I understand it is said my set up needs to be a bit more beautiful which does not make any sense to me as it is fundamentally involved with administrating badly behaved Boys and Girls of which people are usually that way, especially with respect to money because they belong in groups that make them behave in that way and so we can confident assume those groups are gangs and that is why the celebrities bring it out of people all the time, the part where you find yourself telling them if you see them around your Office and Finances and Public life one more time there will be bodies etc. They do say I mess up work other Members of the Royal Family do of course, which I do not; it’s just reality that the goons who want to get connected with their work wish to line up and punish me financially and violently one after the other as it were, so I thought that perhaps I ought to create a bit of a stir of my own too. They do say all I do is located on the Internet which practically makes it other people’s property but then again there are two other ways of looking at it and one of those is the one where I document everything and put it away in a Bank for safe keeping, in order to ensure all I do after is based on this supposed history I share with them – the other is the part where they simply let me get on. They do say it is impossible for me to get out of where they have placed me, especially with their Media power and it is utter nonsense – the reality of it is that embarrassing it might be to remind them they are all bloody idiots, it will become desperate enough for me to ignore the fact they have salaries and Cars because it is so distracting and then that choice at such a stage of pay attention to it and keep complaining or ignore it and get on will be as clear as crystal; the usual response to this position is usually that of their profitability of violence prognosis which leads to the same result of reminding them that with a background like that they might want to think about making money only via academic pursuit; so I have always existed outside of any trap their stupid minds could possibly conjure. It’s like when they claim they are always after me because they want to make me buy products so somebody else can make money – creating wonderment as per whether I steal the products I have in my home in the first place all together but is an example of the fact they cannot leave alone others and what belongs to others anyway, hence never some new news.

They do say I have become the worst night mare of Celebrities after enticing them and then betraying them but I fail to see that being the case where reality is concerned; I made it clear from day one that my equities were allowing people deploy my public life to make some celebrity money because they were chosen specified persons for that purpose but when they get involved and do it anyway, it became a matter of doing such a good job I had nothing to complain about; soon it developed into good job and extreme vandalism at the market and I had to stop them doing any good job around here all together first then stop the extreme vandalism. They do speak of the British Empire and how they want to recover their culture and how handling me and the fact they are able to is the key to that but when they were teenagers choosing a seriously stupid and useless existence in the neighbourhoods, right up to the education system and the Media, they were aware based on facts and figures of what became of other celebrities in the past, how they would end up – it’s just that they had to choose somebody to blame because they are skilled at messing up their own lives such that the only way out would have to be using other peoples own and I am never going to let that their stuff happen to me as it were. They do say they have no idea how I expect to get out of my present predicament without getting help anyway; I wouldn’t know, since I have a court of Female Journalists because they were expected to provide for me at some stage and if people are aware that they do not wish to do so, might want to stop getting involved with it; I have done it so many times, moving the Court to the background so they can turn up and provide for me if they wanted to but time and again it never really works, so I have to reinstate everything and try to get back to usual stuff which never really happens – so they need to keep out of my Court, stay away from my Books and stop trying to achieve a process of being more important than I am which encourages them to damage my property, finances and public life, so that I don’t have to ask them for help which will result in what they are really good at i.e. going home to kill themselves. It’s like that story of how they attack me because I provide everything for me and all I do by my own self considering they have needs of which is a situation where it will never run out and if I have problems or hurt people because I am feeling the pain of it, it is entirely my fault – whereas I don’t; I may have provided all by myself for Royal Commission, Royal Office and the Royal Estate and Public work Office but I rely on the Court for everything otherwise – I am happy keeping the legitimate ones who really want to be there but this is not a factual situation that will ever work for them, so I will continue to stop them working my Empire and for the vandalism they will continue to get punished, until further notice.

There are serious matters to contend with at the Court, such as people who live in the regions working sexual context abuses because they want to make you highlight their issues due to the fact you work on Media and there are also the Camera men with their own vanity and a need to wreck people Marital homes too; so I cannot keep going back and forth the process of looking into the issues, settling it and returning to find Celebrities have taken my Money or destroyed it if they cannot have it; I will keep preventing them from working my Empire and will never stop punishing them for the Vandalism. So there is this other question of how on earth I worked out how to punish Celebrities for destroying your finances and property but it’s always been the old story of how they operate; in their minds, the whole process of criminals they know from school and neighbourhoods, holding you down for them to make money with your public life works for you and for them because they will then have made so much money that they will put enough distance between you and them to allow both sides to move on – I have not started punishing them for the destruction whole sale but I have removed this distance completely as it is too cheap for me; I want them to do with my own as I want and I want them to stop the behaviour when it feels more convenient for me that they should. It’s the one thing that media idiots like to build perceptions up from my faith to let them do, looking for trouble all the time; but then again the Media idiot were always part of Celebrity culture which is about sexual context abuses and a process of putting people to work over gender inequality, pay gaps and feminism; so I know how they operate and can punish them if they do wrong to me and at all times; so the context of the punishment for now is that there is none yet, only a process of making sure they get no compromises from me whatsoever after they screw their lives so badly the only way out will be to have mine, so they can turn up to get it – they are having Children these days you see, I mean when you count the number of nonsense you have to put up with from them, they are actually having Children as well. They do say they hate my guts because I like to pretend I had it all and then lost it and am now on a rebound – whereas that prognosis was used on me as a form of abuse, I have not had all of anything save a Royal Commission from Queen Elizabeth which I have never lost; it was used as a form of abuse to make me understand I may have all that potential but they are so twisted and evil they have decided I will see none of it and they cannot listen to anything anybody says to them – it beats me all the time when I find they are complaining, it’s like another infringement on my well being when they  do so. So it is now a regular story around this case that I am becoming more of a problem than a solution to problems which is utter nonsense; it’s just pressure because people want to see you work for your money and once the pressure is there half of people who hate your guts will be those you have punished for an obsession with the idea of ripping up your work to reward celebrities because they have like in my case rewarded them to a heart’s content – while the other half will be sex idiots who like to pretend the way in which they damage other people’s property and their version of wickedness is a secret. People always want to see you work for your money and it is usually said the media manipulates me and bullies me into responding to their stupidities and then laughs about it all the time which is not really true; the Media is made up of idiots who are guardians of civil rights and at the same time the only group of people willing to do experiments that will show whether or not they can use media to keep others out of work and in poverty – don’t ask me why; all I know about it is that there is a culturally evil side and everybody keeps telling me not to do it while they are always 24/7 trying to make me do it and use it therefore to do violence that is in their interest, so again don’t ask me why – they simply don’t control me; so it’s do it and there is problem here and problems there to be impressed upon you and you will do it and do it since you have done it before but during that time you did it to spend our lives etc – every kind of stupidity you can think of which does not have a human language to describe it, hence when you wonder why their personality is detached from them and so on and why people are always telling me not to do it and so on etc.