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The biggest issue of course is the matter of the most stupid evil devious men that love to speak of the needs to women and the fact they are always stealing things about which people must be set up to be bullied as a status quo by which they get rich most of which works without an establishment of link between hurting people and getting rich, except when it comes to peddling peoples aesthetics while robbing them of their careers as well, whose issues and problems I have absolutely had enough of because their croons never give the violence a rest either nor do they stop talking so much rubbish about the violence they can do as well, swarming technological companies and markets and everyplace else pillaging my work, Intellectual properties equities and securities and Firm to get rich, presuming they can do anything they like with anybody’s property and more so in any part of the world and the self confidence with which they can can be very unnerving too, calling on their city corporate idiots each time I show signs of being distracted to the direction of defending myself, from my academic work.

So the problem is that every part of my body hurts as a result of their activities especially in the financial markets where they created us the 2007/2008 financial crash and have since been doing all they can with their helpful friends on the media bearing in mind they always want to be rich by insulting people so intensely they make them unhealthy and thereby become powerful and think about deploying insolent racism where they talk about important people staying away from what they want if they want to live with a big mouth such as myself, which I have had enough of as well and wish to shut too.

However I have so far made myself clear that once I am ready to trade my products full time and get confronted with usual claims from them born out of a process of spending too much time around my market place and trying out their hands on domination and riches on their stupid media, that my business is some part of their culture which I stole from them, we will have a new frontier as well which will work like it always does with a lot of noise from them about what they will do without doing anything and tax payer funds help from their stupid politicians too, to create effects with which later becomes really expensive as well and for which I am not giving back that stupid left either and it will get worse when ideas about making money is born out of being more beautiful than I am and therefore more deserving of respects from people, as though I have ever asked them about any of it, including their stupidities where they earn my income instead of work for their own and want respect from me on account they have money and wreck any I have worked for with a big mouth thinking they are democratic as well.

Media appearances to make me do things on the other hand which is largely operated along the lines of scary things they can do to people with a big mouth is the main issue at this point because it is born out of seeking privileges for their stupid women at the expense of mine because they think they are better mine and for the fact they have my income and have not yet returned it too one way or the other means this is the last line of their insults and my tolerance of it. As usual the main concern becomes what every idiot that feels they want to take advantage of somebody who does not notice they want to have sex with them get up to but it is their insolent violence and the temerity that it is worked that propels the actions I have taken for the poorer ones and for the corporate ones threats and blackmail with racism and proposed damages to the economy, hence the brokerages I have written here.

There is I must mention, no end to similarities drawn between them and myself, especially with respect to relations they should have had with women but were deprived in their youth because of the old respect problem of course, about which we always only find they do not look like that naturally when they are having conversations with each other - it is the only thing that betrays the fact they know what respect is and should not be allowed to get away with it. These similarities therefore is hoped in their view to stand in as a real argument for a process where they go into their fame and fortune studios to tell their fame freaks anyone of them can only get famous if they are getting it the way I am and their complains about my actions I am guessing is a factor of suggestions they do not understand and or are not aware of what effect those behaviours will have on me and my property, not to mention the fact that while they complain they are going global as well bragging about it alongside their usual friends trying to get rewarded for it too. It is not that I like Politicians as such, I do not but I have political allies never the less, it just would not make good business or business at all, if I was not making sure they find it impossible to defend themselves from Politicians and their Politicians find it impossible to defend from them. Of course I am glad they were beaten and I like those pornography just as well, which is not to say that people do not beat them to that as well. They are evil; and even now, even by the pornography, they still spend all their time determining what beats other people, how they are beaten and then how they can get to become overlords of the way people are beaten and how they are beaten and my books by the way are not in any way determined by what I write as a property of my business and site on this site on account they cannot leave alone women, spend time in company of the worst imaginable and cannot shut up because they think their gossips help them to play out violence on and control others, believing that men do not buy products others create such as books and films, doing so of which has never done them any good around here either, even when it is followed up with insolent and abusive Television vandalism.


