Naturally the political instability that was rife everywhere these days is not a good thing for the world we lived in but there is little anybody can do about it, they are all poisoned, damaged and rotten to the core – two main reasons being that first immoral society controls their mobility because they handed it over, we were now in a state where if they were allowed to get away with anything unusual, their press narcissism and abusive society idiots become an outstanding problem that was overlooked at great peril, whilst they would stop at nothing. The other problem was their history of Government office corruption, about which they were now too old to get back to doing the correct thing and do not have the energy to make the turn. It is all cumulative and those who hold Government Offices for ceremonial and cultural purposes for life, such as me understand this risk all too well. They do claim there was a tough times for me ahead and it is utter nonsense, not clear what they meant by tough times, if most of the vandalism wrought by Celebrities was a product of what I had allowed because each time they extracted funds from my career, which was shared with criminals that spent the youth doing crime and being tough to escape facing the consequences that would come with retirement age, people got support from top authorities such as the King every time I responded to it. What they were now saying is that there were legitimately tough times ahead for me, which needed to be announced on National Media immediately after they found out where my Bookshop was located and made a mess of it before making the announcement, to make sense of their narcissism media position; what the idiots think is a fight that I will lose involved the idea that in order to escape consequences associated with handing over their mobility to immoral society to build a crowd that fingers my bum, whilst extracting money from my public image to share with criminals, making them a bunch of people who loved to fool around with other peoples careers until they had to catch their breath, fool around until it was good for their health in all the wrong ways, building up to a result where they can no longer return to correct social activities, is a fight that I am likely to lose. From my point of view, the problem seems to be that they had some money and that money was the cause of the destruction that was wrought here, so I needed to come up with a counter politics which I have warned them enough times will likely produce an outcome in which they lost it, so I may keep mine, beginning from the fact that there was no way that they were going to handle my personal and social life to cover their backside after decades of civil disobedience that had sine arrived at a stage where others could not step outside to pursue daily affairs, especially if they built communities to finger my bum. It loves to issue the threats endlessly, whereas the real problem was that it does not read Books but wants the contents never the less, backed by nonsense talking political pricks that helped it to trash my public work, explore my civil duties and fight communists over my Royal Order to get rich quick in the USA, where another twat enjoyed bankrolling their stupidities and seemed to have been the one suffering more than I am thereof – hence not clear what its need for involvement with a writer was supposed to have been in the first instance; we are talking about the sense that I have gotten my social and personal life tangled up yet again with a bunch of narcissists despite coming from a divorce home and the divorce of my parents being particularly nasty, so it may show up here with the continued unusual interest in my career and make its famous persons insolent red carpet vandalism stupidities violent as well if it wanted. Some people have raised the point that it was difficult to ascertain how anybody ended up with a problem as complicated as mine naturally but it isn’t; what happens is that every so often, it will show up to find out, find out and decide how my personality should be used and its behaviour quickly veers matters down the path where it did not care if I died and I did not therefore also care if its stupidities had died as well, so if I were to comply with their gimmicks, I would be thinking that my achievements will make sense of past responses when I was young and impulsive and therefore embarrassing but their stupidities have now commandeered the achievements to cover their backside by, talking nonsense about how important they were, whilst an Arch Prince wants them to take their social life where they engaged with the wrong thing to a point where they were no longer able to engage with the right elsewhere. In the end it is a Bookshop and when the noise that distracts the clients is of this type, it is very difficult for owners and management to get anything done but since it would appear that there was no way to reason with the famous, I think it is set to stop very badly indeed.

