Now it is said that what people are talking to me about concerns my sexual habits, of which there are no such things as such – the truth of it is that people think that they may behave towards me any way they wished and that if I had need of security I would rely on the British Government for it, bearing in mind that should I only have defended myself, that could be used to make me freak anyway; so we find that I have an arrangement with people who support me because my activities support their jobs which are important to them and pay well, by the time these persons who happen to have invited themselves into my concerns are finished with us in each case, they can no longer support me and whatever I do does not support them anymore but the same persons responsible are now in charge of the problem and we will be serving through it, looking for as much trouble as their own insanity can find. I have therefore done my bits so far to clear up this matter of my sexual habits through my social media; whereby it is now becoming more obvious that if it follows me on my social media profiles, it would means we have a meaningful relationship but if not and yet still has a listing with me there, it would mean it’s a sexual and mobility issues that governs our arrangement. They do claim it’s a matter of me being in the service of a Woman and being made to look the part but it is incredibly stupid as I am an Arch Prince, so the only reasons I do not get interested in Americans for the purpose of making sure there were men they served while I bullied them to make them look the part is because I have State duties pertaining to The Prince of Wales.

The other part of the story they tell is that it’s a matter of me finding a wife about which I am a loser which I do not know about anyway; I just know that my person has to be assessed and then the business of getting into a relationship with somebody that will spend their lives with me in a way that does not mean we both want to kill people for instance will be the outcome – so we can see that they have not even assessed what mistresses for me would look like, let alone a wife. What they have referred to as me looking the part to find a wife that works in the security services is rather a matter of the fact that at Royal Office you deploy your own resources to handle matters of public security and must win the right to keep your Office by doing it successfully and properly, whereby not having money was never an excuse – so I happen to have done one occasion in which I was noticed by someone and am now being hunted, it does not mean as such that I had found a perfect partner. Hence I am expecting to see how this progresses with my presence on social media all together; so far I have completed work on Popular culture as the business of getting involved with my systems and then wanting it until I dropped out of University, only to set about building up the work and dumping it on me to seek conveniences must now give way to outcomes in which there are serious trouble to follow when people deploy my work and systems to make popular culture when I had not selected them for it; so its not a lot of activity for what really means less as such – the truth of it is that I am working National Unity matters, National security matters and National interest matters, so with respect to Popular culture at my Public service for instance, the Irish do it best and I could have completed my academic work if they were the only ones doing popular culture around here (not Ireland naturally as it is not part of the UK, besides which their idea of popular culture is a completely separate and different thing all together) – in terms of great activity that means less however, the truth of it is rather that it is all inter connected i.e. popular culture people doing popular culture around my public work, supporting younger people at school, private security industry working on it and if the Irish are involved matters of female security and mobility improves massively, which I must ensure they liaised with State security operatives for or indeed that there was an opportunity available for them to do so. The rest is just Liberal American seeking out whom to manipulate, so they have played themselves into the hands of some Muslims who want to take all their money before returning to being friends of Russia – so the practical jokes are coming to a head, the same way they have never stopped the insults that help them extract money from my Public image and publicity at the Estate business, claiming that I am unable to cope with matters at the Monarchy while it was always a simple case of rebellion, whereby it will grab your temperaments and set about being the main thing with Industry people, not long after you noticed and decided to prevent further damage, it will fight your battles for you all together and find out it wants to get anything it wants thereafter but I am rather fond instead of pointing out the other real men bits that is about terrorism on account its usually difficult for people to decide whether they are telling the truth or not, whether they are wrong or right – so we find they conduct the tribalism raids and get to the top end of Industry and then after we find they face challenges and ruin us all to look after their backsides. I mean I do get told the insults people channel at me is a serious problem but it does not bother me in anyway as the social classes are locked up tight, that said when they damage my own, they get to see what I can do to their own as well and besides which I have always had this history since 2003, where the Middle Classes do not run out of women who can do problems that have emerged around my concerns and the Lower Classes are always keeping my history, so I rather fancy my life the way it works presently. They do point out its all about republican sentiments but I have no idea when exactly they had invented an idea for stable government around here, which means that The Queen must hand over leadership to them anyway, what I know is that the day the had finally taken it from her will be my Children’s first day at school, as stupidly as possible for instance – so in terms of me working against freedom, they are all fakes, as we all know what happens with Government is that when one system transitions into another it’s a handover process whether or not it was violent in the making and the Royal Family is doing a fabulous Job presently in the first place, never mind the fact that if I thought anything needed doing, I have the authority to do it.

