I understand it is said that Celebrities want to teach me lessons all the time but I could never make out what their rationale for it actually was in the first place anyway – the truth about me is that what people think I see is important individuals that cannot keep their hands off my bum, whose behaviour of making money at my expense has now grown into a threat I could do nothing about, what I see really is pests in suits who have never really explained why another person’s best made plans for the future, family life and general living has to show up on them to make sense of their lifestyles whenever they appear on red Carpets, surrounded by security guards and of course looking as if they have been able to predict absolutely everything that I am capable of too; the personal opinion being that they were always socially below me and this has always been the problem i.e. I can protect myself from those who have not gotten deeply involved with my concerns, but I am not able to protect myself from those I have invited into my concerns, doing all the damage they like and issuing threats. So I like to think that I have no wish to act on it immediately but that it is important they realised we are having this problem because they are making too much money and are making it at my expense – the reasons they then believe nothing will come of a process where they are unable to keep their hands off me being that they are incredibly important but in my view they are not; its all the same old case of not being able to protect my whole life and career from people who wish to see that their civil rights meant somebody grabbing it to get comfortable, leaving me with nothing and mostly it shows up here to handle what I have never signed Contracts to permit it for in order to achieve this nonsense and then spends time getting on media to derive a lot of pleasure wrecking my life, as a result of what it has gained from what is really a criminal act, teaching lessons with a big mouth the whole time. Speaking of which some people are concerned I am more interested in what happens overseas than I am in keeping myself at home here in the UK, which is utter nonsense; these people are stuck with insane society trouble makers and so when they get involved with my concerns, it is testament to a little bit of sanity left in them, however once the business of sell outs to the society trouble makers had begun, it is usually time to move them on – I cannot live like that with the British, it would be insane in its own right to do so all together, hence it’s a matter of Public service. Then there is the part where it is said I make out I have defeated tons of enemies while I have done no such thing and like to pretend I have lots of enemies when I have none; in terms of the former of which people teaching me lessons is big trouble and they know it, still there is the idea I spend my time trying to reason with them while the very act of setting out some show business career based on hurting me and getting a crowd to take part, which was meant to bring about social equality is what they knew what the wrong thing to do when they started it about a decade and a half ago, talking nonsense today about teaching lessons like I have not had enough of them – as for thinking I have a lot of enemies, the reality is rather that I needed to ensure what was gathering information from me for security reasons was linked to the State and I said things and put them up in public so when people prance around and get themselves hurt, they will then have imagined that I will feel as if I am responsible for the hurt that came to them because of their republic which exists in their heads. So we see the same behaviour reciprocated towards me over the celebrity issue and they handle my Books to make themselves criminals on account I was told that giving away what I was writing helped to save lives which I did, at no point of which they have accepted responsibility for the fact their behaviour has offered characters that threaten lives an alternative statement, especially in terms of ruining my finances all the time and they will never let me go to an Office and work in peace, also therefore telling me my Business empire only exists in my head. This then means that it can be resolved if I took a position and made it clear no Celebrity was to handle my Public life and yet we do see them all wear those suits as if they were civilised people getting about it as lawlessly as possible i.e. why ever other people’s best made plans must show up on them for them to be famous as it were. So I do get told there are issues at the heart of the matter that means it will not end easily, issues I understand very well but they have always been rather simple – we knew Celebrities loved persecuting people because they wanted to be able to change their characters and get rich by lending others misery but there were big excuses such as the economic crisis meaning that the capitalist system got off experimenting on what it wanted to do all the time, however, at this point, there is a fair sense of where we are heading, so the end to these problems will begin when Celebrities get involved with others on the basis of what they do for a living and not on the basis of trying to be something that somebody else already is – for my part it will also include not picking a fight with people they have never met in person as the outcome can be that they were dangerous people and I was destructive enough to try and find out if I can destroy all their money which gets to their heads in a day, so as to make sense of whatever drastic measures they might have taken for having a reputations of being dangerous – I am a government operative and need my Public image to be one, would fancy they had stopped handling it and then blabbing a lessons teach when it starts to get hot. I do get told that I am responsible for most of these because I offered them mixed messages about my position but I never did such a thing; what happened is that Celebrities did not do too much of the pornography and alliance with a certain kind of guy thing and there was a sense it was right to show them some decorum as well – the outcome was film makers who brokered equities with me making films that helped Children to grow and supported people at their self-provided security issues but these other goons had soon begun a campaign of sharing the fortunes of Celebrities because they contributed to those fortunes after consuming the services they bought which could not be tracked because it was all entertainment, so it got bad enough for me to end up with botched finances and academic work, alongside an inability to just go into a Literary Empire office and earn my income in peace, while other social outcomes were school shootings and Cinema shootings that were also blamed on me, hope being they will wreck everything here and pick off from where I had left off, then find a way to help me out with a little bit of their money and show the world how clever they were all along. Hence nobody is going to teach me any lessons around here and I would fancy they kept their hands off my bum as I really do not like to be distracted from my writing or academic work and they should know its pointless as I rather think they are not important, they do not matter, they are non grata; they always say I exist in a condition that means I can do whatever I liked but the truth will always be that they enjoy breaking rules, especially when it happens to be rules that apply to other people and other peoples welfare - I mean I have written a Book but the part which interests them the most concerning my Books happens to be what information I have been giving away because I  was told it could save lives and actually did do so, despite the fact there are patents on my Books to indicate they have a habit and I wanted some peace on mind having written it - same as that other story that I am some sort of good black Guy while I have been putting a lot of effort into stopping large companies investing my equities with their bully sales Armies without buying my Books and have been stopping junkies moving around at Industry to fulfil dreams of getting rich, which lend others pure misery.