing some equities at the Hermitage, selling Books and taking a holiday but they were, looking for a response which they are about to get too. I have warned them it’s all progressing to the stage where a fight with Media and Celebrities was inevitable and yes there will be no dangers when I showed up in Public, they are bluffing and set to lose yet even more money. They complain and tell those lies all the time and yet while they handle me and issue those threats, I have continued to abstain from co-operation with Politicians that are calling, it is also about to stop too.

I do get told I sit around somewhere trying to make decisions about what should become of Muslims in the Middle East that I know nothing of and I understand that but it’s still not me making decisions, it’s still the old case of people being silly, selfish, evil and wanting to blame others for their problems. The same persons making these accusation will be found getting around with media goons who claim religion is the problem of the world and that they are all the time, that I am friends with terrorists and that the USA should make war on Christians next when done with Muslims, then will they deny it feeds into terrorists acts and in feeds into acts of murder and genocide perpetrated by terrorists against people from other religion who lived with them in the Middle East. They do claim I am convinced religion is the problem of the world but do not wish to speak of it while I am simply going into details i.e. if it’s about what they should have done and having failed to left them vulnerable to community croons who want to establish their own religion and feel great at facilitating violent deeds, how does it have a thing to do with religion as a whole? Then there are facts like I have mentioned above, getting around with media and celebrity who have strange views of religion and then blame religion for the problems even while being aware that Terrorism has nothing to do with religion even though those who engage in it must have something they believed in; they have these games to play with religion all the time – Church people think they are powerful but all they really can do is build a big Church where others may fornicate, there are others such as how priests are supposed to help those who do not have a body type to deal with bullying that makes them smell kissing peoples arse to make it better, there still are others like how they have done these many times and cannot understand why some people are unable to see why consequences should not follow in terms of those who are inferior to them; the whole time it does not appeal that others have strange ideas about what to do with religion just like them as well, such that if I am able to protect myself from these things another person who is just as evil as they are, wants to ensure that the same does not apply to them in terms of Islam where they may do what they like and ensure I never got close with my ideas etc. eventually which we hear they have taken the wealth and power they wanted anyway but have only taken money from those who make it to fight other people with, thinking about it carefully, it means they have been paid handsomely for the social corruption they have spread all over the world and the story that other religious people do not respond to it like I do is utter rubbish too as most of them especially the consecrated Priests never really think they need go into details when the only issue at hand was that how they were consecrated to do their work as priests is very different from how the same individuals who are complaining about the problems have been using it.

It will be said here I think I am invulnerable to corruption when I don’t, I simply did not select the neighbourhood I currently reside in to help me finish some Books because I was expecting people to play up practical jokes all the way to Government level with it; that said, if they claim my answers are inadequate then they should know it’s about gang and group behaviour and Muslims are particularly guilty of it, such that whenever they are seen in a group, it never fails to be about grooming some victim of public place abuses which they cannot groom without sex based insults that put them in control and lots of threat but the primary purpose have always been to break up everything that makes such persons dignified human beings and spread it around as a sense of public image a small piece of it which everybody should own at their door step, leaving the victims to be homosexual if they dared, as the abuses and sex based insults get out of hand from then on – I mean they know their communities do these things and do not need to threaten those who are having tummy issues but carry out those threats because they are making money with the public image of such persons, looking like they want to get a response and being confident they can wade it. My point is that it’s about group and gang behaviour, most of which does not need a sense of education from its own victims. I mean they do want me to get to the point about the issues with the Celebrities naturally which is nothing but the fact it’s not even the business of making money with your work that annoys you, it’s the fact they spend your time proving they are superior to you by wrecking everything they believe tended to dispute that which is clearly not their property and the meaning of it is meant to be that you became angry that what you had made them better off than it made you when the real issue was getting yourself together to get back into the environment and to achieve what you need to get done – so they have been delaying with via insulting practical jokes that they top up every time that I clear out and it is beginning to get a tailor made response from me as well, I am not really emotionally attached and therefore tend to find the strength to pick up from where I left off but they have done everything since to keep it down, which creates this idea I have not said anything definite if people can still dominate me while this business of carry on was the only problem, as mentioned before, if they follow me around again at the academic institutions I am going to give them the trouble they seek.

