There is a worry generally that my whole life is restricted by trouble makers and it is not. First of all these guys may have all the money in the world, especially the Popular culture and Media big wigs but will always be a handful of low lives – the number of times it waits and finds it cannot resist running off those music CDs on what I have gotten up to for the day as abusively as possible and yet it received no instructions and was never under duress to plug my whole life into its popular culture career in the first place; I am getting to the part I warned them about – where every comment will be followed up with consequences until it stops, until they give me back my space and my career with it. The bigger case is largely the assumption that there is an aspect of their lives, especially the part where no matter how small the penis, it wants to see me caught up somewhere carrying out task after task because I was made to, the assumption that there is a part of their activities which are agreeable with me and can be used to make me deals; my view however being that these are very lazy people who fundamentally hate responsibility and their twisted nature is usually better expressed when I had dropped out of school like I have presently, to sit around reacting to the stupidities of their society while they tell lies at work and Industry all day long. The outcome of most of these is that it starts with the Politicians who either have a problem with the fact I defended myself when they tackled me using society trouble makers or did when they wanted to spend money on ethnic minorities, then spend money on racists to beat down badly behaved ethnic minorities in a way that hurt those who had the effrontery to have what they do not the most giving word that means educational institution leadership begins the business of pirating my career first with the professional ageists and then the lecturers never lecture without making sure people target me and after that the main problem will be that I smell, while the women just own me and want to see me serve them like the kind of man who thinks morality is a good thing should be serving them for provoking them thus – this is soon picked up by their children who show up at academic institutions to make out that I should be stuck somewhere doing violent things that made them feel safe and entertained, and that I show up at University to steal ideas from younger people, when I had paid my fees to be there in the first place. The first time I let it fly got me where I am obviously but now I need to ensure that no matter arises in such a way that gets me scheduling my time for this nonsense a second event and this is what I am doing with my time presently; naturally there is this idea of seeing me perform responsibility after responsibility which they enjoy so much obviously but that is largely based on an issue about my size when I can protect myself from the professionals by leaving with them this problem of kids at school and any goon that will not let me be when I am being insulted and abused by these goons will have to sort them out, which lets me deal with society comfortably as well – so its clearly not the size that allows me to ensure that they will be stuck somewhere solving their own social problems like we hear them complain that I have stopped their access to fame every day apparently ; I mean who wouldn’t in my position and we all know that it need not be that way, that the only reason it happens is because when the professionals have found somebody whose life and career will be used to make money and must never be allowed to breathe, then the academic institution leadership get in on the act after the Politicians had given the word and then the kids in the neighbourhoods and then the women and girls while the lecturers had stopped teaching properly without getting people to target me, it would not affect me if they were not so fastidious that they wanted a reaction thereof, since it really has nothing to do with what I spend my time on all together. Sometimes they do point out it is to do with racism but its not uncommon as there are thousands of tribes in Africa who used to engage in selling other Tribes in Africa and when they want to be provocative they bring it up – here in Europe the Romans who are Italian did engage in selling the British and the British did engage in selling other people and these were the world renown versions, as equally as the Americans were a Bunch of outlaws from Europe all together and in a world where anything goes, those who have no money are susceptible to becoming commodities; however I like to think people bring it up because they wish to ensure that whatever I am doing is at least 4 times as stressful on account they will fancy exasperating me, so complaining that I stop access to fame all the time to make them do something about public issues that they think they have gotten me trapped in and are starting to get violent concerning the business of seeing me actually do it, does not make any sense and whilst I am not doing it for my part since it will damage a Royal personage, I intend to force them to do it since it is in their benefit to and for me the pleasure will be that of seeing them cease to look like they always get what they want and that will allow me some peace for a change; this is why the kids at school complain about loss of fame, the Politicians have no control of society or the means to give money to ethnic minorities and then give money to racists who will put down badly behaved ethnic minorities in a way that hurts those who have what they don’t, therefore complaining about loss of Public image which has caused government meltdown; they are doing it, I am not. Alternatively, people can keep away from my Books and stop following me around, especially as I am going to try and make it many times as bad if they do it while I am trying to get my academic work done, since I am planning to do so very soon as well; its rather very difficult to figure out what indeed is wrong with them, since its all a matter of picking up other peoples valuables and then making a mess of it to such an extent that they gained sensations of personal privilege and started to dream of becoming important, people have to be stupid to a point to do this but I was sometime ago fed up with them being so stupid at my expense.

