I am said to be an example of how the British usually have a thing for tackling people that are just trying to get by. The truth of it is that these are socially corrupt people and these activities are designed to ensure they made money without doing any work and is fundamentally based on being able to wrap a chosen victim round their finger speaking in the common way. The big problem with it is that nothing done for self-protection from it is ever enough on account that Politicians had decided they were nice people who only just needed money at other peoples expense; an example of how they make laws to decide the Church is to marry Homosexuals when they have never set foot in Church for instance, an example of how they make sense of the nasty behaviour we see them exhibit in public kicking people in the teeth when they think people are already down, an example of the sort of things they believe when done adds up to the fun that makes a community of people within their range of personal and financial success enjoy their lives better, an example of fun at other peoples expense that they found amusing and specifically with respect to me, they say it’s a matter of being in charge while we all know if I felt threatened and acted, it would have ended up in a case of the force behind me that selects which legislation to consider with a sense of importance while sending back to them the public problems that have emerged from the ones made at disposition which have nothing to do with Government, is greater than the one that facilitates the fun they cannot stop having at my expense. The first time it became an issue, they loved to stand up somewhere and claim I have taken a personality that rightfully belonged to them on account they made laws that affected the lives of criminals and I responded by making sure culture and society trouble makers knew how their jobs worked and did not need to commit crimes and end up in a law court to listen to proceedings in order to learn how the law works, when they could go to parliament and get friendly with Politicians. So the theory is that I would not defend myself this time yet again, while we know a fight with Politicians even when you know they are not responsible for your problems can be the answer for everything and that I could always start my own self built publicity for them that involves setting them out as detached from government office and being a group of goons that got elected some time earlier, which is very dangerous. I for my part am usually asked what the tension with people is about and there is no tension; the main source of tension comes from the activities of men and the activities of people who work on media – the media ones will take up a situation where society goons no matter how abusive can only get as famous as where their local councils are located and then with their dream media jobs, turn it into something that lets them claim they had placed other peoples lives and careers in the hands of Celebrity and media where it can no longer be recovered – then when pointed out some media twerps will have been offended on account they were very important, while so, we have never really gotten an explanation as per why the idiots do it. The men simply decide what I do with myself adds up to an environment where there is love and care, so everything hate that stops them from getting rich needs to end up there and the results are things they will sell on and make personal wealth building connections by – then we see them get off regularly to set out statements that suggest they have done it before, have been aware of consequences including depression and appetite loss but did not think the consequences will affect them in my case because they were so far more important I am, as stupidly as possible. It eventually gives way to this question about the issue of Men but this was always an old case of the fact I will never get along with the Men until such a time as they had decided they wished to get the finances they made a mess of looking like something that did not require mercy from their stupid selves; this is the state of affairs that applied during the botched academic work and its still the same applicable as they show up all over my Books to make a mess – they claim I encourage women to do bad things but have never supplied a checklist for it.

There is now this question of me being completely detached from what people want, which I thought was happening the other way around i.e. people expect me to get off a Hermitage and make an exhibition of myself if I want others to read my Books and its wholly because these goons have spent time wrecking peoples lives to run away with the public image gained as a tool for getting rich and now think they have money that will ensure that they were able to wade the angry people they have created to get back home. The assumption then being that I am likely to sit around in a hermitage thinking that the world is full of moral people who are just getting around their daily concerns, while the reverse is the case. As for what they want from me, I have no idea what they want; all I know is that they show up here to waste my time deploying my equities without buying the Books to find out how it works and then hang around somewhere showing they had a feeling they were superior to me and have gotten conformation of that, such that if I did anything unusual about how they rip up my property, set about making sure all ill activity ends up around it while what they have found was being sold on as a means by which those who have money will enjoy the finer things in life, in their names, they will simply walk away with what they have taken – so there are a few obstacles to this, namely that the process involved familiarising with the Queen to establish this sense of being superior to me on account for their money and then deploying my Royal temperament colours that is used to communicate as a tool for getting rich, somewhere around the realities about how the State makes the decision to punish people for wrong doing and how it gets messy like Nazism when people knew that they would not be made to pay for their crimes and were simply spending most of their time showing everybody else that they realised this was the case, which is work I have to do at this Office and require their stupidities to allow me some personal space for – thus I have no idea what they want from me thereof, while it was rather obvious what they had to do if they wished to enjoy the stupid freedom of theirs all together in the first place. I am only certain of the fact they wish to extend this mess they make as a tool for making sure I cannot get rid of them for these practical jokes and cannot keep Clients who actually want to broker the equities and cannot just get on selling my Books to the general Public, they have over time invented stories to tell about censorship and some need to ban the Books while I have gone from being told that having developed it around ideologies that should not be explored, it helps people cope with their heart disease but since their involvement, cannot tell if the Books are causing the heart diseases all together, as stupidly as they possibly can, their insults and narcissism set to be profitable in every way imaginable for all the wrong reasons.

It is usually important for reasonable people to see when they ask these questions, that it’s a matter f a group of people who randomly run around Public places seeking out persons they can handle and trap and cause onto solving their personal problems and they are always so lazy it is more important to preserve the self and savage your body in order to try and make fame and fortune than to get a job and keep it or do anything that remotely looks like an effort towards achieving their aims; they are not getting an exit off me, no matter how violent or how many conspiracies they operate with and I want them to solve their problems for each occasion in which they have invited or allowed themselves into my concerns, especially when from the black race that is responsible for most of the free wanton access of my person and work putting labels on me for the purpose all day long despite being aware over some 18 year period at least, that I have my own friends and want nothing to do with them, showing up here endlessly to feel entitled, issuing those stupid threats and most especially when they are  American.