Recent case is this I have shown a tendency to lack at the duties of my Office which I have not; I know what people mean by this and I have explained before that I do not accept liability for what happens to National security services personnel on the field, what really happened with me was that of Russians picking off important bits of State Office work, especially at Diplomacy, which gives them an edge against us at National security and create risks that should not have existed into the jobs of Security operatives. It is nothing unusual, we all know whenever people have something doing which is very important for the operation of State Affairs, the Russians are always interested in the sweet bits and soon emerges with a story of about badly behaved fundamental subordinates who will not do as those who have greater responsibility have commanded – so the primary way to handle it is to effectively build an Iron Door but the problem is that once the Russians have gotten the habit on, the idea of getting on for the victims is that which must be done without interfering with Russian activities, so it is a given that they will cut their access space into an Iron Door if any if built and so its not enough to simply build an Iron Door, one must build it and then assess how much of a threat Russians can be to it, then seek out counter measures that involves reaching a deal with any other third party that may want to sell them tools with which they can do harm to it. The third part is said to be complicated but it is not to me: the only group of people that can freely aid Russians against the British are Muslims and Africans but because there is means by which to control and monitor the behaviour of these two the main problem has become the Germans i.e. to successfully reach an arrangement with any third party that may want to sell Russians tools they can break down the Iron Door that protects National affairs from them one has to reach an arrangement with the Germans and so the Germans always say that whatever we do will lead to an outcome that fosters their economic interests but the problem is that we do not work for the Germans.

I do get told that what I say in my private time and what I do when I am met on the streets are usually two different things and that I am scared of my own shadow, which I wouldn’t know anyway, I just know that all they do with me is a very insulting and abusive form of Daddies playing up practical jokes and big brothers securing prerogatives. So where they end up is usually the statement that we British are good at picking up problems that those who are stronger and bigger will have to finish and get hurt doing so, the truth however is that it is much the same behaviour they have towards rich people who view them a certain way that I have concerning their money madness but whilst their outlook it towards the left and the media and politicians and Celebrities, my outlook is just something that must be stopped; so they have always wanted to move into my right hand no matter how much it hurts them to try and I am always left wondering if they are going to stop putting their elbow and fist up my tummy, telling lies about me and keeping an eye on or they want to keep complaining about the bad smell. However in terms of the way it plays out; recently I have been thinking of my disposition whereby it gets to a stage where one wants to grab and sell up the culture and society in order to make them a bit gay and that one needs to tone it down as they have been profitable insults settling up on an understanding of what I am saying to them but Today, I took up such a disposition and walked a few yards to end up with a fresh, unwarranted and completely unnecessary attack from the big brothers looking for prerogatives and just as I was wondering when they are hoping to stop it, the Daddies joined in again – so the big brothers are usually the one that I think about ignoring but ignore them and it is a responsibility you have put aside for the women, meaning somebody is going to get hurt. My point is that its all very well blabbing about me being scared of my shadow, we can see that they are unable to understand what I have done whenever I respond to Daddies insults and Big brother bullying. All they really know is the lies they tell and tell me about me like we were mates – so it is never about the fact I was just standing there and then they started because it would be fun bearing in mind I am like something that should disappear into a monastery but has showed up on the streets everyday, what they claim happens is that I am responsible for their actions and yet we have never seen them explain how I am for once in the last 17 years since it began. What we have then are a group of goons who think that if war kicks off, the outcome of such an eventuality will be a case where they were able to do something else and this nonsense is where that blabbing about how I am scared of my shadow comes from; we have seen it play up all over their stupidities as well, where the reason they are always attacking me is that they have travelled off to the Middle East to get tangled up in the war there and have returned to the UK to make trouble, hence they are fundamentally afraid of me because every time they see me, it is as though they now have a baggage because it has come to nothing and the Public transport ones are starting to believe that my position increases the probability of them having to deal with a terrorist incident – from my point of view however, before then, we found their insults were loved dearly and their fingers and hands were constantly being felt on my anus on account they were trying to show me that I may achieve anything I fancy but that their stupidities can take it from me using security issues and the insatiable need of the generally public for feelings of safety. The reason it annoys me so much is not just the fact that their involvement with me is uncalled for as we are not mates but that they are not my main concern at this Office as well; such that my main concern are the British Public and the big idea is that when I show up in Public places people are unable to identify me – reality is that they can and these processes where I apply for and get myself a job is something that sets a stage for me where I can live out a quiet existence without being bothered and so if the Public are not worried about me getting a job, it is impossible to understand why other reasons I am an unhappy person is running wild like so and hence when I compare and contrast it with the fact that on one hand its not possible for me to get involved with the general Public and then walk away without picking up some of their problems which is what people like to assume adds up to the stage where I am hated with a deep bubbling hate while on the other hand is a group of fools that have travelled off to the Middle East to see the war over there and then returned to the UK to blab their insults at me and become determined to keep up a daily abusive habit of making me smell like my loo. Whatever else is left is largely a matter of the threat that is the US but we all know if it is not wide spread then its just one of those things American trouble makers do whenever they are off doing what they do best – when it is widespread, there is a Political movement behind it, so one must assume that Popular America has a problem with British National interest because they think that people like me are not a match for them, that I am scared of them and none can move them on and move them out as it were – I am just wondering what their problem is and why they cannot get out of it.