They do claim I continued to act as though I had not lost a lot at the Monarchy of which I have lost nothing, just what seems to have been new forms of responsibility, associated with a bunch of fools running my life with the social activities of criminals and getting to serve the King who had accepted their service for it – now that they were in service of the King, if the Monarchy was too uncomfortable for me, I could not leave because the whole purpose of their gimmicks was a fantasy about my possessions. It has nothing to do with me in anyway whatsoever, but it has taken it to a whole new stage by creating this process where it gets on media to build publicity for my activities, to interpret as something it wants, especially that about which it could build a support crowd to help bend me into doing something for their stupidities. The problem has always been that of the question on the reasons that the Men loved to indulge such things, especially when they claim I did not like the King but it was rather a matter which should not have found its way to the Office of the Head of State, I mean the Kings Mother was obsessed with what I got up to but it never found its way to the Office, he shows so little interest but it does. So considering the consequences of the Media gits being so disrespectful of my person that they get up on Public media to run me down and get me to serve them, to which effect work I did to ensure the ageist idiots that turned up here to bother me with crime, got stuffed with information they did not need which they carried about like PR I did not need to pay for, gave way to a bunch of low lives with a need to practice distant violence on my body as will produce the two results where I fought for their civil rights or the emergency services had to assist them on my account – to which effect if we wish to continue in a world where whatever is left of their show business does not continue to get on my nerves the same way their prejudices created an environment where they wanted to order my steps, it will need to stop getting up on Media to insult me or it will risk a result where having professional bodies that were meant to control its conduct failed to because it was above everybody, end up in a situation where my survival depended on a process where I got to do it for them. The Politicians have said that I never share the trade secrets on how I get to control them but it is not a secret at all; it is a matter of my qualifications being so basic that I did a lot of heavy lifting, that said which the main principles remained – so we have a circumstance where it wants money without having to do work and if it is made to get a job, it will attack me for the rest of my life as long as it did that job whilst my gain is that it was paying its taxes. This tended to reveal how much of a threat Celebrities were, especially when they boast that they trashed my finances and got me to work as well, of which an Arch Prince in a work place was none of their business either way, unless they wanted to explore those situation where employers cannot say that they controlled me even at the work place and their gimmicks with peoples careers developed very quickly into a result where new recruits at the security services pointed out they were doing something about which others had to take more risks with personal security and then they would be unable to live with it. This reveals how much of a threat they were even further too because it seemed that new security service recruits were not allowed to express themselves to famous people and millionaires but the same needed to stop handling me and my finances if they were complaining too. I do not know why the men do it, that each time these fools were bothering people, they will be given an opportunity to get whatever they wanted from the victims for a certain period of time but the question eventually becomes one in which victims have had careers so degraded that leadership had to answer the matter of whether it was impossible to see that since the biggest worry that the idiots had all day was that they did not possess the energy and or intelligence to run a life of crime, did not actually show that they were scum. It will show up with some influence associated with something it suggested was more powerful than I am and a need to make me serve its stupidities, banging walls and doors at me and I will not be able to respond because Media and Celebrities were running off all kinds of stupidities outside of their own social class and inside of mine, right up to the stage where I could clear up the matter if I pointed out I should not be single in my 40s when matters at the upper class was to do with position, I possessed lots of equity and a woman from a wealthy background would want a husband that could handle the society abuses and the goons with ideas about who deserved a city centre job because he was a tall person – so the point where it gets to keep its media comments to its career still stands, especially in terms of his disrespectful its need to get involved with or address me pans out every time that it does, alternatively carry on and hope that we met on the matter, if it was rather certain of the way that it would stop. It has always been about the lives and property of trouble makers and the lives and property that trouble makers damage – the former lives and property would be the one that expects me to rent a space from them under a barrage of abuses that ensured I had to earn a living the way that it did when it loved to put itself in charge of matters it knew nothing about and had to tell people of the number of times he got fucked before he got rich, the latter was the one that damaged property so investors moved the neighbourhood money elsewhere, their interest in a Libra Arch Prince was not an emotive one if it was quite clear that he could multitask incredibly well, therefore likely to handle both at the same time, then play them off against each other thereafter. Eventually we find the progress made from threats that I will continue to get bullied until I fight for their civil rights which gets me responding with a sense that its stupidities should prepare to deal with somebody who thinks their society was not untouchable for all the wrong reasons, so a claims I am at odds with society, whereas it spends a lot of time hurting me, then making out it was all my fault, so it hurts me some more to the money – to which effect it is not yet