They do claim I am a classic loser which is utter nonsense as the world they lived in is one where I wrote a Book in such a condition as the idea they were entitled to everything they saw was not a factor, so it needs to stop putting me through social hell since I now need to sell the Books and none of their abusive gimmicks would change the Book that was written and how I had to sell it, only a process of doing unusual things to each other, so they kept their abuses where people apricated it would make sense. We see this nonsense everywhere, like when I go off to pick up my groceries and they were all over the place with ideas on what I am supposed to do for them whilst being abusive about it all. The Politicians have mentioned that on second look, my career was perfectly fine but it actually is as the people who got involved were simply looking for the equities I set out as a guiding point to engage with what is the best and more secure investments that they can find, I therefore had to create a working eco system, but had since ended up with a narcissism media and a gimmick where I got stuck with the wrong publicity for my work and my products because a bunch of idiots were having fun – the bigger than me types will not allow me to feel rest assured that they were engaged with criminal activity because then I would mitigate it and cease looking like I was vulnerable to instances where their society gimmick would imitate criminals by breaking down my door one day as part of a process of simply causing me a lot of hassle, the criminals would never allow me to smell nice as it was clear I had to be degraded to a point of being a snitch, currently however they did not fancy it so much as each time I snitched, I was stuffing them with information they carried about like PR I did not need to fund.

I am told they never stopped boasting about having gotten the better of me which I understand completely but it is utter nonsense, they are simply a bunch of people who were unbearably stupid, and I had this difficult task of resisting the business of behaving towards them in such a way as showed that they were. It is a simple reality in which my Books were written in a condition where factorising their need to be entitled to everything they saw abusively, was not an issue considered, so bigger than I am had a need to ensure that I was never rest assured people were engaged with crime in the locality and the criminals were then able to ensure I was never allowed to smell nice, will have to spend its time doing what it wants to do, whilst leaving me to do what I want to do or we will end up doing unusual things to each other to get by. They do say that it was my authority on the line ultimately and it is not, as I cannot build executive leadership on a lie, if they started an original provocation like the University fiasco I suffered which all ended in catastrophe for me in 2008 and there has been no incentive at their jobs encouraging them to keep up that fiasco till date 2024, running it at me every day – if they started it, they started it, should I respond in a year, in a decade and a half, in two decades and a half, if they started it, they started it regardless of how long their civil rights had looked a certain way, or I will be the person starting the conflicts. Other types of original provocation would be one in which they complained about people who showed up to say I spent x amount of time in the work force and have made enough money to dominate you for money but have built me a 2 decade career and financial mess because I stood up to such people, another type will be the one where they run me down all the time until they were able to factorise my career as a matter of some people being bigger than I am and others being smaller than I am which is incredibly annoying, so an instance where I get to show that I am in charge and they are not, like I built the former an environment for them to have their fill of the abusive popularity, is to say that I had created them another circumstances where like I had to get by through fate because I owned a career, they had to get on by talking and if they did not, I would talk for them. there is the point about the racism as per the way it would take advantage of a process where I protected my authority by saying that when they started it they started it and nothing ought to change about that for executive leadership, the racism part will be the part I mentioned earlier on, the part where the boast about putting me through hell – none could tell what the problem Celebrities had with an upper hand I built up against people who were incentivised by crime and took an unusual interest in my personal with it – it seemed the problem was that they too had become important people, which is incredibly amusing, especially as it was the case that as much as the racists enjoyed taunting me and getting away with it, the racists also enjoyed taunting them too.

