Some people therefore ask what the real problem is but of course it is the fact I am not to get around with well to do idiots. However knowing that if I do I will be attacked by their friends for trying to steal friends from others, attacked by their wives and attacked by their children and then attacked by the local communities for trying to get along with people outside my league, so I don’t get around with them and because of that they decidedly do things such as park their cars where I live because it is prestige for me to be seen with such cars and then because of those kinds of behaviours the attacks come from no where and at any unexpected time and place and so the music industry makes their music with me in mind to sing my livelihood and market place for a living and the media incite it to make their news catchy. I do not think it is a serious issue, the first time was the bit where they drive their cars round the city block and expect me to look at it and when I say I have seen one of those before, whatever it means the result must be some motorist communally organised bullying in an instant because they expect me to stop on the tracks and stare at their flash cars; the result was that they ended up thinking I am in some giant secrete society that will come after them soon enough but today that has been explained away with media and they are off again. When it comes to economic crisis they will forget who they are and what they can do to make their businesses profitable again but for such things it is impossible to detach them from a knowledge of who and what they are.

Now with respect to how the biggest liability to my work is that I don’t care about people, the one matter that kicks it off is that nothing is said about gang based crime whenever I say or do anything, especially when I say something about the Olympics and they figure out I have failed to say something about gang culture deliberately. So I suppose I ought to settle the matter once and for all here too i.e. I am a chief of staff so do my job here until I am counted among the dead and there are those in the military that do the jobs they do until they are counted among the dead as well, so the question is what the real meaning of those stupid things they do and name gangs which they do until they are counted among the dead really mean and the real difference between it and that stupid media too. I mean I have made it clear that their insults are creating serious problems for them and that I intend to milk it. They will not put away those insolent media and cease to tell me what to do, so I ought to suppose the next time they fire off such things, they will have fresh and severe ground breaking problems from it that has not before been fettered at all.

Its not the part where they claim I have taken over their stupid territory; in the first instance it blows my mind what they suppose they can do about it and then of course there are other facts such as that all I want is a process where my working court does not relate with me in a violent way and that they are the reasons that this is happening because they are competing with me for sex with women that may have anything to do with me to acquire trophy power and continue to work their bullying. Then there are other facts such as the complain about territories taken at this point when they are the ones that have insisted on that media daily for 8 years now that I cannot travel to the middle east for example to see things for myself and write a book that I successfully sell, about which I want to find out how deep that stupid rabbit hole goes as well bearing in mind now that they have to travel there and gather the facts while I write the books it has been in their interest that I sell the books and gather enough money to take a holiday away from them but this is not what they currently want.

Then there are also facts about how I am a low line publisher by being published online when we are know that online publishing is even more difficult when you are a real author due to the number of people who simply want to fulfil a dream of writing a book having access to that system, hence comes with problems but then so what, whose business is it really? At the end of the day I am conscious about suggesting that others do not have talents but do they ever think those idiots they find money to put up somewhere and help to sell books and CDs etc on my earnings will ever run out, is it indeed their own property to deploy in such ways? It is of course their reasons that make me want to do things I am not so sure are compatible or can be managed alongside y career i.e. that I simply suppose I can flaunt myself, then write a book and sell it.

It seems to be a big thing for them to make out that my business is a way of teaching people how to do business or how to get rich and all of it is somebody’s job and that I am doomed, it pleases them to leave their own lives and travel into mine to sort out means of exploiting desperation so. It is nothing of particular concern for my part either, the truth is that they do pornography and Pop music which no matter how evil is something young people follow anyway and are therefore used to putting up products for the consumer that they get to serve themselves with as well. I always think people who buy those contraptions they put up with and work on the basis of complaining about a Christian that does not wish to give up his faith for customer service can buy anything. Implications being simply that is comes back right round to the basic issues which are that a Christian must get up everyday to a job and to preaching the gospel. However if I am angry about it, then what comes to mind is that there are another group of organisms that behave in that way consume destroy move on and consume and destroy i.e. viruses and bacteria, hence it should be recognised that they are always either complaining about genocide or committing but most of all are always more likely to commit genocide hence.

Its a regular issue, I mean if you are a priest you will always note some people come into the church from the local community whose entire plan is to wreck the church and nothing else and given have the chance if it is within their power will most certainly close it down and they believe as well that if you pick on a priest on media you will get rich. its like their friends in the middle east as well; for those all their time is spent on a process where somebody said something and they felt a certain way in their tummy and then bad things happened to the person and the story ended, while they complain of my unrelenting stand over the Political upheavals that are happening there, not only are they doing it even when they are Presidents and Prime Ministers of entire countries, they will only stop and choose a new life or indeed decide it is time to do so when somebody really important that others can lay their hands on because he is accessible enough during times when they are forced to become really desperate is made to suffer so they can fit into the International community; so they do actually have their plans to stop the wars that these their behaviours create and when I say wars I am not talking about external aggression but civil ones, the most important part of it as well of course being that they will resign the office somewhere in hell.

Of course the results of it all are really gay and really violent because they think of themselves as big boys with power they can use to protect their laziness; so they complain of Libya blasts and Syria issues but they will not stay away from my earnings in hell, its still a case of hit him and then when they want to complain hit him again and then he will realise what is happening.