They say I talk too much and that it irritates them and that is why they need to get their hands on my book sales to make me feel the way they feel or punish me for it. lots of stuff irritates these fools, it can even be the way people look and of course with respect to that if they want to be irritated by you they will make you look a way which will irritate them and then they will get irritated by you and attack you after having lots of incredibly stupid opinions that are concerning because they are violent. I always say that for now their mouth is big enough for it and the fact my entire life hinges on their insults and the way they feel in their tummy because of course the way it usually starts and ends is that I people say something that makes them feel a certain way in their tummy and they react and bad things happen and the story ends.

The claim is that I am vindictive and that I take away from people things they do to defend themselves from dangers and evils just because it is closely related to what I do and or what belongs to me. The truth could not be more different; I am not vindictive, the idea of things closely related to things I own or what I do was born out of being denied their civil rights upon my return to the Country after being away for two decades and the real issues are that I decided I will not be caught coming to their aid if anything happens to them to which they got into any elaborate show to prove that they will need unfettered access to all I own in order to ensure they get anything they want from me when they want and or need it.

So do people want to hear the nature of the exclusion from the civil rights? Alright then, its the bits where they wish to see the Christian crawl and beg for food and money and people tell him to do things Christians do not do in return for a bit of it.

The part about cutting me off from anything I may do to escape is of course the one that had much to do with Politics and any routes I might get out with, so the result is that sometimes I want to play but remember I am a Christian again and again and again while they brag and get all over the world with other goons like them to make out I hug the fame and popularity market and nothing is based on what the customer has and is willing to part with but rather on beauties chipped off the beauty mountain violently so he might fear to chase them and recover it, to dazzle with and cause spending to occur. So I can trace the next millions that they added to their thousands by handling my property and income but while they owe me all that money guess the debts I am paying? Of course it is the community croons that want to have sex with me and implore them to ensure what she owns does not run away which is not abusive of course because the only form of abuse there is in the world is rape and even then that is not akin to it because she does it somewhere above the law.