They do love to boast about how much they enjoyed seeing me struggle but I am aware they know of my stance that no black peoples civil rights looked like that and the stupid girls did not have a license to show up here passing insults at me, backed by poofs that suggested I was in league with racists, especially if they cannot keep the business of attacking me to show respect towards these idiots going for long enough to make something about it and assumed their narcissistic abusive interest in me will not end badly, if it already had once before. The rest was an old story about how we ended up in this situation where my late financial success was subjected to abuses from on one hand, a bunch of narcissistic idiots with a need to cling to my career publicity, getting into clothes to make stupid statements about the way I pursued a career they wanted to own on social media whilst complaining about the measures I actualised over such matters and taking time that is designated for Book readers, again another example that had gotten beyond the practical jokes once and wants a more serious response on my part – whilst on the other hand another example that had gotten serious once already being the famous idiots who extracted money from my later success career publicity, that they shared with hoodlums that spent the youth being tough and criminal, did not wish to face the consequences of their own personal decisions during their older and retirement years, to make stupid statements about the reason being that I failed to cover their backsides for a living even though I could see their famous stupidities were incredibly important, as if I can be relied upon not to hurt a famous idiot. All together we then had a German influence poof funded narcissism Media that ensured most of these nonsense made sense in mainstream civil activities and people could then say that every encounter with me supplied them information about my career which they wanted to steal, considering the narcissism media that is now available to them for such purposes and whilst the scumbags that have built it complained about the extreme social issue abuses that comes with it they will not take the advice to shut it down and continued to make out I was treated that way because I had money, which is now prompting me to invent a counter wealth politics specifically for their stupidities, although I risked a lot of hatred and generation gap violence in doing so, whereas I could have run a Bookshop without taking such measures at all if what belonged to me was respected as my property, an old story where if the excuses were not made up as we went along on the basis of my career or what I studied at University, the stupidities will get off suggesting I am an example of the way the Law allowed weak people to pick on the strong and get away with it, seeking to live out their lives in the history of a time when I had not provided them a response to pose a health risk to me every day. Impossible to think that I have been held down somewhere by a bunch of idiots who believed they were so important if they wanted me to do something they would get me to do it, backed only by a big famous stupidities lip flapping, so that if I was not struggling with public control matters, they would extract money from my career publicity and fund the habits that people who engaged in those public control matters, wanted to exhibit at my expense, claiming I failed to see how important their stupidities were and that their bottom hurt, the entire time running off the expensively dressed hoodlums lip flapping that suggested that although it got serious once, there was nothing I could do about it, whereas as I mentioned earlier, I allowed it come this far and for them to look like a problem I overlooked out of ignorant because Politicians were always getting corrupt over the money; the collective incompetence of their birth sign reading criminality Democracy- Communism politics showing up near my income to get rich fast with their silly American friends endlessly being a completely new standard so far. We know that their security services exploits looks nothing like an Arch Prince engaging in what adds up to some daring do that helped to protect my overseas interests and it needs to cease the gimmicks it engaged in alongside its criminal twats where my finances were concerned.

They do claim I am probably unaware that my career is being wasted up and down the Country and all over the world too but I am well aware that poof Leo as far as the birth sign reading gimmick was concerned and every American idiot showing up here to capitalise on my challenges and build me more as abusively as their fascist state with the HQ in Washington and the Media allowed will not cease showing up here to try and make money at my expense abusively, if the complain about me had grown to a global proportion. I am aware of the mess being made, as much as it will not take the hint that its stupidities had no meaning or purpose around here and only served to distract me from my 18 to 65 affairs like it was 20 years ago, that big mouth suggesting they had looked for trouble until they had found it naturally – poof Leo will not yet take a hint unless everything their stupidities got away with was used to pay for all the mess that they made, as to ensure that they did not show up here with stupidities at my expense which expressed the idea that if allowed, they would stop at nothing. Eventually they say I was treated very badly by the west but then again if it goes badly wrong when a bunch of idiots that are funding their children at private education subjecting me to two decades of a career mess, they would say I committed an assassination, nothing will be mentioned of the way it suffocated me for practical jokes over a 2 decade period and regularly now shows up to make the most of the financial complications over gimmicks that it wants to explore my personality and civic duties up to the point where they got to own it, makes sense to say their famous idiots need keep the comments restricted to the career that belonged to them and the government Office gits may continue and issue the threats, the threats were being issued because they faced personal life problems, would appear therefore they were issued at somebody who was unlikely to be bothered but likely to face more financial complications because they were issued, as a statement that they needed more of those problems from where they got it in the first instance. There is simply too much of their insults and it does need to keep its hands to itself with the big mouth that it has got, I lived in the west too last we checked, lest it built up to some results where it will be the communists watching us tear each other apart. They got there first on the bravery issues apparently which is the reason their stupidities needed to get rich by running off narcissism press and making up stories that I am working with communists; more famous insults meant it will stop badly and it will stop badly rather very quickly.

