Now the conversation people want to indulge themselves is a question of whether I am dealing with rejection and false promises. I could never tell anyway; what happens instead is that they show up to destroy my work and my earnings, so that these sorts of stupid conversations that work conveniences for them may be possible – started off in a more serious fashion other than existential dichotomy when they ripped up my academic work following me around at University, just so they might see what I look like striving for money while their stupidities got to buy shares in Companies that were planning to offer me a job, which happened about 13 years ago, since which I had written a Book and the history of insults built to ensure that instead of layabouts getting organised for a job that gets to their heads and is the means by which they cannot let people be, what they do is pass insults, questions and threats at me to feel good about themselves, is now 6 years old. So it really is a world away from fake promises and rejection, I have really had enough of them and no idea why the part of rejection and fake promises was a worthy gimmick in its own right as well all together in the first place but the consequence of this sort of nonsense is that it is the very means by which I try to provide a service for those who engage with what I am doing, that facilitates the most rewarding part of these stupidities for them, so it would make sense if I said their foolish threats were a bluff and that if they ought to organise themselves for the jobs that have made them such twerps and stop threatening me when they know that it will only lead to a response and there is little they can do about me if that were to happen and it will all end the way that they would have liked it to end.

They do claim I have made the whole thing complicated which I have as it were, I needed to ensure it got serious and was able to make that happen as we know their Politicians spend all day working on me to see what I will look like if I spent time responding to the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, the local community hoodlums and criminals, which I have been doing by the way, just that their need to get up on Public places and create those speeches that they know will encourage these goons to churn my tummy and make me smell all day, sought a response of its own before it took a turn for the better, which is what it got. The Media and the Celebrity ones are just happily in the cross fire and I am so glad they got involved too – we are now talking about local hoodlums and criminals as part of mainstream living and if the job gets to their heads, they need to organise themselves for it and stop threatening me as there is really nothing that they can do about me if we got rid of these fantasies. This is a typical example of what I have to put up with not threats and false promises – a time when I have begun to get a handle on making this place quiet enough for Clients to read Books is the best time to start a crowd conversation about what is happening to me being a matter of rejection and fake promises and so it is the very problems I have solved that makes them such a bunch of profitably destructive scum at my expense and builds up this question of whether human beings really exist who do it but in which case either way I have had enough of their stupidities laying about at Industry and planning their stupid lives on my earning margins. Speaking of rejection and fake promises, none has asked them to turn my business into a multimillion pound corporation instantly as we speak but every interest in my Books have been destroyed to get a response and to seek some form of completely unnecessary political power at my expense, while those years of insults and vandalism generally will have meant that they can cut me a hard bargain as the obsession with the business of seeing what my personality can be used for in order to serve their important stupidities continues to get completely out of hand, it’s a really bad time to start sharing that with the public when a question of it had not been asked of their stupid selves getting around a Media and Celebrity job in the first place – they spend more of their time working out what kind of career I should build for myself than they do on the job that allows them claim they have the right to such things for being more important and the blacks are sort of the voice of popularity culture who claim I have decimated the whole thing when I have not yet done so as it were, they have no right here and do not own me like that big mouth have suggested more time than it would have paid off for their own good.

It cannot be that difficult to keep away from a persons literary work and to stop following them around on account they have solved some problems that you had taken out some years of their time to build up publicity that allows you to lay about all over it by, wrecking everything they have without compunction and blowing off the lazy big mouth for it on media too; they have however rather preferred to say I behave like women because messing with important people means the probability you are likely to contribute to their demise and I had made them important of my own expense so I might mess with them as well, of which I like to say it continues because enough have not died because of it yet so far. The women bits will be that when women give birth they make those statements about a very important person that has come into the world obviously, so I behave like women and it spreads like that wantonly and uncontrollably, talking nonsense about what it does because of a push comes to shove situation in which its stupidities would have been better off and so have I mentioned as well that I am unable to recall the last time I was able to step outside of my door without smelling like my loo because their stupidities love to screw with me and build a crowd that will support their idiocy for so doing, we have now therefore reached a point where the road that leads out of my home to let me access the world is their main concern while their own is untouched to allow their stupidities profess being important to their mates all the time and it seems that it will not stop until the day I show up at their homes to give them a warning they will never forget, if I do not run my life on their stupid savings. We hear in the end the claim that I enjoy and pride myself in making people feel uncomfortable but its been 16 years of a daily campaign against some introverted person who has grabbed introverted personality that Politicians who make the laws of the land ought to have, now they are uncomfortable because there was no exit for being a layabout that local hoodlums and criminals get along with on Media; it is not my problem – I mean we know the issue about the relationship they have with their parents and the one I have with mine should have resolved the entire thing in the first place, it should have meant I can get Celebrities and Media and popularity twerps out of my life. They do claim its all feminism but we know feminism wants to commits its crimes and get away with it the same way their muscles mean the Politicians can do racism and get away with it while it is always the fault of their victims that the reasons they live in environments where they want to kill people all the time is that their prevalent attitude is one of ‘if you are down I kick you’, talking nonsense about a big brother stupidities which are closely linked with daddy characters, following me around to make a mess of my income margins, tell lies with media and make out a certain aspect of it was all my fault; it will be a 1005 victory if we got rid of these fantasies in their view and they will be the winners who took it all, so the destruction of my work and property and those lies to ensure they continue when involvement with it makes them uncomfortable, then blame me because they want to stop at their own convenience will proceed until they got a response.

I do get told that I am not working with a very goo reputation with respect to such matters but it’s all media reputation – the truth of it is that I put up equities to work and trade with, so people have become so abusive and insolent they got off deploying my assets to solve their problems without buying the Books I wrote, wrecked my academic work in the process and I wanted to control access but we have only just ended up in a condition where they may have patented aspects of my life to their names and the point they are making is that they do not need hassle from me, as stupidly as possible.

They do claim it’s a matter of some ethnic minorities rectifying the problems they create in the Country but we all know they will do that knowing their Industrial and Celebrity madness is fundamentally built on the need for a space on the left to be clear of all problems while the problems go down the heads of some people and through the throats and into the tummy where it disappears and makes a mad smell, likewise is that of society people about a space on the left hand side, both which have nothing to do with me – the first time there was an issue with them, it was about moving into my right hand after years of abuse that will get me to understand and respond to the mental illness that passes on the left hand side and right hand side, so my career might become the subject of practical jokes, this time the theory about just walking around being responsible for the problems you see will be about ripping up the popular culture and celebrity culture, otherwise, it is easy for them to listen to other people as well, to stay away from my Books and stop following me around.