So the story of Politicians wanting to do my job is a rife one as well and actually true but I simply find it impossible to locate how or why people might find it a worthwhile activity to use public office as the means by which to stand up on public places to gather crowds and tell them to target my business everyday – it beats the imagination when the idiot are done and start another campaign about wealth inequality which shows they had none themselves while I now have to get about dodging homelessness on their account. So it goes without saying that they might complain about  a hate for those who like to point out their short comings and make fame and fortune by getting attention from doing so, especially the religious but they will definitely be free of me only on the day that they leave me alone and keep off as well. Their response is always that I dodge homelessness because I was never Royalty but nobody really cares, Royalty or commoner, it’s about what we spend our time on to become better persons not useless ones like these and that war that will happen when I sell on their stupid culture and society is just a challenge here as it were – the one that says I will never be able to get a life with the Money when I had done so, whereas the whole purpose of selling it on was to get a life in the first place as it were, so we will find out soon enough if that stupid war is what is going to happen as well. I don’t believe it’s a crisis in anyway; they love their left hand side and right hand side insults of course and at this point I am still dealing with it because they are not aware of how provocative it is just yet – the one where the rich and famous beat them in every way imaginable to take all the riches and fame and they are here to build their own fantasies of it on the right hand side which ends with moving into my right hand side to live there permanently in order to show who is in charge with that big mouth, the fucking losers – not aware of how provocative it is so far yet as it were, they are complaining about their stupid culture and society being sold on which means I am stuck with them for life, claims of which have nothing to do with how it is going to turn out but expects a Political idiot to get off and spend tax payer funds on and talk nonsense about their freedom while they cling to my income and run around the world in order to mock me for it. Then we hear of how it was the problem the Germans were trying to handle of which the reality about the Germans is the sale old tale of small Town in Germany would do well with Tourists but if Germany is right next door to Malta, what will happen is that Malta will compete with that small Town and beat it because Malta has more to lose and is an entire Country which economy depends on Tourism and when that happens, all of Germany will turn up to defend the small Town and it will be worth it to say Germany has now got every single thing that is happening every single where in the world as it were – there are no similarities here; it was the same with the Greek crisis, they do it and pretend that others are the ones who need to behave like they work in a place where all these facts are playing out in a physical and evident way. Then their UK friends get to tell me I have no wish to pay attention to the case of Europeans swarming the UK when what really happens is that the British complain about me and travel off to Europe to get their fellow superior race goons to come here and sort it out and when those come round and get a handful they stay and hold onto their jobs having failed to show them what they should have been doing – so I win again and now we have other Europeans that have taken note of this development and are turning up specifically for the jobs too. So the old story of Industry bullies does not bother me in anyway, they simply do not see the importance of what I have said as a warning i.e. we are all played out now, the nastiness at market being because I live in a world where being single is not allowed etc or the part where everything I do is sexual etc, all played out, there is nothing left to play now save the facts i.e. their Middle Class and Lower class nonsense meaning they feel their cars are safe places from which to finger my Bum as they drive by while their stupid children know where my Books are and can spend all day trolling it, so as to turn up on Media to make more trouble for me or where I work to ensure I get into trouble with my employer for not giving them what they want, after trolling and saving my Book sales. So it eventually comes down to the story of not walking around the streets talking about respect with them and what are current outcomes of their insults that make them feel they are rotten people, giving way to a need for one more test from them that will result in their need to compete with me as a community by damaging my ;property no matter how many times they lose and claim I have created a sense it is easy to be successful in the UK without hard work as insolently as they possibly can, then get their Politicians to help call me names that make me into a pot people do  not dip into for the sake of buying a product but the sake of spending my property to get a lifestyle; it will all give way to having them and their need to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities who are idiots that want to be rich by being useless to keep it wrecked with corruptions of involvement but paying great attention to the ones on the right who are the losers that want somebody they can dominate to