I am now informed that my activities are a series of behaviour which pose a danger to other people’s lives. None of such claims which makes any sense whatsoever; what we have instead is big brother and big sister characters spending the last 15 years of my time, corrupting my State Provided security at the latter part of that time period, practicing everyday how to be more important than I am and handling my career and any appearances I make at the jobs market as a tool that will help them on their way to achieving this aim. It means that at this point, their insults had become a sub culture and they spend most of their time filling in any personal progress that follows immediately after any periods in which I have had some anxiety – so it has become a question of whether they were beginning to discuss the danger to their lives when I started filling in their own gaps as well, such that when they force me to make money I have to work on it a bit harder, because they were beginning to accept that I do as a person have the right to experience some anxiety in my life. So its all Politics and they love to boast about teaching me lessons but I am the one surviving the business of their stupidities spending all day year after year whipping up a crowd of goons with ideas about what to do to me, so we know I would be most likely best placed to survive a condition in which discussing their stupidities as a matter of their families and personal lives separately from the State Offices they had occupied, with intent to bring about the necessary fall out, especially if I started it. I am only responding here to the case of my activities endangering their lives when the job centre is used to wreck my finances and the services I provide in the course of a livelihood is the means by which their stupidities talk through to me with as much insults as they possibly could muster.

Half the time they do this, otherwise they would be spending the rest of their time claiming that my behaviour makes the sales jobs that they have to do for a living much more difficult – I could never understand why it is that when I want to release equity from a Royal commission to pay my way in the world, I am left stuck with nauseating complications because their insulting stupidities wants to release my equities with me as well, I could never understand why it is that doing my numbers in the sense that some people will simply spend their time browsing my work, others will use it free of charge and it is those who buy it I must provide a service for, I find them in my balance sheets planning their stupid lives at my expense as insultingly as possible with a foolish crowd that has ideas on what to do to me, making their disobedience as profitable as possible. Then we find their idiocy tell me that even the way I handle it makes me vulnerable, which makes it impossible to understand how they are unable to make sense of the fact I do not write their Books around here and where my business with other Companies are concerned, it is now a 12 years of hell because business owners are always at logger heads with their own stupid managers who have refused to accept that the things I do showing up at Industry with a portfolio to work Intellectual Property Administration is something their employers want to play along with – firing off the big mouthed insults at me all the time suggesting they want a response.

I am told I handle it rather flimsily which I really don’t; I need to ensure invoices are paid off since it really is a matter of hoodlums in suits making sure women are caught up with one difficult task after another that is not paying, in order to make their sales jobs easier as we have seen their stupidities claim it now wholly depends on my behaviour since they now fancy me as a woman who has got strength to go the extra mile with that big mouth. It needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around as soon as their stupidities can do that which ought to be soon indeed. They do claim I can do nothing about it naturally but we all know what happens is that when they and their Celebrities acquire a venue by which to engage with the Public it changes and destroys peoples lives while the incentive to continue with such behaviour is largely that other peoples venues that engage with the Public do not damage their own – soon after we find their mostly Federated stupidities, show up here to issue threats and push off abuses chasing income margins that is such an insolent behaviour that the financial structures of a business becomes debatable or accessible through popular culture, looking for a response that will test if others are able to perform acts of destruction too, blowing off that big mouth all over the place. They have done nothing with their time save the destruction of my Book sales, some will say the way I handle it when I suggest they need to get organised for the jobs that make them so important they have to behave in such ways is inadequate and stirs up trouble for the future but for me it is not, I have made it quite clear they are layabouts and now that people think they are, need to get organised for the job; much the same way the state of affairs now is that Western Governments and Communists know that I am neither on their payroll or that of their population, so they should have enough fighting for a life time to perform here as well; I am fed up seeing those lies and insults and abuses to keep going the business of running off their careers and Media jobs and Celebrity activity on Publicity I have built for my Books and it does appear the most abusive of these want a response from me as it does generally go beyond municipal people just getting on with own concerns which is disobedient in its own right most of the time – theirs wants to see what I can do about it for the most part before it had stopped and I am about to take away their earnings to make it go away too. They do claim I cannot handle this matter and do not even have my tummy figured out; reality is that I cannot handle it only at Media salvation where I may hit them a thousand times but the once they hit me will be shown on media as the one that won the day but at the same time, it will supply them the self confidence to ensure it is their disobedience that wrecks everything around here coming back for more all the time and I plan to destroy it completely as well, as I am fed up with their careers on my Public image and all over Publicity I build for my Books as well – as for my Tummy, its their bad habits and rude behaviour which makes a mess of it and each time they complain of the smell, move on a little and glance back, you will find a group of idiots whom for all those threats and attacks were really after the Public image you have abandoned by letting yourself go, scrambling behind you for it the entire time and I really do feel as if, should the scum lay a hand on me, I am really going to try killing them for a change. The complain is that these matters are not resolved at the Root cause; which Root cause is that these goons used to be nepotism gits along with whose children could never attend school or do the theatres without making statements about being better than me, while I am allowed to get around with areas of society that should be reserved for them, while describing their stupid selves as the Upper Class of the developing economies – the Politicians who have now become the people that could never stop complaining about them, then came with the idea of making them the nepotism gits that passed exams in school before I did; thus the full facts about the root causes.