There is talk of course of a certain group of Royals that are out to make me serve but I would never understand anyway; they fuss and fester but it is the same old story of making sure nobody right up to HRH Prince of Wales gets to mess with my Office and work because HM will not be pleased with a process whereby I allowed it happen. So there is that part where they have expressed a sense of willingness to do something around my work, especially Princess Beatrice and Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge who are the three most prolific trouble makers around the Public Office and Royal property which I have provided for on my websites but an example of the situation is the present one, in which I am busy with matters of the boys handling peoples business image all over Europe while another half handles areas of society that have emerged as a result of female behaviour to secure conveniences and fame and fortune and like to threaten and abuse people to get their way all of the time but there has been no Duchess of Cambridge turning up to do anything about the welfare of Children, so it is the present and ongoing example but every stage and every day and every history features exactly the same thing, while they all go off to get about high society and make wealthy connections and return to rip up in income claiming they are trying to make me serve and more so by getting involved with my problems and enemies and making a mess of it to set me out as a coward etc. We all know however that I have no problems with leadership and that the reason the boys are making trouble for example is because nobody is administrating the problem and that it has fallen to me because I am always likely to be threatened and insulted and a sense created I need to be punished but if I administrate it and hand equities to a celebrity to make some money and leave me my publicity at the end, they will turn up and take over and insert their wicked Satanic popular culture idiots to get about winding me up because they have needs and have to get rich as well  - so it does not mean I am not going to make provisions for those who get involved with my work that I later fill in with Court members as such, it’s simply a present an immediate example being pointed out with respect to matters of my much claimed selfishness and that of making me serve – so they can send out their black idiots to tell me the problem was racism, setting me on that Course where I tell them racism does not exist to emphasise the fact they are the problem as it were. I hear that my activities make things worse because they are a failure but they are not; the case here is that it seems nobody challenges freedom mongers about their behaviour because nobody really can, now they hate my guts and that is a start; they can stop when they have not yet damaged the finances which would make things serious when you have to make out a set of years in which to recover through hard work before you even start to rebuild your life, they can stop when they have not yet damaged the academic work which will mean you set out a career and start to work on it without making things at least three times as difficult, they can stop if you tolerate all these without turning up at your concerns to find ways of getting rich by rubbing it in your face. They do say I think I can take them on but really cannot, it is rather a matter of the next village idiot that thinks he is supposed to have access to my Office and Public work making me think about it or not there is a reason to match his civil rights and rival groups that make me deals because he is not an extr4emist that will want to kill me and grab my stuff if he can take candy from a Baby instead in order to show me what it feels like to want something and never have it in the process, which will then create a behaviour he needs to engage in unto which there is a purpose and a reason and a function – and how if I had kill killed and his body parts spread around certain areas to serve a deterrence, there is actually a reason for me to behave in that way.  The Politicians on the other hand are simply dancing around the things I do to avoid a fight with Politicians which I have told them is the answer for every problem because it generally means being engaged with those that are actually involved with putting up money to help idiots claim my public life as their own because they have needs; at the moment they have given me a job and surrounded it with their goons who will collect an essence of me a day until all I have belongs to them to climb social ladder and be important with and it has completely failed but since I now have a job and no longer on government support and it’s a win situation for everybody it is still clearly not enough for them as well. So we hear that old tale of what my problem seems to be and what it is exactly I want the Politicians to do, whereas the story has always been as simple as the civility issue of getting involved with a writer only after you have bought and read his Books and are actually interested in him or her and not make excuses of an otherwise situation allowed by Public work instead; when they wreck my finances and trap me in a job so they can take my public life and make it their own in the end anyway, it is tolerable bearing in mind I now have a job but when it affects the entire Country that they have no regard for my Book sales, then the question becomes that of who they think they are, which is what is happening – i.e. what we mean by respect for us is when we take your public life and build it up somewhere after wrecking your finances to set you back until we have, then ascribe it to celebrities and ourselves in government buildings, you do nothing about it and then that would not pose questions of what you are making trouble to expect politicians to do to resolve the situation but of which I am actually doing nothing about it, only nobody knows why they like to rip up the Book sales and academic work and since it is mine, I have to find out; it can be addictive fighting them and they are not bearing in mind I now have a job and that means I will have some money as well. Some people do ask why I never talk about it in terms of human rights but I don’t have to; human rights would have made this a case of right to food and shelter but that is not what is happening, this is a case of people want a piece of me. So the climax is largely what we hear about the UK no longer being a Christian Country and need to be de-Christianised – while we all know I am hated by some because I wouldn’t even let them get away with having family and friends after bad stuff has happened to their money and caused them to lose everything i.e. what they mean none Christian is the hunt for big ones story, whereby they strip themselves of all social and personal and public things that might make them think of people and the world around them with a sense of compunction because it is how to go out and get what you want and then when they need family find the Christians and get it off them anyway – so how it works when they De-Christianise the Country while they expect half of it to be Christian so they can have such things is not actually clear. They do speak of the needs of homosexuals of course but I do not see why that should have been a problem; it seems to be impossible in this Country to be safe from the boys and girls barging into your concerns to get your precious advice and leave you with pain in the anus and tummy because of their rudeness and profitability of violence practices and it is progression from that process of failing to respect the fact they are not religiously persuaded in the same way  a Christian is, which causes them to want to move into my right hand or get after my entire literary empire because the fact they want more and more money and are greed insane is the bane of my life in their view; so it serves as revenge but they don’t want to discuss it because they think they have some kind of don’t see and don’t tell thing going on – only y that at some stage they start a homosexual fight after I had completely cut up the entire community of it all together and that is how the matter gets into the public area, so that other idiots with needs and their own opposing versions of profitability of violence can hurt me like I was homosexual whenever they want to control me and my possessions as well. It’s about power and it’s about dominance and it’s about putting blunt objects into people’s alimentary Canal and they would be wise not to start a homosexual fight as they have already lost the community as we speak. I understand they speak of racist older men who are used to the idea of leaving people with pain in the bum and tummy in order to secure the futures of their children or grand children that are their favourite but it is what I mean not starting a fight all together as they never ever listen to anything that they are told as it were, just like the other scum who have worked out their own profitability of violence that involves telling others to avoid homosexuality as well. It’s the same story all round, having stripped themselves of all things that will cause them compunction and turning up to target big morals and leads down the freedom mongers and Politicians route which in my view is all about the bits that were not done during or after the second world war and I don’t like Politicians, I simply appear to be required to chose which ones I don’t like as it were. I mean take the ones that make such a fuss about things for instance i.e. socialists; because they know their premise is largely about challenging inequality, they instruct people to get involved with gangs and crime first before they chase academic work and pay their bills and then turn up to pretend all those years I spent working for mine has been proven to have been a stupid decision as it turns out obviously that the process where they preserved their health for the profitability of violence was the best choice to have made and it is usually where their women turn up to show me I will get into trouble if I as much as brush against their Satanism by which they see and secure the future for their foolish children and men and Politicians that want to win elections every single time all the time, which is how they end up in government buildings looking for privileges of injustice all the time, we all know they are cowards and want to start a fight they find the easiest and cheapest way out of all the time – so I don’t have to chose which Politicians One does want to like and which ones One does not. We hear they are now about to collect my Royal Office for Prince Harry but I do not see any collection being done at this Office I wake up to everyday but what I see is an increasing hatred on my part for those stupid neighbourhoods right down to the playgrounds and that money their parents put aside for them to do popular culture on peoples public lives with, leaving me with labels in my mouth to shoot off at people every day as it were. The Queen has been warning me about stupid members of Her Family grabbing my Royal work to secure relevance for themselves for years now because such nonsense is the only thing they wish to talk about, I am glad to say that at this stage they have started talking about other things as well all together which is the progress that is being made; they have stopped playing games and it’s not the one where I answer questions about whether I expect people to be scared of Royal Family members either. It’s an old story – first I was going to be bullied into homosexuality because Princess Beatrice existed and Americans were involved as well, it’s just that its now Prince Harry at it, nothing serious; however it’s an old familiar tale of how I am being bullied and abused by black people because they are building publicity from the abuse which will facilitate things they want to get involved with the Monarchy to do and no matter how many times I had mentioned it, stupid members of the Royal Family will get themselves all entangled in it whenever they want to any time that there is an opportunity to do so, so I am human and do think about people hurting themselves with my enemies like that but it does not mean that was my prime concern in life as a whole. It’s like that old story of Police being scared of criminals whereas it’s a matter of relationship the criminals have with Police that indicates how long they have been monitored; as for me it gets to a stage where they like to get involved with me until they realise my point of view is that if a police gun was pointed at them I would jump for joy and expect the bullets to come rolling really soon. They would say I am now really getting stuck in the criminality stuff which is utter nonsense too as we all know we live in the west and there is history and tools applicable to this matter; an old story of being shown what happens when they want things and cannot have them and how you get to show them that you are a government operative.

