There is no competition between myself and what fanatics of some Politicians want to do on account I do not have a sense of a second chance for when the US president makes mistakes or does not know things and now they have got a condition where there are things the British MP does not know as well. The issue with the US President is that he likes to handle my books and book sales along with his political idiots on grounds that he wants me to look forward to expectations that he will fulfil and so anything that ensures I am not so keen is a threat – things like a job, a business or an income and it is something they have going on rife in the US, where people sleep on the streets with their families just because they are Christians, he therefore is of the opinion that he can do it to just about anybody if he has enough excuses for it such as the existence of slave trade and the existence of the British Royal family but it is clearly not enough as it were for me either.

The fact of course is that people are already poor, they are always expecting something and bearing in mind the right way to correct the problem of a recession, I a writer found myself in a place where I could sell them some services; now they liked the products and we all know such a fact is all over public television everyday and so I stocked the products and somebody feels that it is more important that people end up as a criminals so he can have professionalism that he does not really have, or people will have to be homeless by unleashing his fame freak popular culture idiots on everything that earn money and some market attention on it, so that they might look to him for expectations and the reason for all that really expensive vandalism and destruction for my business is of course that he is completely confident that he is beyond and above and protected from retribution on account he resides in the White House and tells his stupid girls and women they can get on public media and jump on my chest to tell me what to do for professional insults in order to sell their wares and get rich quick if they want, with assurances it will not amount to an accountable provocation of course if he is powerful enough as it were - all because they have secrete societies that have never once obviously bascially, aided in, helped with or directed in a process of providing an income for anybody, that they use for oppression which again they think they will and can deploy on absolutely everybody as well.