The question asked these days goes beyond the story of these goons transforming a process where I got them stuck with the difficult aspects of armed forces jobs, into some means by which I may be bullied on the streets until I engaged myself with gangs and criminals – whereby they have people who must upstage me and get me off an Arch Prince’s Office to fool around with in Public places all the time, just as we are aware that as much as they are willing to make statements in the course of their gimmicks which produce outcomes where whilst armed forces operatives are facing enemies with strange imagination, their abusive behaviour fed into it and decided what happened to those who got captured by the enemy, what they and their Politicians find most difficult is a simple process of letting service operatives have some space when they return from Duty or just leaving what happens in the battle field where it has been left. It grows and grows into a story of people asking me hand on heart what I think of activities of ethnic minorities which affect me.

The reality of it is that it has always been about dominance – I have done the part where I tolerated their need to show up in public places and make statements all the time, which showed that I am an inferior type of black person and its impossible to tell what it is white people who should make friends with them and help them gain wealth and lifestyle were doing with me, tolerating it having produced an outcome where they brewed up some serious public problems and failed to solve it, they had since turned towards targeting me over those problems too. Then it progressed towards following me around to wreck University studies and leave me neck deep in student loans debt but before then it was generally about mocking me when I showed up at the Civil service to get a job until they ended up creating serious public problems that they spent time tackling me for as well, since they would never stop when it was most convenient for their victims that they did. To add to the damage done to my academic work in order to enforce my mums will and maintain their superiority, they have made a total mess of three years of my Book sale time between 2017 and 2019 and this added to a history of abusive behaviour that they saved up as a tool to empower politicians that will go along with their tribalism on account I got involved in the private security Industry was the last straw. So we see this behaviour carry on because racism has helped by build the sense we are one big happy ethnic minority family with their stupidities as the leaders of it naturally and the most recent is the business where quasi criminal culture and society goons hating me enough due to my response towards their stupidities being channelled at me, built up my concerns somewhere, so they might be able to tell me my life was over whenever they wanted, receiving support from the same group of idiots who are enforcing my mums will and has now grown into a global stage phenomenon where Obama asked them to talk about their personal and social problems with respect to the concept of my existence and each time they showed up in public to protest injustice, the purpose of doing so was to upstage me. They bring up that story all the time about how I had gotten involved with and helped women but to this day, since I was so meticulous in my methods, I cannot point to a single thing I have done which has been done at their financial or social expense, to support the women  but we have seen that it needs to pillage my career and ensure that it got to change its entire social history first and update it with one that shows it was my overlord, before I was allowed to continue breathing, on account it has a serious problem with my leadership. They always say it is a matter of what people say on my behalf and this is usually a later stage question I.e. I am an Arch Prince and who the hell are they? Whereby they raise the point that I am disgraceful Arch Prince which I probably am since I run the financial matters in this place, taking into considering the historical records of their stupidities and also to express what I really think about money – we have heard them claim they want to get me on their side to fight for them, protect them and make them feel important if I want to own a successful literary empire naturally but so have we heard them label me Mr hungry which I am, its just that I ama  hermit and we are not powered by food, so the point of confusion is that its not their type of hungry at all. It goes without saying then that what people say to provoke them will continue to be said into the far future as it were. The others that love to show up in Public places to express stupidities that involve handling me always come in the form of the gits that think they are really up to it when I have not started working the insults that will express how cracked up out of my league mankind needs to make me whenever he blows off his big mouth or show up around my concerns to get a Book, as I am capable of the insults just like they have run it off at my expense over the last 15 years, so that when they had started talking from their own rights, we get to make sense of what their appearance in public places to protest injustices that do not exist were really all about. The others are the gits that bang on and bang on everyday and they are supposed to be the type that will get beaten up by me, so that their parents lost everything associated with abusive behaviour channelled at me, which gave way to a business of going to Buckingham Palace to fight my battles and they will then be responsible for the fact their entire communities especially the ever so bold and impudent Ghanaians, lost it – personally I don’t know why any person would make such arrangements anyway.

