Now they say there are issues with Politicians which need to be resolved and its utter nonsense – they have invented insults that will compliment their laziness and garnished it with a need to support any evil ideology they can find in order to get ahead and like to express it at me because I had become the most profitable target; I may look all I like but will never get a consolation of seeing at last a 40% effort put towards what they want to achieve while it depends on me if there was death over the issue. They continue the insulting processes of telling me it’s a matter of their power which I really don’t have a problem with as we can see what happens does because when they get a job their bottom hurts while I need to be conditioned to live out my existence in an arrangement where I did everything they demanded. So what happens is that they rip up my academic work and finances to get me into so much distress I am able to make sense of the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side, then come up with enough bullying to get me building a history of responding to their stupidities when it comes in this form on account that when they get jobs their bottom hurts, for which reason I am left with back breaking work everyday that is not paying me anything and they have fallen in love with doing this to such an extent it makes industry narcissism by which they sell products possible because somebody else suffers and they are not which makes their stupidities happy. They do claim its all my fault bearing in mind what history of chanelling this nonsense at me has already created and yes it is but I wonder if the fact people have to get off the day job and re-organise society over this nonsense is a warning they are paying attention to yet, as it were – there are no issues with Politicians which need resolving, I find it laughable. I mean I might be said that I am unable to justify it but we know each time I set my business up cleanly which every 24 hours their Celebrities will make statements and build crowds that are interested in my trade secrets with their money as leverage for blackmail and bullying, then also an accusation about something I have done to encumber popularity which is deserving of Punishment to savage it because they have access to where my Books are located and their Politicians have helped them to statements they want to make to use it as point of contact and tool for controlling me, keeping up this trash and they never stop boasting about it and the violence I will suffer if I think about being a threat to their stupidities. Its not a crisis for me either, all I need to do is recover damage to any part of my market which they have done and rebuild Client and Consumer confidence by making repairs to it but all those insults and abuses about bossing me around or getting the Boys to show up on my Public image and blow off the big mouth about violence I will suffer if I tried anything unusual is never going to allow it end well all together; so does this mean we are at war? Of course not, what has happened is that they are out of their depths, fighting for their lives and are very angry because their sensations of freedom have been depleted, which is an apt consequence for this business of destruction caused me in order to groom me into a position where I responded to their stupidities which does mean it’s a response they wanted and will get one too.
They do say that I only need look at the High streets to see there is enough damage to my work that will ensure I can never recover and its utter nonsense as I have set out enough a pace on my Social Media that they can no longer deny what they are fooling around with is another persons Royal Hermitage corporate Identity.  I have even picked up products built from this nonsense and displayed them on the social media as that which Clients should have filed a Lawsuit for or I should have done so all together but it still does not seem like we will ever get an amicable resolution to these stupidities they depend on as if their lives were worth it; we all know if I sacked their Fashion Industry they would on account of making out it was impossible, claim that I am a freak and then their gimmick due to the pain I have caused will never stop. I mean they have said if I mentioned that they were stupid people I would get into trouble but such things as the fact that being out of my league and having sex with Girls that are out of my league rips up my income so people might grab market and for the same reason I drop out of University because they were chasing money all over me and for the same reasons they show up to tackle me and acquire sensibilities concerning how I feel the Country while building crowds that want to own my Public image, put a glass ceiling over my head, abuse my state provided security and abuse me 24/7 over a plan to get rich first before I did due to the fact they know where my Books are located and want to use it as bargaining chip that compliments that access to media, makes the idea of getting into trouble for putting their stupidities to public place description laughable. So for now, whilst I know Celebrities do almost the same amount of work I have to do to be successful at Legal Operations, since I am the one dropping out of University for my own while they get more money performing such nonsense on me and dragging me back to conditions where they can over and over again, I had decided the label would fit when Celebrities were thought of as people who did no work, now that it has played its part as well, it is not something that will be impossible for people to make sense of when I ask them to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. 
They always tend to boast that I am unaware of the dangers associated with my activities and what they were really capable of and it is utter nonsense as they are not a danger to me – I have been very clear about getting organised for the job, now that people think they and their hoodlums are layabouts and all business of showing all over my faith, personal life, public image and Books need to cease. Then again the details of the danger will be the good old case of getting the hands tied behind the back when Conservatives are being corrupt i.e. we see these stupidities express something of how Conservative young people need to be sodomised because they pick up parts of culture their grandfathers should enjoy the self with and yet they know everything they do is facilitated by a very corrupt part of society that wants people to think it is interested in jobs and careers but is really interested in ripping up the academic work and finances so it might rip up family and settle up on personalities it wants to savage whenever it thinks it should make itself careers in Media business and this is why they are comfortable being on the left – so it is really all the danger that their stupid ego and the idea there will be no end to paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy can offer around here. They say these people I think of as hoodlums are not hoodlums at all but have not been able to explain how chasing money around me wrecks the academic work, have not been able to explain how being out of my league to have sex with women that are out of my league rips up my public image and Book sales market, have not been able to explain how my finances are bottomed out because they enjoy disturbing me at this Hermitage using hoodlums and then become quite obsessed with being the ones to draw general public attention to the tummy issues it causes and so on – so it’s the same as when their Politicians allow them grow to that stage where it is my schedule being pillaged by idiots grabbing my work to blab about enemies that show up in the City to take back jobs that had been taken from them when it could have been done if it was taken in the first place as stupidly as possible, which ensures my Books are always in a position where it can be leaked and plagiarised hence the prospect they can have it without buying it etc, to say what I am doing is Politics not Monarchy, while we see the Families they had raised when they get off telling us how to do the School run on account they were selling it. They have said I am not an icon of family life either but it’s the reason we are where we are, as my Dad was always supportive as long as I can make sense of it to him, my Mum was always keen to live from outside to inside where she becomes the biggest help that socialist sociopath Goons at Parliament and what the obsession with peoples personal space could bring when it comes to ripping up my academic work and finances to drag me back to stupid conditions where I may drop out of University over and over again due to their needs and the fact their bottom hurts when they get jobs – we know they are not complaining about my own yet, that they are taking money from my Public image and blabbing insults about handling a bum having become magically important, so if they felt sore due to processes of getting jobs I deserved to live in hell. Politicians and their Society goons and tools to play with at the Monarchy are now just a little way off from deciding, if they were better served when I married the Celebrity types and produced them Heirs for it or better I got a life.