Now it is said that I am a very evil man and it beats the imagination all the time, how a business of juveniles and hoodlums hanging around the streets imitating me and then reaching a stage of abuse where they imitated me for all the wrong reasons to such an extent that social problems were created – followed by a great achievement that involved explaining away the bullying by Politicians, Media and Celebrities that facilitates it through anything I had done with my academic work and career as though doing so was unusual, which then gives way to an outcome where 905 of my problems are due to the activities of the hoodlums and juveniles, while I spent my time chasing up the bullying which had been explained away using my accomplishments, leaving those who perform it to appear they can never run out of ideas on how to hurt me and the abdominal pain caused by the fact they are always working on me instead of their jobs was the sign they had done what liberal evil fools in the USA wanted them to do and serves to show that I am an obnoxious person who farts in public too and it was all incredibly amusing – how all this got to show that I am an evil person, simply because they start out like so but their inability to explain themselves when the questions were asked of them tended to have shown there was something unusual about me, as stupidly as possible. Its like the story about the Obama Legacy we hear them talk about and claims they make that I am unable to accept it and its essence or purpose; reality of which is rather that Obama who won elections on the basis that America had the choice to make between a woman and a black person, never ever scratched the envelope when it came to hearts and minds issues associated with addressing the matter by looking like he won the election fair and square, in all his 8 years in the White House, to speak of some outstanding legacy but then again we find the same things here in the UK where the Labour Party will rip up peoples career and finances in order to improve their prospects of winning elections, just so they might get up to a position of leadership in a Country that they hated – I mean we now hang around somewhere thinking Trump was the populist leader while we were raised to understand populism is really mostly about money madness, sexual corruption and women hating.

They do like to brag here in the UK that the Labour party has made an example of me as well which is utter nonsense as the utter devastation I have caused them is something they cannot even trace back to me and blabbing like this is creating a future where I caused enough devastation for what I do to them to be traced back to me, of which we can see that based on projection, there will be nothing to facilitate the business of performing such a process of accountability. I mean you get burned by racists and the Labour party is responsible for grooming you for it, get burned by the problems associated with the fact there is a Liberal Party in the Country and they are responsible, same as the conservative party – the behaviour being much the same form of persecution of morality that we see in the USA where its about access to characters they can destroy to enjoy sensations of Country ownership; take a look at their lives and you will find they have already decimated family and friends, whereby one is now a target because they had begun to look outwardly and it will continue until bad and violent people show up to make decisions on Country ownership, so the big problem is the destruction of my career and finances in the hope that such an event will occur rather soon and where I am said to have a bloody reputation is the part about their perverted sense of right and wrong being served them as well, whereby it was clear if you wanted a racist that owned a Bentley to kill a black person, the prospects of getting in the game was rather low, when you burned his Bentley and his House, then you have gotten yourself in the game but that said, should he find out what you did, you would be dead, regardless of what your skin looked like and you would claim you have brought peace to all the races when he goes to prison.

They love to brag about what they hate when they are done with insults and abuses that involve getting imagination up my bum on claims I needed to hurry up as others wanted to be an Arch Prince as well. I don’t care for what they hate anyway, we know that stupid party is not a specific party and the reasons its position has been tolerated in this Country is that each time it said that the wealthy had drawn up a massive gap with the poor which will no longer be condoned, other Politicians tended to think that they were a group of people that had nothing to lose but this is long gone and the destruction they wrought here will no longer be tolerated, there was no need for me to drop out of University and end up neck deep in debt like I did and their need to show up around my concerns making more of a mess is building up to outcome where this will have to be resolved. I do get told my clash with the Labour party is a reason for a huge section of the problems we face in the present world and yes it is; they are not an exact political party and have not yet stopped ripping up my career and property for the fun of experimentations on Country ownership, a gimmick that involves the idea foreigners think they can simply come in and grab the benefits of being an outsider, whereas they have always continued to claim that unlike other discriminative parties they represented me – I had to rip up their access to popular culture as well and I believe that upon realising this they had decided I have been thinking myself clever but had just gotten myself into a position where they are usually at their most vicious which is utter nonsense as I think I am taking the heat rather well, which is what the smell issues phenomenon is really all about. No idea how it makes me an evil man that they start and have gone so far that their little minds can no longer explain them away to those who ask them questions about it.

