Although the matters and Securities I mention here are of grave consequence and purpose, it is my intention that it be viewed as something which I do as a days work i.e. that I am always being abused by trouble makers that wish to build up new powers for the devil and wickedness on media using my position is completely meaningless as everything I say are a factor of the fact that a process where they always feel as though they want to cause me pain and suffering is completely understood, so how I feel must be expressed to make an open show of the fact I am supposed to cry out in utter suffering muttering facts about how I have no idea how they are doing it to me but instead mostly tend  to produce facts about exactly how they are doing it, hence rather mostly, most of my time mention how they do it. So the State of Affairs really is a show off on my part. I am tired and fed up of being rounded up by them so that they can make their stupid perceptions into things that are financially operable, hence the notion when people have jobs and spend some of the money on popular culture it should be explained up as my work or indeed the National economy so they can make profit from it instead of buy their Popular culture nonsense and stay as far away from what I own as possible – it is not unusual for people to expect others to be displeased when they handle their property and that is certainly not what I am thinking about either; I always say it will have no purpose if on the global stage it has no meaning but it seems that we will settle it man to man instead one of these days and that stupid media will be at the heart of that too, so I bet when the fight starts they will expect that the job involved will not and should not get done because of the deceptions of their gangs, drugs and crime disobedience, that transcends every aspect of their stupid lives they feel like exasperating me with for what appears to be every single second, as though I have ever once made a statement which suggests they are famous or that I think that they are. It started out with that rubbish about the matter of things others can do which will not be held against them if they could not do and soon progressed to messing up that stupid lives of theirs with all kinds of deviance and crime and in the process my finances too because their Politicians are part of it as well and now what seems to be the most important thing in their lives is acquiring everything I do to recover and making sure I do not have any and when asked yap off rubbish about how dangerous they are and rubbish about how I play around with them when I have been warned they normally want trophy victories out of people, when they are the ones handling my books because it is too desirable to buy a copy of their own, along with their American idiots; so course the main issue is still that of the fact what I tell them I do not like done to me and or my property is their major preoccupation and as normal think of the media as something with which to talk through to me for their means as well. We Christians Believe that Christ is the Saviour of the World, so although it is the same teachings of the Same Christ that implores us not to take vegeance on people and to forgive all who hurt us, the reality should be set out that He gets the glory for what he has done and no body or view or opinion or person or state of affairs has the right to take that away.
So am I aware to what extent Parents set their Children out, some even spoiling them if they have means to and dedicate them to me and to what extend it is assumed I am not interested in high society when I have not mentioned that such things are rampant and widespread.
I. Uno I


 So they say the ones I could never stand up to is the republicans and it is utter nonsense too; the republicans are the ones that ruined their lives listening to and praising every goon that told them jobs and careers mattered when they were really interested in fame and fortune popular culture in the end anyway; so now are out to get others who did not ruin their own lives in the same way by wanting to be the Boss every time and over everything including the Country. They have always assumed we have not been watching while they were busy with this behaviour and the females especially like to claim I am in pain but am looking for more trouble which I am not; every pain I am in has been created by me and not by them, it is not that I cannot take their own at any time, it’s just that Politicians have consistently loved to spend tax payer funds to rip up my earnings and hold me down for them to wee on, so I have to respect them for the Politicians who then complain about hurting bottoms because they assume that has become my problem too. When I say it, they will claim I have now exposed myself to Politics people which tends to set out the sense that the disobedience can never stop giving but there is no such thing – Politics people are out there getting jobs because when they don’t have money I will die for being Royalty which they are not and if I see their stupid culture and society around me I will always cut it to pieces as well; the killing bit of which they will like that with a big mouth only. It’s the old story behind when I use tricks but they know they can kick my arse; because of course it is one thing causing others such distress to link a process of deciding to work on people instead of jobs in order to make money, to conditions that make wealth creation possible and when they had made the money we see them return with it to make contact with me seeking dominance and this is where it starts, they want a piece of me and they get it every time on that stupid Media. In the end it is the Politicians taking further the process of holding me down for them to wee on, to a stage where my finances are damaged while there is public funds provided them to start off life with, which means that when they have cars and drive by me on the roads playing out their fantasy of fingering my bum to the fullest, it will have meant they are never wrong no matter what, when we know they are completely useless and their side of Middle classes with it all together. It’s all very well taking advantage of the fact it is obscene to say people that are older than me are stupid and that it is all very well for all things to be excused by the fact people are trying to correct the ugly sides of their existence but an example is the fact I was meant to work with the American Administration today but the phenomenon that is my Books have become the main point of call on media, interfering with everything else because people are trying to break me down and use me and control me as violently as they possibly can, considering there is a demeanour around me that says I am a little child when in actual fact I am a 36 year old man who uses tricks when they know they can kick his arse, considering this demeanour is actually what being a Christian does to you as it were all together and then claim there is so much hate in me when there is none whatsoever. Its always cannot beat a sausage story playing these games where all I hear is community croons booing and laughing and abusing and it all comes to a point where the left hand side gestures as it were, the personal diaries are full and they have to violent gossips pay a price for stopping it; looking like tired Prince all the time when I am actually not. 

