Of course most of what the media says about Scottish Independence is full of rubbish concerning civil equality and so on and some chance by which it may happen. Its like when the question surfaces about what I will do after the referendum whichever way the Scottish people vote on it with what I have written about the matter of my incredibly valuable websites. The answer to which is that it will stay precisely where it is for as long as I want it there – since what we are looking at is that a Scotland will need allies and relations and it is already in a permanent Union with four others but somebody will be happy to detach it from that Union on the basis of his personal feelings, talking nonsense and making it up as he goes along at my expense so that his society idiots that always want to be important can see new reasons to turn up here and squander my finances with their problems and school yard bullying and bearing in mind of which that is how he wants to create this new country that exists on in his head along with his idiots that seem to be getting better and better at making publicity for their provocative actions. None of which I think is a major issue since I know what kind of a celebrity I am and what I must do to limit the number of idiots that are getting famous and selling things to make money at my expense and above all am rather notorious for a sharp and savage way of alienating people by which they will find what I am scared of and implement it as well to make me feel like they do for not letting them do what they want with me seeing that it is a desire that has taken over their very nature and then there will be a society and then there will be Politics and then a new Country and then freedom and democracy and inclusion and a place where people are able to fulfil their potential with a big mouth looking for trouble all the time and making advertisement for it to provoke me, especially the girls that seem to desire it like their lives depend on their doing so: they want to make money all the time and everything I do is something they have spied on and will do and they own me and all that rubbish I have to put up with from people who are perfectly certain they want to have a society that oppresses me so it can get rich and there is nothing I can do even about the girls because they are protected by men that can have me beaten up at any time and that is Scottish independence yap yap yapping – money freak low lives.

They do make their noise all the time about how people like me are just so weak that we cannot get things done when our emotions have been exposed in public on account we run out of energy, while they are real leaders that can just keep going and that is how things need to change and need to be in order for a country to be a real one. I wouldn’t know since last time we checked they have more than enough and in the energy to lead and despite their complains, we have not yet reached the part where their nastiness is measured by a need to deploy what is important to them, what they will not be nasty at i.e. their homes that normally is the biggest surprise ever to many measured by how nasty they are in public, that they actually know what good things are and have no reason to be, we have not yet reached the stage where I deploy that to ensure society is sound with itself right down to the cars driving on the tarmac and so on, so that I might be the Christian that will never cease to be bullied by them on account that I will only have sex within the confines of my marriage, which they find provocative unless they are the ones getting attention whenever I do and having it whenever I do etc. The lives of the people who have more than enough energy for the leadership as it were: we see them move into Church these days where they think they can have me without any fettering but I have no idea in the same church as they are which part of their activities prevents me from doing the things I have already decided I want to do anyway – at least judging from what we know and judging from history. I am only saying that the websites is where what I have written about Scottish independence will stay regardless of what the referendum says and that is where it will stay permanently as well.

It is something we have to endure around here like we could not have done better – all that rubbish about idiots with more than enough energy for the leadership and those that are not worthy to lead nonsense and all they really care about is what ideas you have to make money and how those can be their own measured only by threats their stupid women issue of which when immigrants travel to the UK they are not travelling to their homes yet as it were hence all the show off: about which they will say we will have to deal with racism but it leads right back to the same story all together, that they are confused about what my view of racism is i.e. nothing but people, black white coloured and whatever one just as racist as the other - comfortable as I am in my own home and with all of my own possessions, who have plans to take revenge on society because it has not been nice to them endlessly and having had their job in the bag and a mortgage for a measly home cannot let others be thereof – thus as long as the Christian that interferes with their revenge does not have their revenge turn up on his book sales full stop.