Of course it isn’t true I have no clue what I am doing; it usually starts with a story of a guy people have found whose personality ought to be steeped in their problems and then they will kill him quickly and make it all go away and then because of that they will need a war really soon so much but cannot have it and that will lead to protest about the power of the state and that will take care of everything. I have mentioned it not because I need to but because it is another mile stone, so I can set my eyes firmly on the fact it appears we have all been played out and everybody now needs the media more than ever while the media stirs things like Scottish Nationalism to raise their price bidding and so on, which of course it starting to provoke me in a big way too especially become they are becoming ever more increasingly violent over the practicalities of their greed on what is not actually their own as such.

I cannot make out what supposition of the media led commotion around the matter really is; the reality at this point is that the only group of people that have so far stopped damaging my business and cutting it up without reason using popularity and publicity, is Popular culture people and celebrities – there is more to go with black people and media and Politicians and I believe I have issued them the necessary warnings; at this stage it seems normalcy means I wrote ten sentences in a Book and hurt a Politicians or a Media or a black people ten times for it but the alternative is walking around aimlessly with them all taking a stand in my personal life and developing a habit of turning up in public places to threaten me all the time and show off with media full of girls that know men that want to collect my career and earnings for them who seem to be around my livelihood all the time no matter how old like a really bad rash, talking nonsense about freedom and democracy as well for good measure of which their antics at International Communities are thing that really get me into a bad, bad state these days all together. So they do complain about a damage to their culture and history and society which I have done and I don’t think I am yet so far as it were; I want to see them keep their distance from my Royal Estate and I want to see them do the same for my public work and Royal Office and I wouldn’t mind if they all got a proper job each of them thereof for the purpose. Ever impossible to see them do anything but; some career I stole from a woman, need to hand it back a threatening insult and a man behind them that will get it from me for them – every single second no matter how old.

So that tale of whom I am scared of fits right into it – the part where I stand all my time working on what really matters to me and it seems what really matters to them is to build up muscle and turn out to threaten people for it is on this fear their successes depend and the Politicians therefore of aid them with access to people lives; which it has so become thus a matter of whom and or what I am scared of because little has been done about it on my part i.e. the part I have been most concerned with is the one where anybody whose problems have damaged by business and or makes up a problems that remotely does gets a piece of me as well and we have now come to the very pinnacle of that where the story of what I am scared of feeds into activities of CEOs and so it turns out that only popular culture that acts with corruptions of involvement first and then violence later to retain what they have located from people’s lives and personal history especially for the women, that has now reached a point where they are no longer a danger to my Company while it is the Politicians and the Media and the Black people that are the next target and which I will hit really hard indeed and as for the CEOs apparently we now know that it is out of the ordinary to get off and buy shares in companies and make up your own ideas about what the job or business of those who broker equities with them really is, to make up those ideas and then get off to buy shares in companies so that you can take advantage of them as it so on and I have said it before – what remains as it stands is that the racism and the cultural evils and the violence they have built up are things they will handle for the various companies that have employed them as it were and it has nothing to do with me whatsoever, besides which I know my own crowd and they are not it – far from and as for the Politicians it is a matter of a right to work alongside them without having to deal with the evils of their society because we all know they spend international development funds to find trouble makers all over the world and bring them here, then we soon find out the purpose is to set out that a problem created by a black person should be handled by a black person so they can target me but having said that get after my book sales and destroy it – so that these same race and inequality and employment issues are things they are dealing with at government Office for a price of a very handsome pay out but it is the same they have laden with me and have no plans to respect the fact I have to make a living while I deal with it as well hence this idea that they alongside media and black people now exist in a place where going to the Office means hurting them, all appears for them to be some kind of a bluff – I mean it reaches a point where you might take responsibility and when everybody is minding their business including the racists, they will start a story of how those who do not give them what they want need to leave their country and start a game of