I understand it is now said I am a villain who has been given a heroes dressing which poses a security risk and it is utter nonsense, the Media and the Celebrities and the Politicians cannot point to another person whom they have taken the period of the last 14 years turning into a character that has a career where everything he does is either in the interest of Men who overpower him and take over or the interest of women who get men to help them take over, while both engage in acts of bullying for it every day; so I do not believe this story about me being a villain that has been given a heroes dressing is something they believe either, as its part of the gimmick of making up reasons for these activities as they go along. I have made it simple enough for them not to run their popularity and their media jobs and Celebrity activities on any part of the publicity I have built for my books but every day whilst they do not share their salaries with me, it is so extraordinary that they are convinced there is nothing I can do if they did and I have never seen anything so stupid in my whole life. I do get told I play up this benevolent routine with it which allows it get increasingly worse but I don’t; what happens is that they pick up my work and before I know it there are tales it is what football people and racists should be doing to make a living and not long after that even I have made an arrangement with racists to bypass the effects that discrimination has on peoples ability to get rich – the meaning being the classic case of the fact their feelings are more important than other peoples feelings and likewise their personal problems bigger than everybody else’s, if they are angry it matters and when others are it does not, the important part of their public activities is to ensure they made money they have not worked for but avoided all the draw backs of having the money, especially the bottom hurting bits and then it turns out they were more important than an Arch Prince after that which then starts to make the whole thing violent, as stupidly as possible, wrecking my academic work, which they plan to keep wrecked for popularity, politics and stock market busy body gimmicks – it followed me around like so at the University thus justifying its activity on grounds it was perfectly legal to behave in that way and ensure they were only out for the money and more so at other people’s expense, so it is fair to point out that the next time it follows me around like that if it sees me at an academic institution, I am going to give them the trouble they are looking for. For their part, they say I am keeping secrets and that I am an Architect of instability, which is utter nonsense; I am not an architect of instability if I happen to recognise that whilst I am not spending my time seeking out things they do not want people doing with their career, so I might perform it to ensure they understood the distress caused when they run their media careers, celebrity and advertisement on publicity I have built for my Books, I have recognised that the prolific offenders in this matter are getting increasingly violent – so for those that are Politicians, when they take away my academic work because it makes me feel secure, I take away their access to female society sensibility that makes them seek money they have not got time at Government office to work for, allowing them to turn up here and flush my life down the loo, for the Media there is the part where the gangs and society trouble makers follow them everywhere they got each time they make contact with either myself or such individuals to an effect whereby I have been affected etc and the only secret I am keeping around here is that I am responding to the specific question of being a villain that has been give a heroes dressing, while I am also seriously thinking about making their careers look as messy as their stupidities have made mine, as it does seem it is the only way it will stop, the only way they will be convinced that I can do something about it. It appears when I had pointed it out like so, it becomes rather obvious they are aware of the effects of their activities and I need to spend a little time on making sure the business of explaining it according to what I have written and said, came to an end too; we all know that none of this affects a the ability of a Celebrity to walk around in their backyard, their front porch and to go anywhere around the world from the road that leads out of their homes but they have a problem with a Royal Office that allows me fraternity with land and Country to provide hospitality for service operatives and regularly spend my personal life and public image on themselves, so when they are friendly with members of the Royal family, they wreck my finances and replace me – the Politicians as well fit the bills too but the part that stands out more in their case than it does in the case of the Celebrities, while they became obsessed with striking my bum and telling me which part of society I should end up because they have ambitions and want to be important, is the fact that their ability to get their services at home has never once been affected by the fact that I am an Arch Prince, despite all the insults I have to tolerate. So the female ones are good at making a case for the kind of man that own in the form of my person which I understand well but the tale of insults that I am unable to do anything about it is misguided – their stupid career has not looked like the one their big mouth and stupid media has made out of mine yet and it is very easy to make it look like that for my part too. I do get told I make out they are insignificant and unimportant people which is rather beside the point; the reality is that give them some help and they will bite off your arm, which is exactly what they have done here but the reason we have a problem is that this is not their lives and I do not write their Books, showing up here for it all the time, seeking my Public image that is more profitable than the popularity and fame they left school with all the time and for the insults and abuses I really feel like stripping them of all they have taken from this place, so that I might maintain the correct perception of whom they really are and look after my own personal public tolerance in that way for a change. They always say that it will take a lot of work for me to get my Books looking the way they did when I first wrote them, but we can see why it is good a bragging when I have not yet made their careers look that way too. They always say that they have got Royal connections and Military connections naturally and we know the Royal ones are goons who have ideas about what HM Royal Court should be like and their case is an old one, the Military ones always want to show us that their Celebrities are the pinnacle of armed forces corruption in this Country, which does not surprise anybody – for my part it builds up to a case of their friendship with the Duke of Sussex and his alliance with the world of men; about which the purpose of wrecking my academic work was to ensure they could see my bum, strike it and insert their products into my market place to get rich quick, then tell me it is what they have done because I am disrespectful, like a question of the stupid creatures that is humanity and how long we are to last exactly as a species, if these scum are the best we have got like it is proclaimed. A simple process of support offered me by women who saw me work on society and culture trouble makers issues, because it was a threat to their six figure salaries to begin with, has now given way to a case of the boys from the neighbourhood that these fools have made alliance with in a bid to build up communities of people who have ideas about what