The Politicians do say they wanted to make me complicate matters for the British Monarchy of which I am hard pressed locating how much of that they have achieved as well. So the story that must be told these days is that of determining which part of Politics I am allied to but there is ample fact out there that I think less of tax payer funds should be spent because I know how to calculate how much time I need for a project I will make a living and secure a pension with and when I have damaged by some and others put me on state support I really cannot work out which one is actually doing me harm, I suppose there is still much to answer but then again Politicians have always been keen on teaching me a lesson – it started with the prognosis that the Christian isn’t going to fight back and that they needed a confidence boost, now it’s something they do because they are simply too narcissistic to stop doing it and when I mention it they will likely gesture me left of which it is their Father’s one that looks like that i.e. without jumping the bar on the use of unparliamentarily language as such, we can see that looking back at history it is impossible to actually fathom how 50 million people could have been killed by the actions of perhaps another 50 million people in the time space of 4 years between 1945 and 1950; so it’s definitely their Father’s one that looks like that and we are not talking about the media idiots either, those are still keen on that experiment to find out if they can use media job and the way it affects the public to keep others out of employment and financial support bearing in mind they have now stripped themselves of the status of the protectors of civil rights as it stands, which generally meant idiots like to practice perversion on them in order to get rich and famous. Then we hear them claim it is the fight I orchestrate against the Media which I really cannot fight that is my problem  but I am actually not fighting them; if I were, I would get out of bed to collect a diary and then when I had built enough over three years perhaps, I would begin to calculate how much it would cost them to stop the behaviour and then the fight will begin to make the stop it when I had settled on what the cost is and how that applies to me; it’s a case of selling facts gathered on Sky Staff to the BBC and BBC Staff to Sky and when we had reached a stage where they need to control their jobs by working with each other against me, I will have every trouble maker in the same place and the only news there will be would become that of the fight against me all the way since this would have been a stage at which I can then sit back and write my Books peacefully. They do say whenever Books are mentioned it seems I have been mentioned as well and it is utter nonsense; I have informed them well enough that Books are products people sell to customers that share a personal space they had created and controlled and if their media jobs mean that every activity they do at work has to mean that the Books I write are affected, then the advice is that they should forget about attempting it all together – what they have done is set me out as a result of their experience of the literary Industry and the fact they knew my potential before I did and then set out to determine how much growth I may develop from a process of going out to meet people to sell and talk about my Books with and whenever they damage it like that as a follow on, I feel as though somebody has to be responsible and that is why they have ended up complaining about my involvement with their business to ensure they fix it every single time. At the moment I am getting them to keep off my Office, my Public life and my Books sales – I have not in any way started fighting them yet. On one hand I have to troll through pornography to protect my Court and on the other we had no sooner seen them put up pictures and videos which create more of it in that way; so I tend to need work a lot because it means that a goon who is a commoner will be ripping up that thing The Queen gave me while I am at work. Its like the story of how I am actually not a decent Boss that others should be following; it does not bother me in anyway, I think I have done well in the ignoring black women department but if they cannot shut their mouths as well I will up it. It has never bothered me too much – their evil is something I can handle really well; its as though when I ignore them they tend to come to harm and when I am afraid while I ignore them others tend to come to harm, so its a matter largely of which part I want to play most of the time. Its like when they say that I vilify Celebrities but need them anyway while the truth is that it is The Queen's Aide who is responsible for me that Creates the Celebrities that end up in my Court; they do not just end up there.