an amusing engagement of wrecking peoples academic work and finances to run away and keep their own, this is not where the problem is of course, where the problem lies is damage to my Book sales – that crosses a line as it were. More often than not the reality is that they say I make up tales that they sleep with peoples wives which I don’t care if I did but apparently these women who work the system to ruin people’s lives for them by making sure a process where they stand up at public office results in an outcome where other people’s property belongs to everybody that is a member of the general public without reason must have some sexual incentive thereof to give them that sort of loyalty – so neither these fools nor the government office they handle nor the businesses they destroy actually belongs to them but they think they are other peoples bosses and it’s just like their media fools who get involved in the leadership I provide for others, to make out it is a point at which they gather spare resources when they have not worked out properly how to pay their bills, which has eventually driven it to this point where it is a matter of what happens and what doesn’t too. So they do say I think big business is on my side whereas it isn’t – like black people are finding out what it will feel like when I use them to get things done, to this point where they now think they are connected with the Monarchy at my expense; I really don’t care whose side big businesses are on, it is ever such a bad PR when they make use of my products without buying it because they have the money to many times over, at some stage however this behaviour becomes an incentive and people want the products because big businesses need it but are not paying and this is where their fight with me and destruction of my property begins and I think informing them in a grand way that they have their own aptitudes and need to handle that instead is a good start; all together it takes us back to where we started i.e. nothing in the world justifies damaging the Book sales and none of these problems and issues would arise if it weren’t happening. So they speak of my Government duties and it is rather difficult to locate how they detached that from this anyway; they are dealing with the problem including that of Pimp president in the US but I am the one that is not being paid for mine while they are the ones getting paid by the taxpayers, so I am sure they understand damaging the book sales crosses a line as it were – it needs to stop being amusing, it has to stop being amusing. I don’t want anybody doing anymore media and popular culture and politics and slight comments around my public work and anywhere near those Books anymore. They do claim I speak so but take advantage of media and peoples security at their homes and neighbourhoods and even Politics and popular culture to get through to those I want to reach all the time without any payment but everybody else knows I need to protect those I broker equities with from their corruptions of involvement and its insulting corruptibility when if the insults of these kind were not happening the spike in anus and penis insults and a certain pimp president in the US would not have been possible, speaking of which I am not the one complaining when he spies on them – good for him as it were. So there is that tale of course of course I always get about seeking problems to solve concerning which they have enough on media, which does not matter to me in anyway; the next camera man that trains his camera of a journalist in my Court, then abuses them because it is better than taking their job away is neither their employer or manager and most of the time has not got a foggiest clue what he is doing – so it is as though the anus and penis insults can run wild because women have not got their own as well and we need some time for that too all together – these other idiots travelling around the world to find me poverty problems in Africa, war in the middle east and economic issues in Europe are just the same category of shit bags. I take responsibility for the bag relations I have with people around me alright, after all it’s  a  matter of whether or not they have found a Royal Estate to mess about with and cannot keep off the Books even when I tell them messing with that too will create statements for organised criminals. It started off in the usual way and is becoming what it was expected to become i.e. their problems are a function of others having more money which means if they have money too they can do the same to those who don’t have it and ever since they did have the they have not been able to do anything, so it’s one story after another about squander and I don’t want the popularity and the media and the Politics and the culture to be done with reference to me or my public life anymore, it’s just not cost effective and nothing excuses damage to my Book sales. I do understand the part where there is a bit of controversy around my position concerning racism; I have no idea anyway – all I know is that when people see useless people in their Country they fundamentally feel I ought to do something about those because somebody is a politician or works somewhere that ends up being shown on my television, so that it seems this game is their own form of stupidities that they might find amusing too as separate from the racists and none-racists which we could do without especially the part where I might have mentioned they will soon pretend it happens because I wind them up by looking like Royalty and need to be told where I am supposed to be. This is not a matter I would advise I