Always trying to justify their hatred of me to the authorities whilst on the ground the general result we had was one in which I was stuck with the warehouse jobs we know best suited gits like these whose were known to be a bunch of incredibly abusive narcissists even to their own families, whilst they spent time clinging to my public image to be famous. always convinced its middle-class stupidities were incredibly good at looking for trouble. So there was the real problem at hand being that I created a book and usually people who liked a products wanted to escalate the problems that it solved on account they wanted others to experience it too, hence I have suffered the process of client interests being stifled whilst their famous stupidities escalated the problems associated with the products to build a community that fingered my bum and bent me to their will, before setting out to convince the authorities of the justification of hatred that was channelled at me, oblivious then to how quickly I will catch up with their middle class self-absorbed stupidities on the matter. The history of this hatred apparently is that of the need which continued still as we speak, to pick up my career and career publicity for the purpose of making sense of greed and insults that will give and never cease giving at my expense in order to make money, so I punished it starting with the part that got me dropping out of University of which the method now speaks for itself, and I had to punish it properly because for each response on my part, there was always a parting shot; the outcome is now that a bunch of people who were bullies because they were real men can no longer survive or get on without help from Celebrities. The Celebrity part in the matter will be that first I am no longer able to simply get into an office and write Books due to resistance offered by their German influence women, then the German influence funding provided them a narcissism media to continue in high places, the business of stalling my Bookshop with famous persons greed and insults, that garnished existing processes of escalating the problems my Books solved whilst stifling football at the Bookshop, to find out trade secrets and bend me to their will with the help of an abusive community, it will never listen on the finishing process of goading me over public control matters whilst complaining I never took their famous idiocy feelings into account when I responded, which clearly what I have said here would dispute. Their claims that they could smell my fear was a misconstrue of a process whereby they were a bunch of gits who made a personal decision they thought would make them better than other people years back and have now ended up in a situation where they do not like who they are – the culture of the land of separate from this whilst another decision they have made is that their jobs were the same things as the culture of the land, especially when famous, there is high chance that somebody will get seriously or mortally harmed in this and it needs to stay away from my career, I personally had no idea why we were doing it if they were either famous or German influence gits who had found the kind of happiness they wanted when the narcissism press had arrived at a stage where a lack of response from others made them into an outstanding problem that appeared to be overlooked. It was all about power and domination but the authorities had to take time off their schedule, to listen to complaints lodged by people who needed to express the fact they hated my guts, a bunch of famous poofs who will not stop peddling famous persons insults at me when even they were affected by the bum fingering up start gimmicks that their criminals made of it, especially the part where they had paid for some class A drugs that lesser people were not able to afford before getting up on National Media to run me down all day over ideas I ought to abandon a writing career and cover their backsides for a living, which then also meant that I am never allowed to smell nice (Officially, there was nothing to do with these matters in an Official capacity, these were leftovers from a process where Client brokered Equity with me for the purpose of product building, in which circumstances a bunch of gits took jobs from others that they had no clue what to do with, therefore were now employing criminals to help them keep the said job. I have this need not to end up doing their civil duties as well as mine, so they have ended up in a situation where they always got away with abusive activities channelled at me but I have issued the warning well enough for long enough that the fact they were reinventing themselves in this manner and their celebrities by goading me over pubic control is set to end badly).

