Now they say I love to create the sense that the way people reacted to my work is what I really meant to make out of it and it has no basis on reality; what happens is that these goons turn up to use the Books without paying for it and leave themselves with a result that means each time I am occupied by something else and then get dragged back to what is happening in the public side, every single recognition be it an affirmation or a contradiction will always have meant I do not know what I am doing – so put it back to back and you have the definition of bullying which is not worth a response. The other side of the story of course is the stinking me story; of which if there was any such stinky me there would have been a cure as well concerning people watching me at the security Industry with CCTV or even from Satellites and doing the fingering my bum routine all day because they think they are in position where they have incredible power without being accountable for it, I do not know if starting a dialogue with the Public about a stinking me has to do with the fear I can get to them as well, starting from the process of keeping them occupied with my unkempt room for at least five Hours every day before they return to their families, among other reasons they have to fear me too, before they turn up on Media to justify and top up their stupidities because it is not a behaviour they feel that they need to modify. I however had always been aware that the kind of Books I write was always going to come with the risk of being exposed to such nonsense; yet I also know that I can get them off my sales and public life to ensure the Books pay me, in order to prevent the stinking me from happening – so there are several cures it depends on which ones they turn up to bully me in order to seek from me as well. I understand they say that I never get given any jobs to do at the Monarchy first of all and also that I have been framed and cannot defend myself; it is utter nonsense since the reality is largely that of some idiot from Africa or some Caribbean Country and is allied to some Media fools watching and fingering my bum and grabbing my penis from some CCTV system or satellite, which I know is happening because I get signals where I need to which inform me that my State Provided security is there for me since it is also based on surveillance. And we have to see this kinds of nonsense of course; an inability to raise funds and find a tidy environment where I can be looked after so I might concentrate on handling a Court that is linked to me by spirituality and Temperament which constitutes a gift we have seen another soul in this world exhibit as it were and it is all about Media idiots crowding the diplomatic frontiers of my Office while these other black fools golliwog get to finger my bum as it were, to issue those stupid threats I have warned them will open up a whole new kettle of fish for them every time that they do, just like it has on this occasion yet again as it were. So something will give when I get out of this condition and turn up on a Public life to handle this matter as it were; we all know they claim the reasons they hate the Upper actually does not exist as what makes them hate the upper class is largely the unreasonable behaviour of its members but this is an example of the fact we are a Country and we have a civility and people are allowed to look the part as it were – never mind the bit where I make people scared of getting out on the streets for armed protests and demonstrations which means others can take up their lives and careers, in return for peddling peoples culture and society, leaving me this delicate balance to negotiate everyday so some golliwog can keep his finger centimetres away from my bum every single second of his stupid life and issue threats at me at the end as well, I mean these idiots really have no idea. They do say there is nothing I can do about them, being the One that got his inheritance from the Queen while they had marked him out for squander for their part since he has no brains and they will actually do so with a big mouth as it were; so I suppose when push comes to shove, they will let the food stay where it was being digested and keep their fucking hands to themselves one way or another. We see it all the time and everywhere; discount store will open in neighbourhood, they will soon find fallow grounds in it and then it will start with knowing what purpose is better a use for customers and it will develop into the travelling overseas to bring in problems that re too much for them and end with ruining the store but not after reputation battles and squeezing the competition while putting customers on the spotlight for it all and when finished move on to another new thing that has happened like a disease. Nasty things said about me does not in any way concern me; the men are evil apparently and the women are the reason for it obviously, so they are always out there their entire families looking for Moral people to abuse, whom they meet every day. The part that really gets to me being that I stole all I know and do from an aspect of their silly culture and society which they were saving up for the future – so I suppose they are here because they want revolution; something that will amount to a really expensive way to showing we are all deluded thinking they are concerned about jobs and trade unions and family when they are more interested in popular culture that will help them exhibit themselves as free birds. We have talked about it many times and I have been clear nobody whatsoever gets to move into my right hand and in retrospect it does seem that given the right tools and the right measures they really can leave others alone.