be pushed by them further; what I have done to them so far is a matter of the sense we are either at war with CEOs or we are with Politicians or we are with the Media and of course if I did take some extreme measures with the CEOs over the violent abuses that become the answer for everything, then I will lose the part where they are meant to fight their corner as every idiot that wants to spend money on anything they find is abusive towards me gets to feed the lot with their misery and this is the only reason I have not take extreme measures, it is an acceptable gain but they need to fight their corner and leave me alone far from expect me to take on CEOs while they check their decadence and distract me from my academic work to get famous. The narrative was always quite simple i.e. it was bad in that whenever you create a business, some goons will gather all over it to deploy your creativity to build up some conflict somewhere, so it seems when people broker equities with my Royal Estate they only end up employing CEOs that make things worse, so that it might be a gain in the sense that every fool that wants to spend money on them can do so and build a little conflict they themselves will be caught up in but those abuses in my direction that have become the answer to everything will one day blow up in their faces if their community idiots and society goons and media fools who form the backbone of their sales men and women cannot take a hint. Normally it is not a problem as such anyway; the reality is that either as a corner in the class room which is the typical way to draw attention to the issue or indeed the media, the reality is that they feel they are a law unto themselves and have the right to do things to my body and my feelings and when I voice those concerns it stops a while and then starts all over again, rip up my academic work and ensure they came to no good and kept their eyes firmly fixed on what I am going to be forced to share with them because I have got it; I never pay attention as it is something Politicians like to throw money at all the time, so that it generally exists because Politicians throw money at it but soon they will say I am targeted because I actually look like Royalty which winds them up for they don’t know where to find Royalty if they wish to see one as it were and this is the point where they need to put their money where their mouth is and Politicians need to realise this issue can be handled in the cheapest way yet known to man as it were; so I know that reacting to it gives them more and more and ideas on how to get worse at it rather than stop and that is why I do so; the story about my position on racism endlessly and there will be two aspects to my life and one will belong to somebody else; with a big mouth.

. So we all hear of the story I mess about with peoples wives of course and it is utter nonsense; first of all when it comes to the celebrities, it is the early days when they are being nice that I will take my price, after that they can turn up and get it alongside their boyfriends if they have the guts for it – the rest are more formal issues like female journalists that earn more than their spouse, whose spouse then have an ego and behave in ways that damage their business especially with respect to me and eventually get to break up the family or relationship and claim I am responsible too but it is the same old story about women who earn more than their husbands being told that their friends will be curetted by their spouse and as for me, they will decide who my friends will be as well and as such they have found out what they should be doing with their wives on account the faces of their wives appear on my TV; the facts and reality is more detached from this fact which when unmentioned means it can grow into something bigger than the idiots who invent them i.e. when we see the abuses camera men levy on female journalists you may even think those are their bosses or spouse but in the end their bosses are the ones they have signed contracts with and would never use such abuses on them more so because it would lead to trouble – so it never before has cast a good image for the Country which is why I opened a section of Court for them considering their husbands are not interested if they can tell me whom to make friends with instead and find out what they could use wife for because I am involved, of which none of it matters as such because they will never ever stop – they will never ever stop being men who make living painful for others in order to make it easy for themselves as cab drivers or as bus drivers or even as male journalists and or popular culture industry fools and I am wrongly cast as somebody who is doing something he will get tired of at some stage as well which has no bearing towards reality – hence I would fancy they keep their insults where people appreciate them and as for their girls, the popular culture vandalism has never really been enough, my Court is still free for all and that will end very well too – we hear lots of noise making about threats in my direction from celebrities these days and I cannot pretend I do not relish it myself too anyway – it gets to a point. I mean their behaviour says investment means peddling my personal life and as soon as they make money from that it changes to that of inventing stupid things to dump in it so as to peddle my public life claiming they are being ruthless at doing business - while it will not go away we have begun to see threats in my direction with a big mouth - I like to say the person who told them they were famous must have been just as insane as they are.