So I am told that its really difficult to figure out the problem that is me and everybody is flustered over it, which is utter nonsense – there is no problem that is me, what happens is that they pick a fight with me on seeing me engage with religious activity, then run off years of abuse and insults associated with a sexual behaviour I must have conducted which they had no evidence of, soon after I became so different people could not keep their hands off me on the streets because getting organised with what I am doing produces a personality they claim has existed on account I sleep with peoples wives, has now eventually brought about an outcome whereby threatening me each time they have money issues adding up to some stupid civil rights they have got, has created a fight with me over the successes I had achieved during the time they have been doing these things, on account they want to decide how the success is to be shared and its all led by incredibly stupid Americans. So it goes without saying that I want to make money when I want to make money, not when they had decided it bearing in mind the interests of those who need to take money issues at their own pace lying around here and the society ones had better paid attention to what I am saying as their own children are running around making hell for everybody in the neighbourhoods which we have clearly seen them do anything about in the first place and the Celebrities need pay attention to what I too have expressed about their Liberalist discrimination and violence being challenged in my direction until I looked like a character they can hurt and wish to attack all the time, such that we know if I rob them of that gimmick they would claim I had taken away their stupid identities but they do not make the law around here and need give me my space, stop showing up around the Books and my Public image to spend money making the money I should have been making as their stupidities had lost their minds and think the hard working activities of people living the American dream will provide them enough cover for it; I mean what happens is that I end up where I am not going each time there is a controlled process of going along with that nonsense about seeing me exactly where they last saw me a decade ago which tends to annoy them – we can see when I chase the money its all counter productive and industry scum perform an even more frenzied processes of spending money on fools who want to earn the money I should have been earning and therefore do my stuff, creating a whole new problem all together, to add to the ones people create by being disobedient enough to wreck the academic work in the first place while their Politicians claimed I was wrong the whole time to get into this disposition of allowing their media fools play gimmicks with my career to share the ideas with the Political system all day long as if everybody were likely to make pleasure out of their foolish practical jokes. So as for the case of how they want to support me; they cannot help me, all they need do is keep themselves away from my Books and the mouth shut, as we can see what people are doing with the insults channelled at me is make my career a subject for their practical jokes and those who career has not yet looked like that on account I cannot keep my own mouth shut as well, need to cease the processes that allow their jobs and Offices to facilitate it – personally I am planning a process for them that will make sense of this fact that when they say public sphere is circular and available to all, they need keep their hands to themselves and especially off my bum if they wanted me to believe it, by making sure they ended up depending on me for all those gimmicks that mean when Companies broker equities with me they buy products nd put bits of me away as a store of value that they have deduced belongs to them, led by their stupid American friends, perverting an intellectual property administration business into a gimmick that involves a kiddo giving away property equity assets, whom they may play with, as stupidly as possible telling lies on media like the air they breathe, I intend to ensure the need to control me is more important than anything else in their lives so that when that point comes that their liberalist discrimination and violence cannot look after it when their opponent is too strong for them, they slip off a corner they are unable to control for a change and drop down to poverty and destitution, to leave me some personal space for a change. The Media ones always say I cannot handle them but we know the Celebrities they say I have handled still maintain the air of mystery around their behaviour associated with my Books being useful to them but they had rather preferred to build me a five year history of insults that ensure my career was subject to practical jokes of civil right idiots who have nothing to live for – these are activities associated with taking drugs and taking steps to ensure you secured the supply of drugs that you needed to take, if the person you abused to make money was doing other things like allowing Celebrities pick up some matters at his public work to make popular culture by and you knew it made the narcistic market a little less profitable – so the Media ones knows very well that it is completely unnecessary a tool of pleasurable bullying for them to run off their media careers on Publicity I had built for my Books in order to achieve the processes of being