The claims that trouble makers make on their media of people who are always trying to reach leagues that are beyond theirs, making things very difficult and uncomfortable for others to find out things, is quite difficult to understand here. There is no connection with it and what is really happening and there never has been. What is really happening is that I am a Christian and they love to turn out and get on public media to do things to bend me the other way and then try to keep it there by messing up my livelihood and finances as well, of which the most popular reason given for it is that when they appear on Public Television they want to be treated like they are famous and as such have egos that clearly no body wishes to know about. Considering the complains of which it is worth recognising they do it knowing that I will have difficulties and they will have to find out it is crowded and that I have to live with such things happening by managing it along side my Christian activities and my academic work and my job, they then set out on media to initiate violent domination lies and accusations like the one mentioned here for example and their most popular one for pervaded self defence has to do with claims I mess with their homes and families.

So it is never really as simple as just getting up to claim the problem with employment markets and social reform and political governance is the things religious people, do believe in and wear, it is much more complicated than that, obviously of which we hear the complains only when they are affected, such as people who are lowlives trying to get beyond their league from a deficient background and up bringing and in the course of doing so, making people really uncomfortable to find out things.

Then there is the part that causes the most problems as well, going off to find products on the market which are connected with equities and securities I broker with companies and then buying them, in order to get on media and cause everybody problems, in order to get connected with companies, get rich and for those of them that have found jobs in those companies rise to the top, ripping my property to pieces and thinking nothing will happen as a result of it especially because they can complain on media - from that angle too as it were. Of which no body knows who or what tells them to get around finding out who is working equities with companies, their identities and everything for such purposes, although it is not surprising bearing in mind an old story whereby recession always does the media favours. With respect to companies getting scared of which I should mention that it is a CV thing; I have a certain property and Companies make use of it and whenever a company does I can put that to my company's name and CV and plan my next course of action from there. Some people make use of it by buying shares in companies of their choices, I just think that what I want to do at the moment is write and sell books and buy shares later.

With respect career, it is not clear how they were hoping cover their tracks anyway. I mean they are nothing but a collection of fools that love to use women and girls to attack my finances to have money without work; first of all because I am a Christian and then because I am male and then because I am single. In the end after they steal it or whatever, no body knows what they were thinking or how they planned they were going to cover their tracks anyway.

As for the abusive context of some low life that gets involved with them because he does not know what to do to be like them due to a lowly background and the violence that comes from them with it and more so which is happening over my property and income and not theirs, I suppose it does get better but at the moment, I am not currently raising funds and putting together resources to ensure that I make some figure of laughter out of them, so until I do, it will not get better.

Obviously in a nutshell a case of infantile idiots who want money and their Politicians never really seem to get it because it costs them nothing to play such games whereby they get noticed, unless somebody has made sure that it does.

With respect to people watching my life these days because they have achieved their aim of making a great man that is a plaything for women out of me I have no idea what it really means. All I know is that they might have noticed I guess that I do not get along with their society, left or right and that I do become really savage when people attack my Christianity. So I can only suppose that unless those insolent rubbish by which they get rich at my expense become another one of my major preoccupations such things will not take a turn for the better as an attitude.

The truth of I wish to be helpful is that I have my relationship with the Queen and have no idea which women it is supposed I am meant to sacrifice that for, besides which even if I did, they are not my type but what really baffles me besides their insults and privileged insolence by which they tell me that they attend church as well, so that I might remember I always regard them as privileged arseholes, is the fact that after all that stuff selling themselves to gangs and so on, doing charity work in poor countries where children die of starvation and defamation in my direction for it to ensure people have a different view of them from what is reality, while the gangs beat up people to help them and then the sitting up on backstage media to manipulate and control all these things, it is not only the case that if you do not take hold of people like them and put them in their place, violently maybe, you will never become a full human being, free to live and to do your charity work but then again if you take a more objective look at it, then as long as they are doing charity work everybody should be okay. For most of the time I do some of the things I do so that they can find themselves their own young men that will do things I do for the Queen for them as well, in tribute, it is never clear exactly where they develop the idea they are supposed to get involved with me in anyway at all. Naturally it is the process of trying to be rich and then finding out it is really hard work especially when it comes to my section of business, then work out lies I do what they should be doing for themselves when it was not requested, followed up from the fact they really love to tell such lies and love their violent secrete society rumours to that effect, of believing it because of hope it will determine who or what I am already with a big mouth and the violence that is applied, especially on Public Television when they are through passing around their insults in private, to the lazy process of earning my income instead of work for their own - especially in the US, in order to ensure I am always available and that it lasts for as long as they want yap yap yap especially in the UK, that will create the biggest problem of them all - more so by the hands of the men that solicit it.