I understand the concern I got myself entangled with Celebrities and now am unable to settle it, which is actually not true; what is true is that I need to stay in control of what is happening in my World of Security and Mystery and Adventure with people spending their own good money to facilitate entertainment - the block busters that pay these celebrities the Millions which allow them to get about claiming other peoples public lives for themselves runs for weeks only but TV series is a typical example of the contention there is to deal with, since it actually runs for Months until it gets to the end of a social and cultural problem and gets back again - so there is usually one very savage but effective solution to controlling Celebrity vandalism and then there will be involvement and endless questions as per whether I am the one that was going to do that their thing for them all of the time.


I am said to be of two main habits and one is to make up things I have never done or had, then get into a behaviour of making other people uncomfortable, the other is to mess around and complain when people mess around with me too; both really have no place in the real world, as we are rather aware that in terms of the first case, making up things are meant to be a sign that I am unable to please everybody and that said, since it is a given, there are parts that are real, such as when people get hurt if I did nothing and when it is never quiet enough for me to sell Books to people around here forever. In the case of the latter if they are complaining about being screwed around with; what happens is that they read previews of my Books, think it has reached them but is dissatisfactory, decide I am a stupid author that should have written a Book they could get free of charge, start a mini war that leaves me with a back breaking work that pays nothing, associated with the sense they plan to steal the Books and share with the world to grab my Literary Empire market or I am going to make a lot of money from it and therefore need to work even harder as stupidly as possible – so we find its progress from the process where I broker equities with Companies and when I build a website for the Trust in my care to facilitate statements I need to make for my position during production and trading processes and label myself the resident CEO, there is a mini war because even their small neighbourhood businesses deserves to be me better than I do and has more money than I have like a question of whether human beings could become any stupider than what we have already experienced and it can never keep its foolish hands to itself while it complains about being messed around with as well. So I am rather looking forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to just read Books and they can tell me it will never happen when I have warned them about a state of mind here that has begun to conclude that the mentality they have at the trading systems and stock markets and global markets is a threat to my health and safety and well being, such that their foolish fashionista and sugar babies are really going to have to keep their distance pretty soon as well for my part in the matter all together – so I am looking forward to a time when it will be quiet enough for people to read Books around here. 

I am told that I most of what I am uncomfortable about are what people who have the courage to get involved with National service which I do not have do – makes no sense whatsoever if we know that service living and civilian living are two separate things and that if their stupidities wanted somebody to build a literary empire, then give it up to deploy his intelligence for the purpose of telling them how to get rich and then get involved with National service thereafter, what the exercise so far has shown is that they could not live with what it takes for somebody to do that themselves all together. so we always tend to see them show up all over the processes that National service operates by – the part where it was school and there was this shortlist for people who were going to meet the local Politicians and you did not get in, the loss, the denial of prestige, the one opportunity that would have defined you like the theatres and television have defined those who showed, then inadequacy, the wishes and the need to find another competition to enlist for – we see them all over it because they think it will give them an edge over others in the pranks for getting rich quick, while at the same time Public service was bad, especially those who have facilitated the business of service operatives hurting people and so on. Always blabbing as if it will not be a service operative that they will fancy all the time when I currently look like a gift to the enemy for getting involved with anything and of course am very well aware villains always think the bottom chasing bits are freedom while Heroes always think that those who have less resources should not be asked to tackle those who have more, even if those who have less may have had some form of tactical advantage.

