I am aware it is said that people need to express the fact they hate my guts but I could never make sense of it anyway, what we have is a series of Industry based narcissism that targets me without reason all the time because it wants to make money with my personality and Public image when it becomes a happy person and I am no longer a happy person because of its behaviour which then means that it can have both wealth and power with my work selling products to others – what they do with it is built this other existence where for every occasion I stand up for myself an idiot with a popular culture, stock market and political busy body opportunism shows up with a smile and creates another fight that will benefit him personally and then they start to brag about the influence of Germany and how I am worse off either way I served them or didn’t, the same stupidities were exhibited when they followed me around at University to make themselves the brains behind the operations of their foolish Celebrities who wanted to get rich on my Public image, the result being that I am never free of them and their foolish societies building something that adds up to an onus on me and means that a particular state of affairs will dawn on me, which they can deploy for bad habits that churn my tummy and lead me into obscurity while their foolish women show the dirty faces in public to claim they own me and I was weak to start with, then got into Church to learn morality, such that when I can no longer stand my ground on money issues I get to blame it on women who love to see me do some hard work to make to care for them while bigger men got to supervise – such that the society ones will be the ones who never give it a rest on account that when the fight kicks off they will be fighting with my sense of justice and I will be fighting with my sense of justice, such that looking for trouble becomes such an incentive for them and I really do not want to mess with them and what they want to grab from me as such. I do not even hate them for the fact that they can just show up and bother Politicians on account they need my personality to make their own fame as stupidly as possible and my religion is just so high and mighty that there needs to be a social balance, so I have no idea why that big mouth cannot keep it shut over hating me for some reason, keep away from my Books and stop following me around over the same nonsense like that all the time; it has not even yet developed into a whole sale process of distract me while I distract you and we will find out what it is exactly you can do, what we have had is a business of me looking like I want to deplete the population of their 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhood and they are trying to keep up those populations while telling politicians about my bad attitude every time they want to complain while omitting the life changing insults and abuses their stupidities have taught their children to exhibit as well. We find in the end that they claim they have been spending their money buying products while I got the prestige but all can see right the way to their football idiots, that unless they are building those products alongside me they need to buy and enjoy it and stop making a mess of my livelihood if they are complaining about the consequences. I do get asked what triggers my case but it is still the old business of following me around with these abuses at University, such that I smell like what I ate because of it and drop out, while they then passed exams and progressed from nepotism idiots that are superior to me, to nepotism idiots who pass exams in school and want to be me. The threats are sound as we can see but I think time is running out for the reign of terror that they and their foolish shop managers have waged against me with that stupid industrial narcissism that needs my income margins all the time, I have told them to shut it down enough times for a lifetime and to shut down those communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me if they are keen to get people listening to the fact they hate my guts as well, the next time they follow me around when they see me at an academic environment, I will do what I need to do to ensure they got their feel of the trouble they seek as it were – hence it feeds into the stupidities of their American friends talking nonsense about how I ought to mellow with respect to those who are capable of being a threat to me, it is about to get far more serious than just insults and complains of hating my guts yet as this nonsense continues. The problem with spending time to learn how to be a good criminal obviously is that these idiots and their large countries then spend too much time learning it and since crime is a stupid thing, become so incapable of being proficient at it all together, hence we find they need help from these society gits – those of them that refuse to engage in learning how to be a good criminal obviously have their stupid women and Celebrities to rely on naturally but these business of