I am told that the star sign reading matters were set out to wreck everything I did for 2023 but it is not likely to as such, I am aware that Muslims and Asians do not like Libras such as myself because they enjoyed the art of living in their world for all the benefits and in other people’s world for the purpose of trouble making way too much but cannot deal with the multitasking capabilities of a Libra that wants to do the same things. It is a residual problem and when the prejudices had built up and I thought everybody ought to attend their concerns smelling of what they ate as well, with those that can attack me successfully talking nonsense endlessly and those that cannot hurting themselves, a political idiot will show up to strip me, keep their own careers and complain later on trying to get rich fast. The star sign reading issues that will wreck my life in 2023 on the other hand, has to be the idea that Virgos were tidy and Libras were dirty, so I needed to give up my personal life and personal space to those who really owned it, the sort of stupidities that CIA and FBI idiots who never take the job seriously whenever they are not complaining indulged in and sent out their fools to display on social media endlessly. I personally do not believe Virgos are tidy, they are organised and this means that they treat everything they handled like it was a tool for war, Libras are tidy, we Libras are the spiritually clean ones and it is clear what people mean when they claim we are dirty but we knew where everything we handled and did were located if we are dirty like they claim we are. I mean I know this not because I read the star signs but because Virgos are always stealing something. Then there are the Scorpios, they were the ones most willing to play a game where people said that Libras were the most hated star signs and I was pushed to the point where I wanted to spend a lot of time attacking all the other ‘do a thousand and one stupid things with peoples lives and career because your financial well being was everything’ 11 star signs, Scorpio would be the first to kick it off with a community of idiots that run me down all the time on account I dared to own something they had not tasted, then played into the hands of the famous fools who believed they were Celebrities and wanted a Libras life to get rich with, therefore needed somebody or something dangerous to keep me from recovering what they have taken – it loves to boast that I couldn’t, whilst we know if I performed the art of living in its life as well as mine, in terms of the stupid media and a broadcasting community that was unable to control its staff, right down to the partnerships established with them by companies that are providing them their daily supplies, it will look like the Biblical 10 plagues of Egypt around here.

It eventually builds up to a stupid sense that I am vulnerable to the famous and likely to be stuck with their gimmicks forever whilst I am really not – they are complaining about social issues that get them to commit suicide while I am not because I have it under control, this is the issue that raises publicity for the fact that everything around here was ready for work and the set back is 100% a product of a bunch of fools making an announcement every day, that when people gained access to my career, they ought to expect support from media and Celebrities to make the most of it. This does incredibly damage to a method of working which meant that I set a stage for publicity associated with society madness and celebrity vandalism while every fool brave enough to get close carried around information from this place like some PR I did not have to pay for and probably drives themselves insane doing so (considering I was working with Clients who were mitigating matters associated with running companies that were local landmarks, I was working intellectual property administration with my clients and there were also racial abuse nonsense associated with idiots that were way past it, showing up here to be the next milky bar kid), simply because somebody was being opportunistic i.e. it is building up to a clash with the famous who invent this nonsense to make a statement of the way people pandered to me because they did not know how to take advantage of me and not a matter of me being stuck with the problem forever. We are talking about problems like work I do to show the public that the best way to resolve their career and financial matters was through the jobs market and not gimmicks associated with famous fools and some abusive twat from wealthy neighbourhoods who wastes money on the insults, that leave victims unproductive, gets spent on the famous and sends a message that self-improvement seminar that encourage poor people to abuse others in a bid to get rich without getting involved with either the jobs market or complications associated with owning a business, was the way to solve personal finance problems and my finances have been delayed like we see them permit others to handle their lives, in order to achieve this nonsense. We are talking about the idea that I lacked commitment because they wanted to live in a time when I did nothing about their insults, implying access to hospitality that is designated for public dignitaries and to maintain the access, they share my privacy with hoodlums and build communities that viewed me without my clothes on for distant violence all day, then set out a campaign to prevent me from running a Bookshop in a way that hurts their bottoms as well, with no alternative options offered. We are talking about establishing a connection between my career and their own as a matter of the social activities that criminals engaged in, so we have progressed to the part where I withdrew access to my concerns from them and declared that I had, so the interest in me had become abusive enough to suggest we are heading towards an outcome in which I was victim of a crime of passion. We are talking about abusive claims I am a coward for narcissistic purposes and a process of going off to fight my battles by shutting down my marital happiness to be my wife, in a bid to draw succour whenever they were afraid of issues associated with my battles. We are talking about the idea that all I can do about all these matters was to talk while they indulge themselves and that they were bigger than me and so able to attack me and ensure I was sore all over all day but once they find new information that made me likeable they could get involved with me again because they were entitled, making a complete mess of my finances, to complicate further a process where some ageist idiots got about wealthy neighbourhoods and a process of spending money on them to attack others and encourage the public to think it was the best financial well being option out there, only to set about attacking my wealth equity as well despite the fact it encouraged people to be juvenile, made me unproductive and wasted money, over the idea that the wealth equity that helped people build products on a status which did not have, to sell to them as well, was a threat to their financial power, at the same time the application of that power was that the money in their own personal finance bank accounts decided the state of mine. They do also suggest that I had no way to counter their actions whilst there were available options associated with a need to run me down at work and give me the problem of controlling very violent narcissists at work, such that it became clear that they did not need to buy products from areas of market where people abused them until they committed suicide but were always showing up to such an extent that somebody was going to buy products from the area they were supposed to and I will be encouraged to tie them up in such knots they would not be able to buy from both i.e. they can keep their money if they were not affected by publicity associated with the idea they were characters who fucked what they relied on but if they were affected, they would need to be dishonest at the market place. We are talking about the kind of measures where I clashed with a broadcasting community that could not control a stupid staff that trashed my finances offering people who came into contact with my career, an opportunity to pass it off as their own, because they made a mess of my social life calling me names and needed a safe place to eat thereafter which they planned to build with my privacy, to which effect I got about smashing the source of encouragement as well, every fool around that began once they had successfully gotten me to drop out of University and 4 years later breached my patents to such an extent that my career did not mean anything to others no matter what I did with it, for no reason at all. Essentially all had been resolved as to get everything running properly here in 2017, since then it has been a daily struggle because people who came into contact with my career were promised media help which was being delivered and it is now pushing me to take the same view of their existence and careers too, especially when it suggests that my career had to be suspended again, so that they could get off it and adjust for the one they had which got to their heads, sending out the German influence idiots to turn up here looking like characters I had to allow take the first shot at me, so I could make a lot of sense getting its stupidities into a zone of extreme pain without getting into trouble with the Law.