In the end they do say that the damage has always been done and this is where they get most of their pleasure and so much for being so tolerant for my part as well but then again no damage has been done in a real way, just realities expressed to the fullest the joys of obscurity and choosing poverty for the purpose of abusing those they deem to look like women; this case of finding ways to extract money from other peoples Public image and livelihoods is something that Politicians do with investment and the purpose is to control their idealistic colleagues who build up wealth to create instability, what people do mostly when they run a business is establish a relationship with consumers and then work for the consumers in that relationship but we are here because Traders cannot just Trade and leave alone Royalty all together as it were and there is about to be some real trouble because of it too – human beings really cannot be this stupid, I am tired of them copying what Politicians do and exhibiting it at my expense like that. I mean if I got off to a part where ex racists and ex criminals had left the bad ways and were making a living, to get a job, I am lost as per the purpose of it showing up on their Media save the filthy processes of Popular culture, Stock Market and Political abuses all together, never mind claims I sleep with their wives while their wives were just things people sleep with, even when they too are complaining about my ability to decide a marriage cannot stand when its participants are a threat to my health and safety and wellbeing; they believe they are psychopaths and I am probably not.

So, is there a schedule to the way I work? I do have one but what really happens most of the time is that the same ageist goons who spent their professional world career piracy and motorist bullying time tackling my career and finances and then waiting for me at street corners to chase me around with homosexuality have just done the same things with my Books i.e. damaged my sales and got on Media to build me a Public image that will ensure I spent my time solving all their social problems, without the funds of course, so that I get mobbed for being famous without the money to sustain me and the messy abusive and smelly bits will begin. The same applies to the Celebrities as well; there was a time Hollywood producers were complaining about their treachery and they said it was some sort of Hollywood racism and sexism but now it is clear they have no more excuses, since the bottom hurting bits was associated with what I did at this Hermitage to run off a career that helped me managed people putting aspects of culture and society that should never be explored and their need to mess with it and not pay for my Books, after which they return to their homes and enjoy a rather comfortable living while their careers wrecked my life to the core and they did not have to think about it, means they were affected and now they want to get rid of my Books and make me work for them providing security services and it gets better when they profiteer everything I do, exacerbating the financial damage they already build crowds for and make it toxic, hence the domination keeps getting worse and worse and they are rather convinced I cannot get rid of them, while reality is more a matter of the fact I created a history and a memory with some people and wish to rescue those first before I did – point being that the Celebrities only exist to be the problem Client employees for producers and the main purpose is to draw a link between tackling my Book sales and doing their own jobs while their local goons claim my Literary empire exists only in my head, the Fashion ones then wait for them to strike a blow, whereby they may tell me I need to give up my whole life’s work and Books as it is clear that I am a parasite and all of it adds up to difficulty inflicted on me by goons who do not have to think about it while they are not devoid of a thought pattern all together and am cash strapped because nobody is listening to what I have written. So its about putting myself out there to defend my Books and removing all threats to that effect. Its a simple process whereby looking after all these things; the Hermitage and my Book writing, alongside my Academic work is really none of their business but it seems that the problem was rather that it makes such a full schedule for me to avoid being distracted and manipulated by them especially when it is all successful as well - this is the interference from Celebrities and Industry people who do not buy my Books, which I am set to get rid of i.e. so acute I am not allowed to concentrate on my studies.