So they claim I spend my time rubbing shoulders with people who have made success out of simple public conditions I struggle with; I find it so insulting since the real problem for over a decade now is their inability to listen to what other people say and showing up all over other peoples livelihoods to make up their own versions of what people are doing, never mind conclusions such as the one mentioned here as well; the main support system for this nonsense of course is generally that they are certain there will be no punishment for the property vandalism that was set to ensure their money was that important, by wrecking the academic work and the finances, in order to set about running off filthy popular culture, Politics and Stock Market gimmicks on other peoples lives which is the preferable public disposition for them, to one of dealing with what people preach of the Bible concerning homosexuality for example. So they will not say at any stage that these abuses, such as advertisement which is set to ensure I was stuck somewhere what happens between them and their enemies is kicking off or showing up on my concerns to wreck the finances and later on claim a new test every day that I rub shoulders with them is stressful enough to add up to a gimmick that is supposed to kill me, they are more interested in Politicians helping them control the finances and academic work of those who walk into a religious environment on account they need to practice their alternative lifestyles that have nothing to do with it unless they had decided otherwise like these. So eventually we find them claim it appears to be a problem that will never go away while it is as simple as all gestures made concerning my work and activities must come to a dead stop irrespective of whether they lose their minds, as it will serve a good test of what it is exactly their insolent madness can really do about me like those abuses and stick in the hand insulting gestures tend to suggest. As for the core of the issue, its always been a matter of extracting an income from the life and property of somebody who has been given a royal commission, then set about making sure he is to deploy any security he has to protect them while they do what is prohibited, right up to the point where be becomes a criminal or have it destroyed and progresses to a case where  am said to have done bad things but now want to be by myself which they will never allow telling lies all the time – which is how the business of getting rich on my work before I am allowed to earn a living to make tall idiots pests in suits getting dangerous with money in the city centre is built but each time they do it, I look like the one doing something bad because the part where they had extensive conversations with their fellow pests in sits friends about some guy with lots of things and little security which their teenage goons making trouble with street groups and gangs have been taking advantage of already and how they are one of the most skilled when it comes to making the most of it, they also leave out the part where they created an economic crisis and set about saving their money, to get on the government and force it to agree that they were the engine of economic recovery, so they needed to set out products and sales army while everybody else hands over money and which then had something to do with me because I wrote a Book. So we find that the reason there is always something new and bad about it everyday is that it is either their community croons are keeping me in a provocative mood or their pubescent goons are getting on my public persona to make money and issue threats their foolish parents have taught them is the way to be immune to the insults they bandy around, which affects other people’s personal finances or the society goons are getting the hand up my bum so I get off deciding they need to smell on their way to work as well leading to a fight that Politicians are dragged into as well or the Celebrities are clinging to my academic work to make money from it while everybody else gets my talents, hence need to ensure it is never finished – the Media on the other hand being the ones that work corruptions of involvement that have to do with moral people making out they had lots of power but can only build a church that somebody may fornicate in and so its about abusive statements to stoke this nonsense all day, taking advantage of women who spend their threatening me because they had money problems, that also got me creating this persona for myself of depending on others, since I am aware they do not even fancy their own financial problems depended on them while they made out this nonsense was in keeping with their civil rights, hence they make themselves the ones that somebody wants to take a problem out on all the time, working harder than ever to convince everybody there is neither God nor the Devil, as in their view people do these things just like that and from a blue part of their minds. This is an example of a situation where I get told I open my life to them and then I complained about it, which leads us right back to the beginning of this paragraph, however in terms of opening my life to Media, it never really happens; what happens is the kinds of insults and abuses and career grab that replaces the need to peddle my personality and Public image for money and means they end up talking with my sensibilities and most of the time it does add up to Journalists cross examining their guests, which people recognise as a legal career and the identity behind it then gets traced back to me all together, while they had pillaged the finances and told me I am starting a fight knowing we have racism in this society already and they alongside their Industry goons were never important enough to tell anybody what to do in the first place – the rest of the time they say I have taken everything from them while it’s all something I never wanted and we have gone from my risk being the prospects of having extra marital affairs on Media to a prospect of problems associated with them thinking I am slave to media and not the other way around; all the while the problem does not persist that much with the ones that say I need to support them and if I don’t something will die and it could be me, so when I do on an understanding that it cannot be worse than women who get on Public places to tell the world about the events of the day and facts associated thereof, the result is that the men who want to use the well planned life for chasing girls will begin a corruption of involvement that get increasingly unfair and violent as the day go by, blabbing Church people building churches where they may fornicate and leaving it out whenever they want their Politicians to award them privileges of injustice. Its never really more than the business of attacking others and making sure the leverage that support it was government money because if they defend themselves the road will lead to war all together but I have no idea why they can see this is unlikely to be the result in my case but will go from ripping up my Books with involvement corruption and become abuse and insulting enough over time to make out I rub shoulders with them as well; all I now want is every gesture that they cannot breathe without channelling towards me stopped unless they were sharing the salary, whether or not they will lose their minds doing so, I have been clear is not really a concern of mine: my rationale is that they are very well aware stories about reading my work before it is published is very destructive and stressful, advertisement made by their stupidities which concern me getting stuck between them and their enemies is just as bad and stories of me rubbing shoulders with them when I only want their popularity to pay the bills for the damage they have done here does not improve the situation. The Political Part will be the one they consider to be complex but it is not in anyway whatsoever – what happens is that they claim I have blood on my hands and people who have blood on their hands need to have their finances restricted, when they are not done making out I could never do a thing when they decided to attack me and ensure I defended myself and played into civil war, even when they are aware I can easily track every equity associated with parts of my Public image they extracted money from and made them squirm all the way in pain until I recovered it all and severed any links they have to my thought pattern, so see what stupid wars they will be making from there all together – then again the matter of having bloody on my hands is just as good a factual claim as the business of people The Queen wants nothing to do with running the British Monarchy as far as they were concerned and telling society goons and Public transport gits that they confiscated my Royal Estate; sometimes I do not know if it is worse to dispel the idea I have blood on my hands anyway all together since it is quite obvious they work in fashion and Celebrity industry and media and are quite insane, should be getting along well with society trouble makers chasing bottoms wrecking the lives of young people to grab talents they want to build empires with but prefer to take pictures of their stupid selves on my Public image blowing kisses at criminals and selling magazines by it that lend me pure agony at the top shelves of major super markets and corner shops, I should image this is what they mean when they say I have blood on my hands. I do get told I ought to try feeling sorry for them than I should try attacking them but then again so is the case that they tackle my finances, rip my the academic work and do everything in their power that is abusive enough to make me smell, then begin to plan group violence against me, because it is all about how their involvement with gangs and crime was meant to make them rich but had failed and the business of this tackling the academic work and finances and business as a matter of opinion about them always wins the day – as mentioned before, they know that claims they read my Books before it is Published, making advertisement that suggests I should be stuck between them and their enemies and following it up with stories of me rubbing shoulders with people who made good of themselves with the same conditions I face will not suffice and is deathly stressful; they need to give me my space as soon as they can do so. It therefore appears I have had it all sorted but I have done no such thing; the Labour Party that has consistently spent government funds and time to assist this nonsense is responsible for cleaning up the mess made after the 15 year government bulling gimmick that suggests criminal trickery is nice people who just need money and then showing up here leaving husband and kids behind when it wants to perform social experiments, to play up all sorts of Politically treacherous woman gimmicks on my life and career.