Some people have suggested that there simply has to be some form of compromise or middle ground with them as such and besides the business of getting imagination up my bum which really sets out the fact that this is a 7 deadly sins and its consequences issue where they really do need to stop acting like they were my masters, I do not think people would believe what the compromise actually looked like anyway. I mean its one of those occasions where I get from handling the issue with white people following me around over the purpose of my personality, to make a mess of my career and wreck everything, so when I end up sharing what I know by writing a Book, a mini war breaks out, which makes me some white friends I should be selling Books to but did not sell books to because black people got involved so they might get imagination up my bum build me a global stage reputation that I smell which really does not matter to somebody with a  pure history such as mine but what then starts to matter is a case of what they put into it and how they get the returns for doing so. So I would get off working with their own issues as well and once it is ready, the need for distant violence in my direction that made me serve them became more important than a process where I owned a successful Bookshop, so they stage public protests after getting into a fight with Police regularly in order to upstage me. So we have now reached this point where their stupidities are completely irrelevant and they needed to buy and read what I had written for each time they showed up around my concerns or accept that they are starting to store up enough problems for the next stage of their public place complaining. Hence the middle ground is the part where none of us has Law enforcement security services at our Beck and call as such, so we must as civilians devise a way to get round to our concerns in relative safety and security; such that Mr A has developed a lifestyle which allows him do that and I am now caught in a place where quasi criminal culture and society goons build up my concerns somewhere so they might tell me my life was over in order to handle me, giving rise to the activities of scum who have been enforcing my Mums will at Market building a global stage phenomenon out of it to run me down publicly all the time, feeding into a statement that they made which suggested the lifestyle Mr A built to help him carry on his concerns in relative safety and security, is much the same as a teenage idiot who carried Guns and knives whenever he went outside of his door.

So some people have said that what I have refused to address is the fact that this is what a war looks like and yes it is but before I get off to say that they had come up with this process of picking up my career achievements as a tool for explaining their bullying to the world, built protests out of the way it affected me to upstage me, their Politicians asked them to discuss their social issues as a matter of the very concept that I exist, allowing them to work on me instead of their jobs, churn my tummy and issue threats over claims I smell and then devised a way to hurt me every single moment because they think it would me amusing if I had no direction I could turn in order to feel good – such that I devised a way to draw up disparity between what they are doing and what I do with my time and the result were physical attacks and abusive physical contacts having been that none has been arrested for the distant attacks and distant violence over the years yet, I must exhaust all the other options. We know it does this all the time – it likes to invent ways of beating me down, then it will boast about being my overlord and then I will say it is going to spend all its time doing that to such an extent people will grab his career and it will tell me that none will ever grab its career as long as it has its community and I will inform it there will be trouble if its stupid civil rights looks like that again and when it does the whole thing explodes (talking nonsense about ruling the world). It is never true that I believe what I have said will change their behaviour either, they are gorging themselves in their Politics of fear that does not even come close to a condition where people give it as good as they got because their finance were a mess or people were organised in their affairs because their finances were stable or people were financially well off and so did not have to worry about anything much, not even social disposition and they really love to insert it into areas of my affairs where I have done the best work for my career, to blab about provocative things people said to them on my behalf which is as such set to continue (when people are so adamant that they were good at a particular thing).

The story is that the problems that people face in the black communities are deep and systemic, as equally as we know history says that some worked with white people to sell black people into slavery, so some of us descended from slaves and others did not; it is an old story about the way things have worked and how it used to in the olden more savage days. We can see what has happened in an environment where Government buys 2 guns to protect people and criminals buy five guns to protect their interests is that the Police grapple with it while people objectify them and consume them as though they were items, to build Celebrity culture and try to live on easy street – some of them who get too close becomes victims of a process where an angry Police Officer wants to get them within an inch of their lives – we could say that this method is producing more deaths at the hands of the Police and the outcome is bad for everybody whereby a Police Office commits a crime and somebody is dead but ‘what is it exactly that we can do about it?’ In the older more savage days, an opportunity came up and today we ask the question of what prompts a parent to sell off their Children as a means of control, in the face of a series of activities that have now provided a handful of criminals with statements they can make to present their crimes as racist acts, which when it ends up at the Law Court will produce an outcome where we are trying to settle justice in an environment where we have not got a clue what we are talking about?

