On one hand they would say that I really do not know what I am doing, on the other they will say I should be worried about Brexit if I knew what others are capable of. I do not know why people keep playing these games anyway either, all I do know is that the sensation that I do not know what I am doing was created by my very self so that half the time I can get them to kill themselves and the other half of the time I can have as much fun abdicating as many responsibilities as I like without complications. It simply wouldn’t be any fun if I did not conduct my concerns in that way and my point is that the insults about whether or not I know what I am doing is usually completely pointless and not heading anywhere except arming the Media with more insults they can push in my direction as abusively as possible and yet if we are  recollecting properly we will find it is the insults of the Media and the frequency of tit and quantity of it every day which equips me with the means to ensure people think I have not a foggiest clue what I am doing. I do not think the matter is a problem as such I really cannot understand why people think I should be scared of brexit anyway; the reality is still that 9 years after the economic crisis people are still turning up to rip apart my book sales in order to support industry idiots that took money from the global economy which they first of all did not work for and then also cannot actually tell how they made as it were and now have become convinced they will kill me by some stress based disease all together and grab my public life and public image for a sensation of convenience that will allow them to deploy the money to create a lifestyle of their choosing and this is  reality that abusive and insulting journalists find ever so difficult to grasp. We are not talking about Political leadership either; in terms of that what the Politicians have done is get into league with business people who want to have more money than they already have and since the right way is to offer people products that people  actually need and they have no plans to get near anything that looks like work, the Politicians are now happy to rip apart people’s lives and property to allow them do whatever they like while being able to secure a nice little earner that gives them a tidy sum they can add to their salaries. The Labour Party in particular takes that Blairite nonsense way too physically for its own good and is filling my cup on their case really quickly of recent and I am staring to nurse ideas about having them on one corner and me on the other while they tell me what to do as it were. They do like to brag about a plan to ensure it is my life they have chosen to deploy as a means for solving their problems and it goes together with the plans their Politicians have too, where there was a time it was easy to tell business people to go back to drawing boards and make their profits, leave government operatives who also do now want to lose their jobs alone; this was the one decisions people did not make because it was not powerful, the one they will is therefore the bit where they will select people that will be sacrificed so that wealth can be generated for people and businesses can make profits they are unable to count and account for in order to make everybody happy and I say they can have mine for it too as it were – they can have it and will have it, somewhere in hell. It’s all like that story of how things happen and exist as matter of those who have status which I have no idea why they bring up at all but do know that it is because the French and Germans work so much Industry orientated Boys gangs and girls gangs who cannot keep their insults to themselves or explain how indeed empirically violence became a profitable thing; whose influence around the world Obama wants to do something about no matter the number of Americans that get killed, if he can get guns off Americans instead, which is understandable but actually solves the problem. The status does not do anything for me or anybody, in fact it just decides how I work with Politicians and Diplomats and unlike other people at the Monarchy where the third item is charity and mine is Journalists and celebrities, with whom I do not have a life at the Moment nor does my Court nor do I have a life with my Court on account people are showing me religion is shit and I am unable to make Royal work profitable while the main issue was status all together – even so it is what you actually programme into the status which facilitates the resources and means by which you work with Politicians and Diplomats and a third party. However I do have a theory for the status issue i.e. if I did streamline relations with my Court, knowing the world will blame them if their children got better off than I am with my Royal property when we have had that agreement that we share an existence with each other and that my condition is a matter of my short coming – what we happen is that I will get regular updates on progress they are making and then will be able to secure viable success concerning my Book sales and then that will be a condition in which all crap that get on Media to speak of status, get a real job because I will cease to be so available to them and my point being that I still cannot understand how they bring it up. Knowing that the only thing that allows it are the preparations I made for any contingencies which meant that exposing myself and my wealth and privileges to them will lead to credible danger. It is  actually a delusion to think I should have been afraid of Brexit – that said, I had already made preparations for Politicians I wish to work with on the European influenced and funded Boys gangs and Girls Gang epidemic that also encourages EU Politicians to think the fact  they are modern can easily mean the British will stop being British which then becomes a good idea to put to the test and do so ever so incessantly as though keeping insult where people appreciated them, the goons can actually show us all how violence became a profitable thing but that said I have made myself clear about wanting to end every means by which I facilitate or fund their behaviour, especially that which is a product of taking advantage of me while I was concerned with crime and violence on the global stage, about which my reaction has now led to this process where their iron clad argument is that I have taken their dignity,  which is utter nonsense – I do not want to see them move anywhere near my right hand and every provocation will make it impossible for them to move into their own as well in my wake and then an achievement will be a process of getting on Media to factorise me in a way that suggest others can wear all I have accomplished like a shirt and from there can chose to be or have something even better if they wanted. What I have planned to do stays the same therefore i.e. boys gangs and girls gangs in schools and universities and the Royal Friends at the British Monarchy they have, which will be a condition I have chosen to do absolutely nothing about and with that they will mobilise further into the ones that have Politicians friends as well and then at some point I will play it out in such a way that both will burn each other and any that crosses me will be show shocking force as well. At  this point of which it should be noted that people have actually stopped going off to sell products especially where there is a lot of copying of success like in Africa and South America, if they can put products up somewhere and set about selling my Intellectual property instead. Talk now there is naturally of the UK not joining the single market in the EU because it is not free, whereas it has been impossible for London to attract Financiers and Persons of reputable behaviour beyond as much as it did before the Global Economic crisis of 2007 on account of the extremely violent nature of single market needs - so we simply have to accept that such nonsense has to be placed firmly where stupid insulting German Modernism belongs as ever; its all much the same as every lower class idiot wanting to decide what becomes of me and loves to get young people to attack me so they might - of which whatever they decide will not have made such young people members of my class and therefore would never be right unless injustice was decided in my favour and whatever those who decide do will never have been right since we are not mates and I will not be prepared to tolerate much nonsense from them about how good looking they are but most people never see their gay stupidity; as I mentioned before of which I have had enough of it and there will be even more trouble if I see their stupidities move into my right hand as equally as they are not going anywhere near theirs as long as the threats remain; I find my position amusing too for good measure thereof.