handling my income and threatening me has got to stop as the point at which their foolish Politicians spent tax payer funds on them to help them out with their financial issues was not the stage at which what the feelings of insecurity when another person is an Arch Prince is worth, the stage at which their stupidities were in need of money and self-confidence. I don’t understand it myself anyway: if people know that you would be so much worse off if they wrecked your academic work, then found Books you had written later on at a stage where you thought your career had to go on as you sort things out, built you a history of insults to facilitate the decadence that will make the Celebrity culture more profitable and then show up to seek the recreation of this conditions in every turn, claiming that it is what brought them success and therefore something they must do if they want more success, why then would people get off doing it, if they are also aware that you have a reputation – if people know that setting you out for Industrial narcissism, where they lean on you and their criminality depends on you to a point where you are not a happy person anymore and they are now happy enough to show people that they along with any customers that get involved with them can now enjoy a sensation of being superior to you in order to make them rich buying their products at Popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry, why do they do it, if they feared the reputation you had anyway – if people knew that making trouble for you courts the attention of goons who make money to fight others with at Industry, who then show up to give them money and create the idea that people get rich when you are bullied, why do they do it and set about seeking privileges of injustice when you respond because it had completely decimated your finances that they have no wish to stop handling you anyway. What I know is that the stage at which Politicians spent money that belonged to tax payers to help them out was not the one that meant they had money and self-confidence issues tackling me because I am an Arch Prince all the time; it is quite incredible that the same goons are the ones who want to discuss how much they hate my guts, claiming they have more customers in their Country as if they produce the goods and services with me in the first place, the goods and services that they needed the last time we checked. They do claim the UK is dominating in its attitude which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that they never listen, so there is this sense that those who do not turn this idea they want to strip people naked and sit about in a Town square judging them for trying to better themselves with a residual intelligence, into something of bending them into a very difficult situation and spending time at Industry building gaps after gaps that they will complain about, as so incredibly vulnerable to them that these behaviour will have had a lot of incentive attached to it thereof – the entire time, reality is that I do not think of it that way because I can do it on the go; especially when people ask me about handling the high criminal activity which is simply a matter of the fact I have been working on the jobs hard enough to invent an incentive for them to get work when they threaten me over money issues and if they refuse automatically puts their lives in jeopardy due to the jobs of Law enforcement Officers, which has always been the business of going from telling people not to get involved with gangs and criminals, to cutting out the very bad apples very quickly. My point is that in the UK it all still comes back to the women, so we are not a Fatherland Country and if somebody where to stand up somewhere and say there is a Daddy character somewhere who deserves privileges, it does tend to mean they want to burn something very quickly indeed – these guys on the other hand, especially the German ones who rely on society powers instead of working for money never listen to others; so there is that sense they end up teaching you how to behave towards women once done handling the one they are not accustomed to handling, the ones that do not have their babies and above all believe that it is okay to touch when they are helping out with a dire situation. I could have twisted them into a very difficult corner before I started University at all in the first place but the reason I didn’t was because I could peddle their culture and society for money without getting hurt, which is what I guess they claim they hate me for but as I said, I do not write their Books and while all that vandalism of my property carries on, it is not yet a whole sale business of distract me while I distract you so we can find out what it is exactly you can do about it, as they continue to issue those threats and have no sense of when to call it quits, so if I said it was a cracked up out of my league goon bullying and insulting all over the place, it will continue to think a response from me is something that it might find exhilarating.