clear apparently, that if it got the Politicians to listen to its feelings everyday on my account and that I think of what I did to get myself dropping out of University whilst the prevalent state of affairs suggested it was their fault, they were the better narcissists. It works like this all the time, in the USA, the government had become so reluctant to amend laws that helped to control guns because of this (in fact new forms of wickedness will emerge if the government succumbed to their will because they campaigned to secure gun control) – where it rips and tears and follows people around to buy shares in companies that worked with or employed those it wanted to push around and control, claims the UK is not a democracy whilst honour disappears if people were elected into government offices in the USA and shows up here to spread democracy as well – the original plan was to ensure that the fact they were incredibly stupid left the government with a responsibility to say they had hands and legs which needed to be put to good use but some find themselves in a position where they had to take a personal view of their need to conduct tribalistic activities that got them involved with peoples companies in the City, those who have responded ended up creating wealth and social inequality: this is the given state of affairs, the matter at hand was one of what we did in the meantime, so those of them that rip and tear at the academic pursuits so I dropped out and they passed the exams got to the top leadership positions at industry, we have not seem answers to the question yet of what they were going to do, now that they had arrived at a position where if they failed to act or did the wrong things, shareholders will get into trouble and the customers will be left to the dogs as those who could not secure supplies to run their lives might lose jobs, we have instead seen an interest in overseas bank accounts and lots of Media bullying. It was supposed to have been this innovative socialism that they were doing years back, where they would assess personality and trap people to steal secrets that helped them make the poor into rich people, it tended to tell me at a time that I had a lot of energy to play with, that a condition where I spent my life in the work environment and had everything taken from me at retirement was fitting, so we end up in this condition where Libras always tend to think about the issues that I am, being a retired dejected character made a lot of sense and despots were exciting. Here in the UK, the Labour party had started what created a sense that an entire generation was corrupted and should be purged at Parliament when they spent 8 years at 10 Downing Street, sharing the Office of the Prime Minister among themselves by routine.

There is a sense that there was no method to achieve certainty on these matters but there is, It is simply this space they have at their society right hand side where matters concerning my career and finances ought to go to vanish and they use it to distract me from absolutely everything I am doing. Eventually arriving at a point where there was so much gossiping behind my back that an atmosphere had emerged, with it, they sent out some idiots who had nothing in this world to lose, to get involved with my personal space over criminal notoriety, which churns my tummy, so they could threaten me over smell issues which has not materialised into something real to start something new for my part too. It is this sense that they needed to be seen by the world in a condition where they were real Men, applied to me with relentless and extreme narcissism whilst it actually had nothing to do with me that they felt this way, hence the first point of narcissism on my part were the things I did to get me dropping out of University, the second is the current one which is to do with sorting matters over Celebrities that overstayed their welcome in my affairs instead of running a Bookshop, considering the financial matters were pressing – it claims that my method of going about is was the weakest, more so if I also pointed out there was certainty on the matter but it profits nothing to pursue it with a sense of certainty, as per the fact that Clients would expect those they worked with to treat all their customers the same way, while these gits will if given the opportunity, ensure they invented practical jokes that people would have to fulfil to keep a job and issue threat at those they deemed to be vulnerable, so the effect of my first response over the University debacle got them complaining about those who have offended German influence, to show up here and exert their will, the next I believe will concern the way I wanted to be the one that was seen by the world as a real Man, and in a condition where their stupidities were issuing those threats. I mean it could do whatever it liked as long as it did not work publicity for my Bookshop or interfere with my Clients, instead I am here dealing with a circumstance in which being known for being the real man had an effect on my career and well being because it has been modifying public perception of me behind my back for a while – such as I worked private equity intellectual property administration with clients, my thoughts ran fast and it had a need to interfere with them and build something it could stupidly call its own with media presence or other things similar, before its twats decided I will get attacked over tummy upset issues – such as I am happy with myself but a different version of what expresses this had been built to create confusion in the minds of the public, which exposes me to a lot of distant violence, hence this business of the way I needed to ensure they stopped getting up on public media to decide what I did and how I spent my time is where we have ended up, just another matter where somebody took a look at another person then decided they wanted to get that person doing what they want. They do claim it was about power but that was also the central point – that when I appeared in public which was the best time to make the most of which part of my private body had been shown to them by rogue landlords and corrupt security industry for their fingers to play with, should I channel a sense that fooling around with my mates, doing a job and or being active should be done on their right hand side as well, we will not have to deal with Politicians listening to extensive complaints that they have made about their feelings.