I am told it was great for me getting involved with media and betraying them which rather works the other way around as they got involved with me for the benefits of involvement corruption – so we find that they appear to set in stone the ideas about picking off individuals they claim have physical appearances of people that should be doing violent jobs at National security and then from that make deals with Politicians like we were in a meat market to secure for themselves those who should get involved with gangs and crime to build them the sorts of local community atmospheres that have made those who work on Media look important in the past, but for their own specific needs this time and so when they set out a person for such purposes and claim their physical appearance is one of people who should be famous and or rich at Industry, the whole career exists in a condition where damage to get a response and taking notes of trade secrets from that response becomes some sort of rights that incredibly stupid male journalists think they have by law. So I am the one ending up with the damaged academic work and the idea that I think that although racism exists there is no real racism obviously, while they have not yet shared the salary that gets to their heads for the fun they have as if they qualified in bullying at the Universities – this is why I have done what I have done to them so far chief of which is the business of making sure the only news they can put their names to, is one that concerns the problems of the same local communities they make a mess of, as the big news is rather generic and means that all media outlets usually report the same things, leaving me ample opportunity to make a mess of their lives which I can take or refuse to take as well for my part. So, I do get told that I need to do something about it and stop letting it fly and I am not letting it fly because it’s a cynical move, its because I can do what I want with it when I want i.e. there will always be persons in the work place who prefer some culture power, or secret society power etc as the means to make money instead of work that they are supposed to do and if it bothers me too much and I had decided there has to be a way of sharing an Office space with them, irrespective of how much evil their societies can do, then it is what I had decided. We have seen already how this nonsense plays out with what Liberal America has been doing with me for example – make a mess of security processes that meant something to them, get in league with gangs and criminals and show up here to goad me into a fight while stifling my earnings, find my Books useful and build me a history of insults that makes their liberalist violence very profitable; recently we heard the wealthiest Company the world having overtaken Apple is a Saudi owned Financial services Company at the precise time that we are starting to see vibes from the Middle East suggesting they want to return to their main ally which is the Russians – Liberal America always wins its battles obviously and when we throw in the bits about these fools sitting about dreaming of people beating up or killing women to make them happy real men, for me it does go beyond seeing my canopy pillaged to allow them build what I should have built to facilitate real decent men enjoying what life had to offer somewhere in the Middle East, the idiots apparently have done so much and are very superior to me for it thereof. So I will likely get told that the West is ending up with weaker and weaker security systems and that my inability to look after myself on the internet and the real world is testament to that but its an example when it is done claiming I have a body type that can save it from bullying that makes it smell and should be getting into a fight with very violent and bad people, this is what it does for me as well – so we can see that should I describe them as a cracked up out of my league characters, there is possibility it might end up being a process that has been put to armament and then the clowning around will happen at a lesser rate I suppose. The Media goons on the other hand beat the imagination all the time but even so, if I got off paying full attention to their madness, I would think of it as activities associated with somebody putting a name to their faces and spending time at work making sure their prime interest is suits they wear and roads that lead out of my home to give me access to the world, so they get to make me smell like my loo when I step outside of my door but if I started to tackle them each time they wore those suits to show up on my television and practice the bullying that community of goons with ideas about what to do to me may identify with however, I will become the same things that they are in the sense that should I have attacked them, if would have been the only times their families were aware of what I had to put up with each time they attended the jobs that got to their heads and it might hit completely innocent people very hard. That said, I am not completely incapable of handling it as one of the most stupid things on this planet is the sort of nonsense, we see these idiots exhibit in the sense that when the pick up their portfolio to seek opportunities in the City, they need Assets that belong to another person and spend most of their foolish time expressing Public support for local juveniles. As for the idea British people scout the world getting involved with Industry issues that do not involve them while all these are going on never the less, its probably worth pointing out that people in the UK want to and expect to trade successfully with some parts of the world and when they are looking, are usually in direct search for environments where they can support young fledgling Democracies full of people who are Happy for their future and have been running support International awareness Campaign systems for it such as the evils of sexual violence and more so as a weapon of war among many others - those who complain about it have rather had trouble sticking with their own interests hence have been picking up business Men everywhere - sometimes we may come across cases where it is advisable to keep out when Muslims and Racists are fighting each other, as it is a two groups of people who never listen and never understand and give consideration to none.


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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
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Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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