to do to me, while they do not want me to shut down their celebrity and popular culture when I am curious to see where it will lead and will not shut it down either, blowing up their madness on my Public image to create this idea of my life ending up with Celebrities and media which I could never recover on account somebody that was out of my league invited themselves into my concerns via a stupid media based job, which again has not affected either their backyard or front porch or ability to get their services delivered to them at their homes, while it has taken over mine and the insults have not yet diminished because I have yet done nothing about it either, they perform these activities apparently because their stupidities were very important and successful. So I want to make money at this Hermitage when I want to make money and not when these fools who complain of religious people messing with their civil rights want me to make money – this is not where they live and I do not write their Books, there is no such thing as me being a villain dressed up as a hero, I did not invite them into my concerns and this is the complication we have got on the matter. I have no idea what else I must to do ensure they understood, a wrecking my academic work to take up the bullying that lets them announce my tummy issues when I defend myself from bullying all together with media, while they got off a very abusive busy body media, politics and stock market opportunism that wrecks my finances and public image to let them tell me it is something they do because they are important and I am disrespectful, as stupidly as possible – I mean the entire purpose of stifling my Book sales to build me a history of insults was a need to dispute any sense that I am good at what I do and I should only be interested in whether they purchased a copy of my Books which I had to deliver to their pathologically lying addresses and are now blabbing because their career has not yet looked like the ideas they have fed me fat in this place with so far, no idea what I must do to ensure they understood that the demand that they did not run off their media careers and their celebrity jobs and their political gimmicks on any publicity I had built for my Books was absolute – quite stupid to suggest an Arch Prince is unable to do anything about it when Royalty must be able to think on the feet on such matters as the reasons celebrities complain of wealth inequality and end up with overseas accounts built fat from taking advantage of the Public.

It is now said that security finds it difficult to protect me which is not really the case – apart from the issue with fame freaks making their case about my Office, personal life and public image while seeking their privileges of injustice because they think doing so covers their tracks, there is Prince harry and his alliances with men showing up here to chase my bum all day long; they all think I am unable to tell that most of their abuses are a process of projecting themselves unto me and wanting to be me, spending time making sure I have to look into the mirror for extensive periods if I want to be the only one to enjoy my personality or become detached from it and exist as the disturbed person they currently think that I am, my tranquillity during sleep time taken from me every 24 hours in the process, an assumption made that I probably may not have noticed, therefore I had believed all these nonsense is what my reality had become. Those of them that are engaged with the Politicians rather want to speak all the time about how I mess around while instability grows, the truth rather being that I had picked up the corrupt ideology worked by criminals and extremists to make a living by in the safest way possible for everybody and they do nothing with their time save wreck the academic work and make it dangerous to expect some gladiatorial behaviour from me that will see me suffer for the power I had gained over them when they were rather more important, achieving this outcome of spending the academic work and my writings to build an explanation for what their stupid bullying means, which had made it so important that others cannot find a disposition by which to tell them off – so I figured out that somebody had to screw with the Politicians to an extent that they had decided to match the business of chasing peoples bottoms and wrecking the academic work with a clearly set out decision about extremism and racism in this Country, matched a process of disciplining me all the time while their foolish children built hell for everybody in the neighbourhoods alongside the Celebrities, by sitting down on a panel of men and people who are perpetually important for the purpose of making others uncomfortable, to make a decision that will give us the sense of safety and security in the neighbourhoods that we need, so I am never of the opinion that I can screw with them well enough for it. They do claim they want to work with me which is ridiculous; I wonder what it means all of the time – we all know this sort of talk was going to come to light at some stage, that their gimmicks will get to such a point, that the business of thinking politics and government is supposed to make people rich while what people seek from it is the achievement of leadership and a stimulating experience, leading to outcomes that allow them make a case of winning elections and controlling market due to the amount of people they have met in order to make money, which wrecks the academic work for me and then setting up businesses they have no time to work on meaning that they find out how the market really works and flush my life down the loo, was going to lead to this business of thinking they want to work with me. What they really think however does go beyond that silly idea they have created, that the ideologies that drive them insane and confused and push them into conflict while complaining of religious people interfering with civil rights and homosexuality, while threatening me every time they need money is part of their civil activity and then telling me I know much about it but refuse to share if they spent most of their time wrecking the academic work and finances with a sense of right and wrong that is completely flawed, which does show up around environment matters where they want to blaze my trail and are always blabbing of how I always solve problems by getting involved with those in authority whereas for things like crude oil we know crude oil owners want their oil in the pipelines and not on the bodies and alimentary canal of wildlife that will never survive the process, while environment activists are more interested in making a name for themselves over an assumption that making a mess of leadership process does not mean somebody who had a mind as stupid as theirs will be selfish enough to waste and destroy another person’s dangerous chemical crude oil over the sense that their problems are more important than other people’s concerns, in order to get back at them; it is a case of ideologies held since school about some ethnic minorities, which allows them to make an announcement of my tummy issues each time I am being bullied by culture and society twerps or fame freaks who to say the least, prefer to threaten me on account they have female siblings than do what their perverted mind normally wants – the strange ideologies they had in their cliques and since school of which facilities the process of attacking ethnic minorities to make friends that will plug them into some money making process and help them get rich quick, then run back off to parliament and try to ensure this idea they have about some members of the public does not add up to a process of losing the elections, adds up to a business of wanting to work with me.