create their own fantasy fame where they are – so it is a clear warning alright to normal people; they need to keep off my Book sales. They say it is a lack of respect on my part for others which means I am always owing somebody a punishment or another to complain about but there is really no such lack of insults if their English dictionary ones that tends to make them think only they got to wear some white socks in school are all over the place more so, never mind how they work for the Prince of Wales to deal with me these days, which is all about the need they have to be in a place where they are treated like they are children on account they got rid of me in order to have it and leads to this process where I really have not yet worked out what I must do to them still, to show them they really need me having been they understood they were stupid beyond human imagination but got off to handle government business never the less and we are not talking about HRH having this need to interfere with Politics by which he sets up the Princes Trust to go about finding them money so that men can get what they want either. So in terms of the insults by themselves however my Books have been written and my attention has now turned to their need to rip up my health and finances by being trolls, just so they can suck up to celebrities who want to be rich by being useless to keep it that way because it increases their opportunity to be famous too and the rich ones have been sucking up to celebrities to a point where global wealth has now been noticeably affected while the poorer ones want a piece of me – they are all played out at this stage and its only the facts that are now in play as it were; need to keep of Arch Prince’s Book sales and find their stupid means to fame and fortune somewhere else and as for the Books being written to provoke them however, I am aware of, as well as I am of the fact there is no way to sell it without putting them in a corner that will allow customers to read it safely. The blacks are just the ones that go off to fund ways of getting killed over me because I refused to fight racism and not enough have died yet since of which nothing of any kind of spending anything here has happened either – only Political idiots finding tax payer funds for them by crooked means that allows them their stupid mobility and means they get to plan their Political careers on my public reputation in order to share. So they do say what The Prince of Wales does is designed to look after me but I really can look after myself; these are idiots who sit in a classroom and cannot take anything in, so they really hate the idea the stupid and immoral and wicked things they do and claim its designed to get by not least their need to get involved with others may be picked up by those affected and used to make fame but even so when they see me on the streets they attack me for reason that if they had my personality they would have been rich and famous until somebody helps them take it up and do it and it continues until they rip up my academic work and I am unable to get famous too, never the less of which my Books were written and that is perpetually under attack; so nobody in my position would resist the opportunity joy of joys to sell up that stupid culture and society as well. I really can look after myself. So I hear the Carrier Ship named after HRH is under construction and needs its fundamentalisms but this is an example of the reasons I really hate such things; I am already HM Arch Prince and I am having ball therefore need more crooked – whereas the Ship can be built on what I have provided and any future fundamentalisms can be requested and then that can get done, so more crooked. Now we hear I have not yet apologised for my insults at football people but we all know that each time they buy an expensive car and I happen to pay attention to it I lose my Book sales and it’s not just a matter of the fact if I am a Christian then when their expensive cars is more important to me than God is they will get on my Royal Estate to suckle me for more energy and money etc, it is also obviously and evidently a behaviour put up by very clever people. I do not think it is a problem and nothing I have said is lost in translation, it’s just that the fools who peddle this cannot even handle the reasons and I need to get myself into a place where the fact football people have money does not bother me, so I might sell my Books without being disturbed as we all know it’s about stealing peoples girlfriends and getting them off princesses etc.  I broke up the Literary Empire to broker the Equities because it was a condition in which people would buy anything I wrote if it constituted an opportunity to give me my cash back after deploying the Equities to hold my profits in Trust - these idiots have obviously gotten involved and the involvement needs to stop, the vandalism needs to stop and when football people are rich they need to handle the reasons for it and leave me alone; what really happens is that the Firms that Broker the Equities make their profit and a certain amount which is then an undisputed attachment to my possessions and equities and market systems especially those declared through my writings are then put into Trust – most of them do this by the advertisement we see that deploys that Trust on my behalf to build me a certain level of Publicity and I need to stop the Media and Society and Political vandalism i.e. for instance when Football people are rich they need to handle the reasons they are and leave me alone.