We have recently heard of Politicians contemplating the banning of industrial strikes. It does beat my imagination however, I mean if people wanted an industrial evolvement, from the times where Trade Unions were born, they could have attained it to live in a future where there was no relevance for the trade Unions, but they did not, so we have what we currently have as it were. The reality about trade Unions is that they usually think that if there was a Job opportunity, when one person does not have it, another person will have it in the same Country, so their objective is to protect the jobs but ensure that they got fair wage, usually measured by inflation rates. My point is both that the people who think of banning strikes have not yet seen the worst things that strikes can do and of course have not figured out what they wanted to do with rogue characters who show up at their businesses to be their right hand and left hand men, overpowering them and making their decisions for them in the process, whacking the neighbourhoods every day: banning strikes will only make trade Unions vanish from public activity and then there will be a social league between the trade Unions and these characters that had overpowered them and they will lose the business because of where market influence was.

They do claim I talked from the side-lines which is utter nonsense – the sheer number of gits who show up here to inform me they have been making a total mess of my Bookshop but there was nothing I could do about the financial damage caused as they were now living at a point in their lives where they were loaded; we know Politicians had to decide what to do with steel and resources that can be used to start a war in terms of managing the second world war and its aftermath, this time being so unprepared, we have not idea why they would think that banning strikes was a solution. They also claim I make it up naturally, but we know that on the predominantly civilian section, the prevalent perspective is that the goons in question were narcissists and if I asked whether they were in terms of the rogue characters that turn up on the social lives of Politicians, it would seem that they were in terms of the bottom chasing issues, if somebody did not bang them in for the luck. On the part where they were likely to make trouble, we know feminism was a product of women saying they have been talking to the communities in case somebody wronged them and they needed to stage a campaign for justice, then we will find them like in my case, trash my Bookshop to get rich fast, show up to decide who was responsible for public problems, tell me I cannot do anything about them because they were loaded because it was pursuing terrorism to say the least.

On the side it is said that I have been worse off for the work that I do but I am not; my platform is to say that the best way for the public to resolve career and financial matters was to do it via the jobs market and the academic system. The challenge that Celebrities have now posed is that I will need to attack them to recover my mobility that is severely hampered by a need to pursue a history where there were no punishment for the abuses and insults of the famous in this place and I will need to attack the stupid children well enough to ensure they could not pass exams in school, if I wanted my privacy back. The problem the Celebrities claim they had was to do with the Russian threat apparently, just as much as we know of the damage they do with it so as to pick up my public work again and again, scheme and scheme and scheme to ensure nothing prevented them from picking it up, thus the general idea would be that I am not who I am, so the structures that keep my finances together would fall through and they would use it to make money serving a huge number of people elsewhere. That said, the technicalities of the Russian threat where Celebrities were concerned as many have now found out the reasons I have been so annoyed, is the destruction of entire intelligence gathering systems because they were making me do their bidding – I can rebuild it but doing so would reveal facts that put people in danger, unless I found a way to ensure that I took hold of the show business and ground it away at them until I obtained results but as I suggested from what I have said earlier, it had not yet learned to stop handling me until it does painfully. Here the Politicians say this was a good opportunity to make my position on US relations clear but it has always been clear; my work with Americans was developed on a wealth equity public image, we know I had the resources to prevent people running tribalism raids from the neighbourhoods to pick up 6 figure salaries in other peoples reputably built companies, wreck careers in the neighbourhoods and employ criminals, just as much as we are aware Celebrities took up my Public image and set me a profile that made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, then left it for their gold diggers, which further emphasises my point about the way they have not yet learned to stop handling me – the premise is that eventually in those areas of the world where a set ideology does not decide entirely how things were done, it was usually easier to see which one showed up there for the sex and violence, which they were incredibly vulnerable to and have nearly started world war three because they believed they could mess with other peoples careers, the sex and violence itself never showed up at Government Offices, not even for once.