I do get told I make concessions for Celebrities which I don’t; what happens is a set structure that means I do not get along with popular culture tycoons, but because an Office has been deployed to aid people with self-provided security issues, there are equities that people may deploy to seek opportunities with such things but the deal is that they help to support other young people at school; what happens is that they had soon taken out job roles from my Public image, built themselves a reputation for being ruthless at show business, attacked me numerous time and made me deals I cannot refuse each time I want to move them on, the outcome being that what I had done to ensure the freedom criminals who like to exasperate people ended up being passionate enough to create these popular culture opportunities is what these criminals are now doing to me, so it’s the reverse of what I built my structures for and I am starting to plan their way out of it too. It does not mean I hate Celebrities but Celebrities that get along with me are very specific people, there is no need for all these while we get suffocated if people have their own lives to live and the main problem with Celebrities is still the business of Lawyers trying to perform brain surgery situations, where they never mind their business once they get the money and the destruction caused will eventually add up to a tool for manipulation, abusive behaviour and control, as stupidly as possible, while other real Celebrities who spend their time giving their answers to public problems to those who go to them for it and want people to be happy all the time which creates the celebrity jobs and stops the problems returning do not have media attention anymore and they had conveniently blamed it on me too. Their world then being a completely different environment from mine where I am now done with criminals and society goons for instance but if they want to play with the issues we can have another go – leaving the women to say they want to see me do a Man job not expect Armed Forces people to pick up difficult bits, while reality is more that this is what I spent my teenage years on while they spent theirs getting fit for the Armed Forces jobs, they are not three times my size, ready to beat up any enemy that comes their way, this sort of support is therefore absolutely essential for the work they do. In the end, I had set out a social media profile where I stated my Office and they had decided such an Office does not exist while their involvement with what I say and write is causing confusion and eating disorder associated with showing up to experiment on how to become more important than I am, which is then taken out on me to cause me one too – so in terms of the question of my work not being effective, it is effective as everything I write will have been written minutes or hours before somebody decided it was magically their own, like the real men teaching me lessons for finding out what their future held and stopping them from being what they were born to be when I do not want them peddling my faith, personal life and public image, finding out it’s impossible to crack.

I do get told I block off peoples exit and yes I do; my health, safety and security is now wholly based on making sure they are stuck with me and do not have any more stomach for the fame and fortune and then I get to stop them peddling the faith, personal life and public image, perhaps it might be the time they want to pick up their own lives where they left off. So the theory is usually that the women are allowed to get out of hand while what happens is goons who make money to build problems for others by giving them money to talk abstracts at me with on media all the time, while the ones from the Monarchy who curate Celebrity business show up here to grind it at me and discipline me until it becomes counter-productive, then set about complaining of the consequences when it affects them all day, far from the business of making me do a real man’s job to look after their stupidities which is a disobedient vandalism that will not stop until they had become victims themselves, so it’s the bottom hurting presently and could get worse. They do speak of what American women think I should be used for, which is nothing unusual; we all know my achievements are based on what I do with the Church and they have got the one they dominate me or presume to with all the time – so whilst that of the men is about having three jobs, where one brings in the money, the other is the fact I am a huge responsibility and the third is about making sure I have no money of my own, their own will be about getting stuck in a corner where they will be thinking there are certain stuff that should not be allowed to hit the vein.

The story thus never goes away, that I am complicit with racism – the truth of which is that these goons think they have trapped me in a condition where I may express mercy to a stage where it become a habit for me to do so, that they might do whatever they like, I have also thereof reached a stage where I wish to stop looking as if I am responsible for their security by shutting it all down all the way to Hollywood USA, of which it goes without saying these stupid games continue as they are rather of the opinion enough had not died and gotten hurt over it yet; God is not mocked, whatever a man’s sows in season, exactly that will be reap. As for the story of how I am on no persons side and therefore I am nowhere, it was an old case of everybody getting some of mine to transform these whole criminal and antisocial behaviour gimmicks into something of an announcement they want to make at my expense every single day – the big ones are the men wrecking the academic work and finances to make me handle women in a way that makes them comfortable and since they now think I am responsible for their security, it must be prove enough they have already lost what they had and are not getting a replacement from here, just like the women love to threaten me with the boys from the neighbourhood as if that is what their part of society looks like and we now know they cannot function without it and I don’t care; I don’t care that whilst their part of society is full of gits that spend time teaching some bad men the only bit of security leverage that women have in the world, so that the goons might move into the right hand of Men a quarter of their size and perform enough distant violence to make them rich and famous with what they have never worked for in their lives and cannot account for, they do nothing, what happens with me is that threatening me makes them top dog – so I had to ensure they understood their boys from the neighbourhood would do nothing whatsoever and it is not their part of society.