With respect to media and cyber trolls, I don’t know why it is so important when we have other things such as MPs that love to get it into their heads that they desire to see some people in a place where whenever they want them to do something they can always grab them by the scruff and do it, when in actual fact they can leave alone the law and apparatus of state and come round to grab scruff instead with their desires for laws of lawlessness for it is not the part where I get into politics or find any means I can by which I ensure that I never get to do anything they want, as it is the one where I get into Politics to ensure that they do what I want. It is always the grass roots that suffer because of such things and not because they are saints but a matter of people who have nothing left to loose that all their interests are tied to a working legal and justice system and of course other things as internet provider goons who set up social networking sites and use it to vandalise my business for the last five years with excuses which suggest that they want me to do advertisement for using their free products first before I can earn a living, when we all know that if I were to do that, not only will there be rivalry among them but also it will take time for them to settle in and for me to start earning and while that is going on I will still be paying for advertisement but the part that really winds me up of course is the fact that all of it is a matter of their incompetence, in the sense that they think they are the only ones in the world offering free services from which they hope to gain from an ulterior means; hence cannot work out that those who do not pay for adverts always have followers and friends on social networking which are of a specific strand and so if they happen to have customers will stay within that strand, unless that changes and they then have to change the business too to make everybody comfortable and this is such a time to pay for advertisement in order to reach out to all necessary market areas. I am not saying it is of any serious problem, it is the same way I consider socialist dreams in this country of tying the Bank of England closer and more accountable to the chancellor when we know the chancellor is only a one person for every four years but the Bank of England is the mother of all Banks in the country with its own cultures and interests. So we have this complain as well about new unfair products by the Bank of England of which they do not seem to speak of more accountability to government, when in actual fact they should be speaking of making other banks and institutions behave so they do not push the mother bank into self protection and then work out from them what to do next, about which we are going round in circles anyway even if they did because of course, we have already been in a place where Churchill brought in the Gold Standard and it was later removed and then stayed until Brown made the Bank independent and so now unless they will return to the Gold standard and work it all over again there is no point. There is no such thing in my books as a globally embracing media, in my view there is a lot of gain from breaking the media because when companies have control of it, we will have stronger recovery when the advertisements that appear on it are controlled by those who pay for it. So when I issue warnings about vandalism of my business to put up some pressure of anticipation on me to get rich with, I am not bluffing and certainly not getting concerned about things I cannot do, for the social media I intend to clone them and take them over as I have mentioned earlier they think they are the only ones offering a free service with an ulterior means to gain.

The other issue is that of American idiots claiming they are my fans, I have no idea where they get such things from anyway but it does not surprise me when their politicians are much the same. It is not necessarily true that because I do not take things too personally about what happens in the US because I don’t come from there, that I think a place where over 90% of girls think the route to money, rather than work is working on their self esteem, finding idiots who want them to give away other peoples work and property the way those people get it, to help them with money by which they get rich quick but I am not their fan and this occasion is the last I put up with it. So starting from where we were on the issue of Americans as it were, their Politicians love their games of course and they tell me I am responsible for how they see their Politicians which is a bad thing, before then the Politicians were rather off telling me my Country is not really democratic and that they will turn my people against me, so that when I turn theirs against them as well their people will have to scale past over enslavement to win back their freedoms over their rights to vote from me, which does not necessarily mean I will give it up without a fight and then their civil service will be my next target and after that their education system and it keeps going on like that, bearing in mind that at the end of the day the facts about US politicians is that they know how to send out their idiots to damage your property and that is what they have done to create us one of the worst crisis we have ever come across as a planet: where every act or expense of securitisation has a mind of its own and idiots have money and technology to move around.

In the end my point about the media is very clear on one but I am not going to go back on where I stand with US Politicians, if I move at all, I will get off to sell my books to as many people on this planet as I possibly can instead and the fact I write it about the stupidities of their current president is not something I consider to be a liability. So naturally after all those years of finding young people whose lives they completely wreck in order to push them into crime and turn out with their abilities somewhere in public to look like they have social and public professionalisms to their qualifications for spending years studying in Harvard for example, the end product is always where they tell me things such as the fact its about them and their friends which I always find really ridiculous because on one hand is the fact I like them already when they do and on the other is the part where I tell them it is only possible if they were talking about their own property and so they can tell me they will determine where I get to buy or sell and turn up somewhere in Wall street so I can tell them to get away from it as well and get away from there.