They do claim I thought that by working myself to death, I must have achieved much. It is utter nonsense naturally as the dynamic is that they believed they could do what they liked at Government buildings, until I got to work myself to death whilst making it impossible for them to work at all – the premise is that I will likely never run out of resources if ever I had to make my point in stronger terms. So the Russians are falling for the same trap too and this is because they are always interfering; what I have here is Celebrities trashing my career to make me cover their bums for a living and they claim they saw me cover the bums of the public and decided doing so was the best purpose for my talents, they were the gangs now, making me a deal I cannot refuse, so the Russians have intervened and interfered. Eventually the question is raised as to there being so much crisis but the sole source of all crisis is this 15 year career mess I have been saddled with by Politicians and Celebrities who think that when people who worked social ills wanted access to my career and its ethics, it was their civil and human right to acquire such access; their crisis is that these characters were merely finished with the business of consigning themselves to the fringes of society, to hunt down, trap, abuse, attack and barricade people who had important matters and personal concerns to attend to, it has since built up to such results as the Political system was a crisis since they had no wish to engage, threat is that they will expect the system to pay them in some way, for them to engage and we will progress from a stuck Parliament to a heavily corrupt system. They do claim that it gets the better of me and they had become too powerful, which is both nonsense too – they have not become too powerful, it is one of those matters about which they will hate a libra, if I got off challenging the silly wrath and corruption of Scorpio, by building them and their business partners a profile which will eventually suggest that none had made a contribution to their wealth and social inequality problems before I came along. As for getting the better of me, they never did, they simply deny all the time that the main problem involved rogue landlords with a Media presence whilst they complained about it, so if they want to continue denying that this was the problem, they also want to think about not complaining about it too. I do get told it had since become such a big problem but it is not here, it is simply a two part story, as I am always being attacked for doing something about it: so I decided to stop acting on it and they have returned to build a history of abuse that they can go to every time I tried to do something with public control, owing to my methods involving a business of listening to their gimmicks so often that as I feared it would make a mess of my career, it did make a mess of my career but in my fear, I did get off stuffing them with what I was thinking, so at least 40% of the gimmicks channelled at me would have been my creation i.e. the reasons it is also said that I created the rogue landlords with media presence when they are not following me around to finger my bum. The other part is simply the residual issues associated with my nature itself i.e. these activities were a product of wickedness, the point they are making is that there was so much love and happiness in my life, that as soon as I step outside of my door, they gang up and finger my bum, then kick off a civil service narcissism that will cut me off from government support once they started feeding information to DWP that I am a benefit fraudster, at the same time, their Celebrities trashed my Books and lied about the reasons I wanted to burn their stupid showbusiness as well – this is the part that feeds into American diplomatic leadership i.e. current President Biden is part of the wrath of Scorpio people, he is their biggest prize, therefore it was time to let their gimmicks run and build up to what it does beside being a thorn in the side of law enforcement, setting up tolls to way lay and extort from people who are pursuing daily concerns resources that will free them from the jobs market because the USA was the worlds Police – the Police part was the one where sometimes it was better not to respond whenever people thought the Police was high handed and then will we arrive a point where people had to ask how many times they intended to suggest that the Police were high handed, their involvement with Politics being so important, as it is no longer bugging me with a dream to straddle the gap between Government and Industry. For my part, I am always seeing the funny side of these matters I suppose but I have never really blamed anybody for it, I guess than that this would be an opportunity to say that I blame the women for it.

I am told that Celebrities are not my enemies and were only trying to help but that is beside the point, their managers and producers are not likely to be pleased with the fact they picked up wealth equity from my public image to build a career with money at the studio, so if the managers are producers are not happy with it, they should never go through with it. I mean during my early years, I was happy to run around their needs and that of the producers until the specific jobs applicable were done but since last they set out on revenge for the criminals I offended, the deal was shut down. I need to get back to it, I need to ensure that the wealth equity is again good enough for popularity culture to get involved as the passionate ways they respond to Police involvement with their nefarious activities makes some of the best selling popular music, which also matches my platform to show the public that the best way to pursue career and finances was the jobs market and the academic system. They do pose the question of whether I loved to attack them but I don’t; its simply reality that if they were selling drugs, others had the right to attend school without the imagination getting up the bum and yes they do claim it was not a big deal but it is a product of people who complicated circumstances who knew what to do to get out of it, it was a gimmick to take advantage of those people and they were not destroying lives to do it; talking will not stop them they say and I too plan to pick up the part about the rogue landlords for the purpose of burning their show business too, the part where attacking them will restore my mobility and attacking the stupid children who keep getting along with their gimmicks no matter how abusive to others, will have my privacy restored, besides which it will also ensure I made a public statement on the immorality of show business. They always ask what I would do with other Celebrities I am allied to but those are working the wealth equity public image with me and do it because their producers were happy to engage, so it is about to get better than the original arrangement, appropriate reward for my hard work. The other part naturally is the Industrial aspects of their gimmicks, where they claimed that they were doing the things Police was meant to do for the public, for the industries, by which they got paid for being popular and it is utter nonsense; what has happened with their borderline schizophrenic immorality is that the businesses who continued to endorse their gimmicks and leave the mess for others had since ended up with the kind of investors, clients and customers they have always dreamed of, so people could make their lives complicated and after being stopped by the Police, such people will be off making money from it 12 hours later, so they had to employ security guards and continue to claim abusive behaviour towards me was to do with an attack on German interests on my part which is also utter rubbish – Police Polices by community consent and this meant that they were simply creating situations in which they ran off their gimmicks behind the high street shops, to fleece money off the Public and the criminals had enough of tolerating it, so when they claim they have been doing Police work, they were talking rubbish. It now needs to stop picking up my public work on seeing that it crashes my finances and I am engaged with Governmental activity - needs to find a real toy.