able to experiment with my career and find out how much power their jobs had over me but it is currently the craze naturally because somebody has not yet complained about it in a very big way. So it feeds into this idea I would not dare to mess with the Fashion people when nobody is stopping them from forming an alliance with equally crazed Public transportation gits with whom they can work to pinch peoples careers and run off to build empires with foolish Fashion models by and blabbing about beating me up which their stupidities cannot back up especially when influenced by Liberal USA, as if I am unable to invent something prejudicial that I can do to them for the purpose of getting violent with it later on for my part as well, we still see them spend time issuing such abusive insults and making capital out of it on a public image and equity property that actually belonged to them the last time we checked – so looking like a disobedient character that urinates at the reception area of somebody’s business every day on account you are doing Fashion with Their Royal and Industrial Colours while your society gits are trying to ensure he is spending his Royal Order to get into a fight for you, that drives you mad enough to want his earnings instead of yours, hence a character that people find hard to keep the hand away from, is not really how people show that if I messed with them I will get beaten up and I believe this happens because the lessons about threatening me have not been learned, more fashion connections to take from them, thereby make sense of Client Fashion Designers who broker with my work at this Office it seems.

I do get told that the big problem is also that I am promiscuous which I cannot make sense of for my part anyway – its like a case of confusion about what is happening when it is either the activities of people who look into the destructive behaviour of Celebrities and Media at the Monarchy or people who curate Political business getting around their concerns all be it in a way that bothers me and yet each time what I do supports them, I get into trouble with the Children, however which most of the time they tend to blame me for their problems, claiming they had it sorted out before I made a mess which is scarcely credible. In any case of which it is obvious Celebrities are not necessarily small people first of all and that I am not this way with all Celebrities too i.e. in terms of the first, we know that a good number of them use their bodies as weapons for ripping up peoples finances to spend on luxuries and food that they dispatch at the toilet once they were done nourishing the bodies that were making trouble for people in the first place – so this is what I ended up dealing with when they did not like the idea that when producers brokered equities with me there was a sense they were working for some low life which they had to contend with, so they do not have me to play around with as well while I am keeping my equity assets where they are never the less, feeds into this case where I am said to have lost all I had while reality is that I need keep down the society goons and the Industry goons but ensure the Celebrities and Media are always having to deal with problems whenever I need to ensure threats to Family financial structures went away. In terms of the latter however I am not like that with all Celebrities because the business of annoying the other rather evil ones by providing equities that create jobs for the ones that want to work entertainment that supports people and enriches peoples lives and helps them with self-provided security issues tends to make me admirers and probably some friends too, while the entertainment made have over the years become more and more irresistible at the markets – the ones that deploy the relationship they build with me to make films about states of affairs and the kidnapping of women or other social horror stories that the Public need be aware of for instance really steal my heart – the Popularity ones it is claimed are an example of how I deploy state property to make people rich, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that I let them pick up certain parts of my work to make popular culture and people show up to give them money because such outcomes where expected, they think much will happen eventually but all that can really happen is that these women took the money to a point where they got angry and did something to make the women decide the popular culture careers were no longer workable, hence did other things with the time they had on this earth, nothing much will happen beyond this like they suppose otherwise; its gone for years now, where their sugar babies of idiots show up here to pick up my structures, blab nonsense about the size of their National Military or the size of their Country, create the work they should have been doing, extract the money from my Public image instead, then dump it on me so I am left smelling like my loo which their stupidities found amusing for the liberalist violence that their celebrity culture of idiots could not do without and so I needed to create a Publicly obvious control system which I have recently completed and we are as such heading towards an outcome whereby handling any of my structures to leave me with gangs and criminals around here, on account when they are angry it matters when others are it does not, will mean heading towards trouble for what I can do in my position as well.