I have been told that I claimed I could run off career success on the matter regardless and yes I can; the fact there are culture and society goons building up my concerns somewhere so they might get off telling me my life is over is not a stage at which a handful of gits who saw people pick off my equities to develop popular culture associated with the outcome of Police work and then hang around somewhere fighting the Police on a Global stage as well when they have their own lives to spend their time on, is not to say that I am now completely unable to carry on with my own concerns. I mean it was quite clear I developed some equities, then somebody commits a crime and the Police take them to prison, during their time there of which young people are then able to attend school and study but they will be out in about 3 months, so somebody picked up my work to get involved with popular culture industry and it got to the top of the charts, never mind the fact the way it frees popular culture people from the business of looking over their shoulders was the reasons producers could not resist it, they then got involved and moved their own case about fighting the Police to set about spending the social lives of those who get imagination up their bums, to creating a replica of ours, then set about the physical attacks that we speak of all the time thereafter – the part where music was made from the outcome of Police work having been completely ignored and the choice made to upstage me every time the result of fighting the Police was a terrible outcome, the part where younger people primarily used my work as a means to control the way organised crime affected them eliminated in order to replicate my property and make more money as though their stupidities were living on food banks, the abuses an violation of which have not been taken out of the picture. My point is that the stage at which local culture and society criminals build up my concerns so they might tell me my life is over being their new found fame is that which beats the imagination but is not that surprising as what they have achieved really is to turn the rhetoric that racists throw at everybody into a tool for building this environment where we are one big happy ethnic minority family with their abusive and insulting stupidities at the top of the food chain, showing up where I have done the best work for my career to make a mess, so if I fight ensued the same criminal culture and society trouble makers would have accomplished great things. So in terms of White people its still the same group of goons, whereby I obviously have a personality, so they chase me around over what I know and completely wreck my life, then hang around somewhere with abusive practical jokes that facilitate market, which I would only try to stop if I wanted to be dead – finish work on that and the black git had adopted a media presence with their own white friends and made a complete mess of it, right down to a breach of my patents to such an extent they could divert public interest in my work somewhere else, alongside the market and incomes. Where black people are concerned, its usually a case of me being a character whose existence people should make a decision on and then the women will say they have seen it before and I should never back down at any stage whatsoever or I will lose it all – finish work on that and the physical destruction of my Books while I am expected to keep secrets on property damage and patent breach until their stupidities had adopted a more comfortable position for such gimmicks have now ensued, looking for outcomes where it stopped the way I wanted.

I have been informed what people find the most annoying about me is the way I talk and talk as though my opinions were required but it is utter nonsense and entirely the way their insults have merged with their sense of intolerance at my expense whilst I don’t actually require either tolerance or involvement from them all together. I speak the way I do because culture and society goons decide that they must draw up a crowd and use it to get me making sense of the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side, at the end of which they moved me out of my right hand side unto the social left hand side where it was clear society was divided between the strong and the weak and they have done what they have because they had the right to on account they were strong – so the importance of what I do is to ensure the strong spent a lot of time resolving matters associated with the relationship I have with my parents and other social issues I have picked up which a small fraction of which appears to be overwhelming for them all the time. The rest are civil rights idiots with ideas about who serves them because they are a big deal and cannot keep their hands to themselves, so the culture and society trouble makers arrange this tight spaces they end up sharing with me to complain about the smell because their fingers are constantly going up somewhere due to a need to poke my personality and see how it could fit with wearing fine clothes and exhibiting the self and I am resolved if it does get violent like we hear them blab, I should do what I can to beat them up seriously for it too, as it was clear once they realised it was a set up, they had an obligation. I have to run my concerns in such ways because the purpose of this abusive nonsense is to groom people for bread winner insults by which they lose everything to Industry fools – in my case that was difficult so I am groomed for a time when they have to make big decisions, so I am being groomed on a provisional basis – so its never clear who grooms people for industrial bread winner insults by which people lose everything provisionally, just in case an Industry git wants to take advantage of it and then sets about keeping their careers, finances and social life a mess in a hope of getting such interested parties or whether human beings do but we can see it is proving to be quite the lesson on the circumstances by which people commit murder. They even use racial inequity as an excuse – they say I would do what I have done in the UK in Africa and 15 years of career vandalism therefore justifies such statements – since in the absence of the career vandalism saying such things would only make me more important than they are, about which there are no prospects of escalation when they garnish it with a threat as well.

They bring up ideas that this was about simple questions in life all the time and yes it was; I mean why do they do it anyway, so that a prostitute might pick up my social life and use it to serve her clients which will make me homosexual – so that when they had families since they would have had exclusive rights to indulge relationships, their children will be superior while mine will never be free from bullying – because they want to have sex with prostitutes that fool around with my social life, as if they has not already had some playing sugar daddy characters to have sex with girls they got tangled up with my concerns in order to boost their sense of self worth and popularity? I am very well aware its simple questions about life as it were. people have said that my activities are wasteful of my person and property but they are not; its just clear that having published my Books, spending time drawing up a sense of what I did and how people got involved with the Books for it was wasteful and destructive and the gits in whose interests that would be have since devised a plan where they were my market authority telling me I had written a Book of problems because I want my life to be ruined and written a Book which set me out as superior and it may make some money if I solved the entire worlds problems, so the civil and criminal disobedience that have since followed this means that it is set to stop the way I want and not by their own consent – it feeds into the case of people saying they had a chance to end racism and yes they probably did but I don’t know why people think of it when we know Tribalism and nepotism will feed into it again from overseas; the main problem is this group of people who set a stage where criminals explained their crimes as racial behaviour, since it is the racism they experience which must define how everybody else responded to racism because they claim to be the people who have evolved to be the superior people, such that it will make a lot of sense if I said the smell issues looked good on them as it were i.e. being market authorities at my expense to make a mess of my Book is that which they do not have a plan to stop doing, if it is not stopped how I would prefer it to be. I mean contrary to the idea I am will fail, in Diplomatic circles matters are handled in a family setting at all times - a party over there about supplying clean water to the South West of the Middle East, there will be refreshments and you will need to make a donation and so on - eventually it all feeds into HM led Ceremony when applicable sections condense into the operation British National influence and feeds back Allies in the UK - we know all hell has broken lose at Buckingham Palace because HM wanted to know what I fed myself on since people were talking about it and they had since built up obfuscation associated with me feeding myself, going to the loo and stepping outside of my door, upon which their dreams will be fulfilled on the premise of violating, insulting and abusive behaviour and have since claimed my responses to be unbecoming.