The story of women and sexual abuse is never really the way it has ever been presented in public media of course: the way it works in developing economies is that the men belong in secret societies and so do the women and they all know each and know they belong in those secret societies and keep out of each other’s territory – so it is never clear why some woman in a secret society will go off alone to a place where a lot of men from a secret society are gathering during a mass protest against the system of government itself and because the atmosphere gets tense on account they are eyeing her and trying to push her out she stirs their stuff and hopes that an innocent girl gets sexually assaulted or worse while she is to get after men like me who have a personal life and a sexual life and a Royal life and a Public life that would be better for their greater good if confiscated – so she ends up having her cloths ripped off and she gets sexually assaulted and so far it has not changed her plans either. I did mention yesterday they will wreck my finances and book sales and brag again and this time it is about their sense that they can handle my work and leadership and personal life and possessions and make use of them at will. Their white friends obviously want to deal with more racism which is why they love to play those stupid games and mess up my finances for them as well. I dont think that it is a serious matter on the whole besides the fact it is what we will be dealing with today over the matter of wrecking my book sales and getting off to brag all over the place: it’s just that people have a flawed sense of who I really am and so we hear the story of how I mess with football people and nobody knows what my problem with them is when everybody knows what they do is wreck mine and boast and talk even more rubbish when it is their foolish wags doing so instead – I mean the fact you know somebody does not mean you can stick a product in the property equity of his company or get involved with another company and stand up on his property equity because that company leaves it and refuses to handle it because it is not their own, to make stupid destructive statement that eventually lead to physical violence about whom you can beat up and needs to get through life being scared of you, that stupid girls can run with as well, knowing somebody does not mean you can damage their property equity then does it? It is the same old case of people understating the reality of the Monarchy being the Monarchy and a certain 30 year old Arch Prince getting off to his own private and personal business on his Royal Estate and Literary empire at diplomatic circles that foolish men playing their games of man will beat up because he is a young person and they show no respect for his aides or allies and any of his possessions or business to that effect alongside stupid girls that want fame and fortune by extracting a living from his earnings with popular culture as insolently as they want to be able to. So they are all looking much better off for it at this point and things are not improving at all either, especially over the fact when I set out equity property and security for my fans and friends they can deploy it as well and need those insulting arguments about physical attributes I share with them which means comparisons and insults and domination from them are all possible and have become the order of affairs too. I hear they say it becomes more and more impossible to crack me especially for Tories but it is never actually clear what they hope to crack anyway – like the old case of putting myself in too much risks of violence about which nobody I am aware is controlling me from media and parliament in the first place but we hear nonsense like that all the time rather than the one about royals whose children have chosen the racism path about which they express their betrayal after all that Nazism did and all the things that happened in Europe to pave the way for them to: so for the Tories the problem it seems is that I find it impossible to have regrets for not having an ego to go with my royal commission so that I might look the part which goes really well with the claim companies want to see me buy products not play around with equities, about which we already have a history and they will no longer be able to handle my possessions and use them to hurt me as far as I am concerned and so do they know the only way to secure purchase of products from me is to get off my book sales and market I have built for that and of course realise the fact that there are others who broker with me without problems means there is the question of what the hell they are doing around here that needs to be answered. They say I cannot keep promises I make to Tories of course and it is utter rubbish since all that occurred were parameters I set out which they feel they would have loved to work with me on and that is some of them to be exact and so when people can see that they cannot trade with somebody because their behaviour at trading and dealing damages their Royal renaissance which really annoys them and puts them into a fit, why can’t they simply stay away from the person rather than turn up to seek out something that keeps him awake to torture him with on the basis of what he has not done and how they want to be rich and how it will work well as an offering of power to bigots if they were asked to attack him. It’s the same old story of how they always get whatever they see in their view and can peddle anybody’s civilisation which they will in the end rather than get around their Politics as normal, so it is not clear what the complains are about.

The part about getting into trouble beats me all the time, I mean it has always been entirely avoidable i.e. when people stay off my book sales and finances they will not have to see somebody that winds them up which they think they are being forced to put up with but that is clearly not half of what they want to do anyway, they would rather speak of a process where they want to be important as if I do not notice them make all that noise in parliament and seek out a process of power they can extricate from what HM has given me to do and it is much the same issue with the case of my finances, they love it in that silly parliament when people are made to appear to have won some battles and lost some that have broken their hearts because it means that those losses can then amount to a point where people can pillage their lives to extricate trappings of power no matter how low and useless and destabilising such silly power may have been and now I am getting into trouble when nobody hears them complain when they damage mine first and turn out in parliament to brag which course is what we are dealing with today as something else is bound to be the bone of contention over my books tomorrow as well anyway. These fools are convinced nobody notices that they sit around in parliament and do nothing but wreck my finances and go overseas to bring twisted black idiots into this country to get around my concerns playing a game of freedom, capitalism and prejudice, so that time after time on a daily basis there is always a point where I am weak to be pillaged by them as a community and each occasion means they sit down in parliament and feel powerful and popular. So this story of getting into trouble is never really clear either since all these things are completely unnecessary and they would have avoided anything I may do to annoy them by staying off my finances and letting me have that holiday I have worked for – it’s a no can do obviously because they want power and me getting into trouble with that big mouth is how the idiots are going to help their case. They even say it happens because I mess with civil service work and Government departments but of course I have been getting into trouble for 14 years so far everyday never mind being responsible for the fact that the civil service has lost its independence to the Politicians, which considering their intrusive insolence and appetite for abusing others is inevitably going to cause somebody to think they have a problem that they need to solve as well – so it does make me think I get into trouble all the time that mouth of their wagging endlessly because they are stupid. I hear the part where it is a function of my Lack of respect for women, which does bring us to the part after all where it seems that without growing a beard it appears to their stupid teenage children that I am their age mate all of the time because their foolish wives cannot seem to keep their insults where it is obvious it might be appreciated: I am single not a bleeding idiot and now they have reasons to complain for their part as well and I am also getting fed up with their stupid children too. At the end of the day however which the books sting like hell and they need to stay away from it if they feel that way and stop talking rubbish in public places for such frequency of events – it’s all zeros anyway, zero percent all around with an emoticon – not going anywhere soon.

The part about civil service independence being the bit where it is to them the point at which they get contracts to be rich and have daughters that get around in pink Nissan Micra talking nonsense at just about anything they feel their stupid parents have left behind with a need to pervade religion and pretend God is punishing people for having less respect for elders at the civil service for example – which I have never seen as a problem since if people are getting rich by providing services that help run the Country I would say more grease to their elbow but they appear to want to bully me with it and the hint they have gotten about what I can get up to is not yet warning enough so far either. I hear their stupid daughters say I am just saying such things as a matter of what it is obvious I cannot help myself with but of course we all know that once I had helped myself we would have had a new problem to contend with as it were and then the weepy complains. It’s just important they keep their stupid insults outside of my office and then there will be nothing to complain about when those who need to appreciate it are doing so. A typical example of the prognosis of their intrusive greed that has no regard for the law is the London Cabs and an Uber App affair – a classic case of male bullies and female bullies and Media deviant ones and the young people alongside industry ones and it is always a matter of what who starts you off for them all handling your possessions and thereby doing so thus not being punished for it gets away with, classic case of Uber app becoming the most downloaded, the trend the internet due to mass protests of Cab drivers.