They do suggest it was getting worse and worse for me at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as what happens there is more a matter of myths and legends – myth and legend in this case being that the Monarchy was a cluster of upper classes who spent their time thinking about how they wanted to take everything for themselves and run everybody else to the ground, reality is more like what I am having to deal with, a 6 year campaign of abuse by opportunistic idiots who had history of complaining that others took more risks with personal safety and people died as a consequence of handling my affairs, about which Politicians needed to listen to their feelings about my existence and eliminate such a threat, performing all kinds of unusual activity at the Monarchy but being completely convinced they were entitled to be absolved of all of the consequences of those activities – we have now arrived at the very top end of it where they never stopped thrusting my career at the King whilst it was clear His Majesty did not require my work in terms of his leadership style – the kind of consequences being considered were such that if in the worst case situation, we had a self-destructive King who surrounded himself with criminals and wrong doers, I on being selected as the person they would abuse onto a stage where I got to face the consequences of their unusual activities at the Monarchy, would have been the character who was sacrificed to get the King out of it thereby making the Country worse off, continued to show up here with gimmicks that allowed its stupidities convey ideas about its social class at me, lip flapping about ways that I planned to secure myself a position beyond what my social class really was and cannot be seen keeping its stupid hands to itself, looking like a bunch of absolute scum who really should end up in a situation where somebody put them in their place painfully, with a need to handle me every day. There is as a consequence the concern that I am not in control of my own affairs which I am – a matter where there were people with professional jobs with respect to public ills for instance and all I had was duty, so I had to take into account my parameters and pursue the objectives of getting done what is expected of me, so if the Head of State ran a leadership programme so different from the way I worked, that the way I worked was not found to be useful to leadership vision, I have no idea why I have been subjected to this six year ordeal unless I were to interpret it as an instance where a group of entitled pricks cannot keep their hands to themselves so far. Eventually coming round to say that it was about getting me to serve Americans, which is only likely to develop into a method of Royal PR, where I got to set out my affairs as a comparison to any part of my business that involved what Celebrities thought of me – so far the main one was a convenient alliance with criminals whereby they enlisted some rogue landlords to share the shape of my penis and bum with hoodlums and criminals, what they did with it via their imagination and a narcissism media becoming the answer to all problems, especially the fact they were such a bunch of evil-evil scum that they were able to create obscurity from an excessive exposure to the limelight and then decided who was to blame for it too – it is not so say that I have been able to make sense of the way that a need to get involved with security services and do favours in order to handle me, as will cause the system to look away, having built up to this, was something that I am able to understand, it simply continues to reiterate that people had died on my account naturally. Some people have raised the point that the King did actually find my work useful but this was inevitable, that I was working with the system and the Head of state found my work useful, however His Majesty does not find it useful like his Mother did, as per when the Queen thought the ways by which I got a lip on the violent society orthodoxy in order to help control crime was something to be proud of, now if I controlled crime in this way, I would be doing it for my Trust and Office and the Head of State would make use of it where needed – it seems that the Celebrities will have to quiet it down in my case or I will end up being the one to quiet it down for them, history being that they have built a whole National level crisis from trashing my public control methods and processes, even whilst I am not the person complaining about the fact they had come to an infinite wisdom that informed them it was a worthy cause of action.

They do claim I am still unable to get out of a difficult situation in which I found myself, about which others had to bail me out every day – I could never tell what this difficult situation was but the disruption to my career and finances that this comment achieves, especially when made on their foolish media is immense; what I am aware of is that we are in this situation because they used the narcissism media to make up their own version of meaning for what I did, otherwise I do not remember ever doing anything I did not want to do and the insults being peddled in my direction as per when a group of idiots thought I ought to do something they had means to make me do it, isn’t something their stupidities have once ever been able to achieve in their lives, they do not actually have a history to call upon whilst we also know they were unable to keep their big mouths shut. The question was one of how we ended up in this situation, how they ended up requiring mine to cover their backsides and avoid consequences of their personal decisions, how they ended up living in a world where they were suffering obscurity due to an excessive exposure to the limelight – the complaint that we find the idiots table instead is that there was too much of me, that I am everywhere, what we know to be true being the moral of the story, that whether or not I looked the part, their stupidities should not be doing it, their stupidities should not decide I looked weedy and that they needed to do favours at security services or develop a convenient alliance with criminals to work a narcissism media on me, for the purpose of deciding my career was to big for me and should be the reserve of a more worthy person, building societies that got imagination into my panties for it all day, that whether or not I looked the part of being a weedy character, they should not look the part of idiots who felt like bullying me every moment and arrived at a stage where they were so important their feelings should not be denied them – in any case of which I do not look weedy at all, simply a business of being involved with some aspects of what is done to merge field operatives with civilian environments in order to tackle public threats, which the scumbags picked up alongside their German and Italian influence pricks, to make out I am such a coward I did not deserve my career, to start the gimmicks which they were now complaining about – it was fun when it was, to hang about ripping up my career and finances by means of an alliance with a stupid society that thought my personal career successes were offensive (abuse is good, work is bad, I did warn them that my tolerance for it will end if it were again repeated over an involvement with the work market on my part, this warning was not heeded, it is now complaining about an escalation in the way that when I had to tolerate racists ridiculing me and getting away with it, they had to tolerate some of it too and when I had to tolerate crowds on my doorstep ethnic minority dark violence, they had to tolerate it too, issuing threats). Their story is that I am a low life with a need to get involved with the business of important persons, whilst reality is that it cannot tell the difference between privilege and stealing and I am losing the little I have to the fact what it had was so good for its stupidities - no idea who is being referred to as the low life in any case but we know it is always being abusive and the abuses were inescapable.