I am told people are unaware of the way that I feel things naturally while reality is that my diet is so embarrassing it is not compatible with the fame that they want to take off me, so they invented a story of my whole life ending up in the hands of media and Celebrities and therefore gone for good – which is not compatible with HM wanting to know what her Arch Prince’s diet looks like for example; so these embarrassing things allow me the opportunity to get about crossing out all these matters, such that by the time I had crossed out all that didn’t matter to me, I will have gotten rid of every eventuality in which people made me smell of what I last ate – except it was easily seen this way but they have a habit of following people around to bully them over the ownership of a Public image that does not belong to them, seeking a response. We find the same issue in China as well, where we have a small trading arrangement with China and Liberal America takes over it and dredges the American economy because they want to control their allies as insultingly as possible; they have not even decided what they want to do with their Japan Economic Alliances as we speak, they are saving that for Popular culture goons who tackle you once you return from defending yourself from Industry goons who think it’s a bad idea to deny them what they want because if you started a fight their money will never run out – so it feeds into such realities where I do embarrassing things that do not add up with the business of wanting to be famous because if people added up how it should have affected me and how I really live, they would have seen that it made sense which is why I never suffer anxiety for it like they are rather convinced I should; we will find them show up like that – the fat one is the DJ, The slim one is a very abusive Fashion Industry twerp that can see you naked all the time, the middle size one is the one that has industry connections and gets along with local hoodlums, running off popular culture pipelines from the US to Japan across your business empire and will disobediently not cease an involvement with you while it knows that involvement brings with it damage to academic work, finances and career, claiming that the involvement itself was their civil rights; where it gets you is the point where you had pushed back a goon that wants to take what he likes from your property because if you started a fight it will never run out and the entire time you were always able to set up a business in a way that ensures they suffered intensely and the Public liked you for it, so that you got to sell lots of products to the adoring crowd for doing it. It is usually said that I am better off doing nothing but the last time that was the case, we ended up with the idea those who handle security at Buckingham Palace make mistakes all the time, then Public transport operatives did whatever they wanted as stopping them was not on the media because the jobs of nice people were at stake and then their children thought it was their human rights to deserve forgiveness for ripping up my career and academic work following me around and then getting into the schools to place themselves in a position that meant they were better than I am. They say I am a failure who thinks he can write anything, I too think they are failures that can never stop grinding Celebrity culture away at people – the ace question here is whether they have read my Books anyway, whereby when they read it I will have money too; they apparently don’t like the present continuous, past participle nonsense but think they should build a community that helps them make others put up with it at University.

So for the question of me being a coward who starts off trouble that others have to take out; it’s an old story that it never happens with people I can stand up for; such that if I said that a criminal thinks it’s okay to endanger my life until I give him choices he cannot get out of because doing so will ensure the loves of Police officers endangers his life as well, it is usually enough for them to stop bugging me most of the time, even though it comes with a warning about what things will be like if I got involved with their concerns again, while most of the time that was unnecessary as the main problem is that they pick on me on the streets but for these characters who can spend decades of peoples time to ensure those who provoked them got to pay dearly, ripping up what they can find because when they are angry it matters and when others are angry it does not, it’s usually a matter of the fact that it is never enough whatever I did about what is bothering them because they were out of my league, which is not what happens with people I can stand up for. Eventually there is a sense then that they are an impediment to a process where I found somebody that can support me the way that I am to spend my life with, suggesting they are not my enemies and that I am a narcissist and yes I am but most of the time it is the tenderness that makes a narcissist and not the ability to hurt people – it is not as if I am vulnerable to the consequences of getting mail through my social media anyway, rather lost as per why people enjoy getting on Public media to build problems for me when I don’t even know their names, blabbing of how I am a coward and yes it’s all very good until I built myself a Public image on it for my part as well – suffice to say I will do their own well like I already have; I never invited them into my concerns, they are out of my league and nothing I do is ever enough, needs to stop making a mess of my Books by claiming the service process was a case of me working for them and stop making a mess of any arrangement I have with Celebrities to establish the idea it was all about settling facts on who was more important which sees to it that all the support given was wasted along with the time in which it was built up. Insults about me being homosexual or people wanting to see me become homosexual can only continue until I once again picked up the business of making sure their insanity had stopped practicing their homosexuality on a personality I cultivated at a Hermitage the same way we see them Buy products I have brokered equities to help create for such stupidities and set about stifling my Books to heighten the sensation as stupidly as possible, which I can only garnish with the business of picking up women with whom I can practice things homosexuals do in order to try and kill off the practice again. Its been about 16 years of local trouble makers making out everyday that the only form of Royal duty there will be for me, is looking like I am depleting the number of 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhood who want to control other peoples breathing and thought patterns while their children who want to get dangerous with money conduct their raid on peoples lives, so whenever people think I should be getting into a fight on their behalf they might want to bear it in mind as a consideration – personally however its all Humanity and its disobedience, although they hate my Books, I have not once caused them intense distress in order to produce Art yet.