They love to present me as a wise arse that has lost of ideas which do not solve any problems but we know what we are dealing with is an eventuality where they were superior in an environment where there are five people who can see that if they took advantage of you, they would be financially better off for the rest of their lives, 2 of those had decided to overpower and even kill you, knowing if they went to prison, the other three will be better off enough to make them and their families better off over a long period of time and it was a risk worth taking, the 6th persons are these superior idiots and they never stop because theirs is the much lower benefit of the idea that if you got hurt or killed due to the fact they drew public attention to it, they would be placed in a condition that made them better off. So as far as I am concerned, it continues its abusive involvement and will likely do so until a tit for tart wreck mine I pillage yours once I am done ripping up everything that allows them carry on their concerns in safety here. They have also gotten off to the claim that it’s a matter of the Royal Commission I have got which is utter nonsense as we know they had been doing it before then, the Royal commission came after one of those things The Queen does where the instruction is given and Crown operatives decide they had spotted a big one and it got some protection from the Crown and these was peace for a while, as in my case 20 years to be exact; it has now unpicked everything associated with this protection from the Crown to hang around somewhere blowing off its big mouth about making an example of me which will help its stupidities be rid of his history of being a loser. So I have begun paying more attention to the damage being done by its interest in the activities of quasi culture and society criminals who have built up my concerns somewhere, so it might be possible to tell me my life was over when I had failed to co-operate with their needs, because there were prospects of getting rich attached at the other end of it and then made a global stage phenomenon out of it, blowing off the big mouth all the time, while it is still incapable of talking from its own rights like the suckling cowards they have always been.

They say people think my actions add up to war on the USA and its utter nonsense. None asked them to do it – where they are Industry goons with minions that get imagination up peoples bottoms, they want me to move out of their right hand as much as I want them to keep out of mine but when they start and then decide how it goes, moving me out of their right hand comes with an expression of industrial power, whereby they got away with everything I had – this is not something people do because they had a gun to their heads despite the consequences being so grave each time, not something people do because they are instructed to, it is something they do because their opinion of themselves is quite incredible. Such that when I do say so we find the other gits from the Middle East have been expressing their own superiority by picking up what I am doing to ensure wealth and equity moved from Europe to the Middle East as payment for years of war waged on terrorism there, then we find them hang around on the Internet, looking like I it was better that I did not show up here at all in the first place, while I am actually running a Business through it on account of the ease with which I dismantle it. The whole thing goes back to the same story i.e. the Germans have facilitated this nonsense because they are spear heading this leadership where the British know how to approach their interests in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America in a bid to recover from the economic crisis and they were going to have it without having to ask, whilst they facilitate this, the question of the reasons British interests are debatable while their own is untouchable continues to produce an outcome where the idiots were banging me and banging me in South America and Africa. So it’s the same story about a group of people who are socially and morally corrupt to a fault – when it puts you through hell to destroy the career, you ended up thinking it probably had a cause behind its activities until you see it put some lipstick on the suffering and walk around the streets like a two faced tart. I personally do not believe they were planning to get away with it like they claim it was a series of surreptitious acts, by tackling a Royal Hermit the way that they have.

They claim while I talk there is an unstoppable wave of change that I am set to be excluded from but its an old story seeing a religion they know nothing about and deciding to put perverted handles on it which allows them use it for their own ends and would do anything to make that happen, only to hang around somewhere blabbing about the power of their Celebrities too. I have no idea what I must do to avoid the abdominal pain and the disgraceful smell that comes from being excited about my life and my work on one hand and turning around to find the bloody idiots have been working on me instead of their jobs on the other, so there goes their unstoppable wave of change already. It’s the story of the West – we live in a world where being talented offers considerable prospects of being financially better off and the untalented have to invent tricks to play on the other hand but these are the worst possible kind, all the way to plans that will work when they are fighting the Police. It never listen as such and thinks that what you say in the hope people will listen offers an opportunity for you to be defeated which defeat will mean you gave up the precious item you had developed; while reality is that there are many ways to run it, including cash intensive ways that mean people buy the products and trust you for it to do what it says on the tin, so you have to operate by showing a lot of legal credential that gives them confidence to sue you if that were to have failed, there are other none cash intensive ways where those who get your property free of charge help to raise awareness of it and many money still, some a combination of these two; what we have ended up doing is listening to them to such an extent they are deciding what becomes of our daily concerns, so for me it has become a case of moving it on to the part where not being hurt by them meant not being hurt by them, right up to the stage of building up trends associated with my Books and Office to fool around with and leave me cash strapped, then hang around on media blowing off the big mouth as well until they got financially better off, which boosts the Political disposition of their degenerated Politicians who expect idiots to show up in the lives of those that are stupid enough to know everything, to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions or else Police will kill people and I will be upstaged for the rest of my life during protests because of it.