As for education, here in the UK they want my opinion. I have no idea why anyway but obviously here we go; what we are referring to is a process where you go into a University with your talents to take something in, which talents attract businesses, which then begins to form a credible education system, only for the Politicians to become its biggest problem finding out secretes from your exams and academic work by which they will get new beauties in office. They always damage it without making preparations for their own part or indeed doing their own part at all, which is detach children and adults and pensioners from the education system then work out the connection between it and the employment market and then work out that they need a certain number of people to be qualified with a certain number of things within a certain amount of time, in order to ensure they have the skills they need and therefore get to figure out whether or not they want a free education system. So what I am saying is that education is not that bad but you have to learn to get into it with a skill for being selfish, so that when they do such things you keep a close eye on them and so as soon as somebody abuses or insults you and you defend your self and he sends out his kids to take you on as well, you know that it has begun and usually where this is at the moment with respect to me is that I have had so much of my time wasted and have been putting the career itself to work, which means there is a giant fight as a result.

So the whole thing about making me the leader who has no money still on the table of course and you can imagine what that will get to mean when anybody who sees anything my way cannot have a job for example. I have taken steps to show them what I am capable of in that respect too and it has always got to do with acquiring enough leverage to ensure that they can never use their money to attack me and so of course at a time when they feel they have had enough of dithering, we will end up with a seriously and terribly large problem on our hands and it can go global really easily too and then every tyrant scum will want it as well – the white ones because they are superior to me and the blacks because they are better than me and then I will have to gain leverage on those to make them do as I want as well but of course it will get better when the respect from them that I see them express towards each other which betrays the fact that they are not naturally the way they behave towards me gets to extend to me and my property as well and it is at such a point that all these things will stop because I would only have made myself so rich and then used it all to bother politicians if I was completely mad, so it is all completely contrary to the idea that it will lead me to a bad end.  So far I have deployed this to sort out an economic problem but it is now my means that they are after as well, so that every fool can claim to have the power to control me - Politicians, Business and the electorate all want to steal something and they are all after my earnings, with no regard for the fact such statements are not worth making and think thinking any trouble they get into will be something I will figure out whenever they climb on their silly media and a books and holdings company belonging to somebody studying for a legal degree to detach from the madness of culture and problems that come as a result of not having a suitable job, which is also a result of not having a suitable qualification becomes something that is created from somebody with a lot of cultural power everybody should tap into of which I have mentioned before that I have seen them converse with each other and they are not naturally so abusive.

At this point it is normally said I should stop giving away my work and move on but I cannot work out which work I am giving away anyway; there is a company to which these things belong and all the subsidiaries will eventually become a tangible working part of the books and holdings company in real form i.e. the working court for example will eventually comprise of my own journalists paid for my purpose and answerable to me if the ones I have at the moment who work with me on the basis of interests and rights I have given them behave enough to dissuade me from establishing a media company that is but its entire purpose will be to report on such matters as civil service equity and broke equities of the system with the general public, so that when people behave the need to expand the interest of my company which I am required to run as a government department will contract to a point where magazines and papers report only the interests of the firm but if they do not it will continue to expand.

They love to claim that I cannot do business and cannot compete but they are the biggest problem every body has because the only reason they do business is on account somebody else shows off when they have one. They cannot and will not find something else to do until they had ruined us all. When people who have never been to school try to do business they think it is funny but for them, you will never have met anything worse, they cannot do the business will not give it up and are very content with claiming that business works the way they do it ripping up the market. I mean there is something I name the market equity contract they have with their customers, their behaviour suggests that they are so lucky that this changes daily, whether or not they do it to harm others while running their business properly when out of sight and there has never been any such thing. No body has ever been so lucky their market equity contract with their customers change on a daily basis but of course even if it does there is the question they need to answer of what the market equity contract is for today. I mean they must have woken up somewhere around 6am and its 1.30pm at the time I wrote this paragraph but anybody can ask them what the market equity contract is for today. The idea I say these things because I don’t like excited vibrant people who stifle my right to breathe with their infantile, money mad, insolent rubbish does not actually do either, that can easily result in another fight between me and them and the need to have that diplomatic front spotless again. For now bearing in mind they will come and go but a place called the UK will remain, it seems any asset and property placed in my office or around my work and that diplomatic front is theirs for the taking with a big mouth.

Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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