The fight with the famous on these matters, especially the fact that working private security industry has left me with another 7 year career, finances and health mess over abusive ideas on how I should be used, is really about to kick off at this point; the scenario is pretty much the same as it was at University, what seems to be a process where I am caught up with people who did crime, fostered crime and made crime part of a career choice meant that celebrities were entitled to extract money from my public image, share it with them and manipulate me abusively into kissing their backside as they called it in the USA, which has now grown so big that they were attacking entire communities as part of a process of working with local authorities to make me homeless due to a failure of compliance having stifled the finances and escalated the problems I solved to get paid at a self employed role because they were convinced the world revolved around their famous stupidities. The same conditions back at University where people who felt the need to educate their children in private school, also saddled me with decades long career mess which was entirely a matter of practical jokes they can play on me from positions of wealth and power, whilst another group of idiots showed up on my public life to play out gimmicks where crime was an option and the law allowed weak people to pick on the strong and get away with it, as the lecturers tore up my career to make their own because they were fighting my wars, time again, they raise the point about how much trouble I am in but do not wish to entertain a response for it, making a mess of my Bookshop for fun and making up excuses so vast we were now talking about a failure to work with Americans and the problem with being born under the same astrological sign as the Russian President and each time I got rid of any history of picking up my work to do show business it will provocatively cling to my income like it was living on food banks, fighting my wars and making excuses associated either with my state provided security or the fact people stood up to their stupidities at Government buildings. Eventually we could never be free of those gimmicks where they had to make statements about the way everything I did was a product of fear, as it would seem that each time I did not leave them in a position where it could be said that I had acted in such a way that they were no longer capable of standing up for themselves considering I was unlikely to do it for them, in essence of which their criminal idiots claimed they would attack me because they smelled something which never happened as that would certainly have spelled the beginning of the end for their famous persons insolent practical jokes and the career mess that it made around here, painfully. It does suggest that I possessed a huge amount of power and position and they were just normal people making it up as they went along but we can see that a 2 decade career mess and the daily abuses for the purpose of having so much fun at my expense that their stupidities had to catch their breath like it was from the beginning, would suggest that they fancied me looking like this instead; after which they suggested the social situation could be better which is not the case as what we have is the best we have, the real problem being that their stupidities were always in charge and it was always just as abusive of them at all times. It is and has always been about the need to hurt people whilst not getting hurt because the victims were to inferior for some reason to hurt back and it has made such a mess for me around here running off that nonsense, evidence we see besides the idea that they had become a problem that I had overlooked and had since arrived at a stage where they thought it was an entitlement to do harm to my person, being that I had to hand over the way I stood up for myself to people born under astrological signs that were more dangerous and more willing to get into a fight on their behalf; I can say at this point there is no doubt we are about to end up in a situation where a need to show up here on the part of famous idiots, stifle my Bookshop running again and again activities that allowed them to handle my public image and personality for feel good reasons that they were entitled to, whilst extracting money from my public image to share with hoodlums and criminals that they claimed were nice and hardworking people, will give way to outcomes where I got my hands on the show business and the situation they found themselves in became the last time that they saw it too. There is naturally talk of effects at the Monarchy which there were since the King decided that the organised criminals that Celebrities bought products from, afterwards getting up on public media to berate me so I was never allowed to smell nice, whilst clinging to my Royal public image to feel good at the same time they claimed their careers were better, were so brave that they were fighting communists on my behalf because I am too much of a coward to do it myself – so these trouble makers had become so convinced of the support they were getting from high places that they had since established a network right across Europe, the Middle East and the USA, only for the Kings need to complain about Royal duties to give way to claims I had made promises which I am obviously not aware I had made and not keeping those promises was likely to get me into ever increasing trouble, so those who could assist with what the King complained of got into trouble and those who could not got into trouble whilst the organised criminals made an existence impossible for women and the opinionated ageism really took off whilst my Bookshop was stifled, to ride on the back of the insulting well off neighbourhood pricks that had a problem with the idea that I am an important person all together, such that for each Royal task completed on my part, this was the outstanding issue on hand but it was the Celebrities and a need to buy products from their criminals, then get on media to berate me and build communities that will think about my inner wear and abuse me over it until I kissed their backside, who appear to have adopted a position where they needed a proper reckoning. A need to hurt other people whilst not getting hurt and an obsessive one too, so we find that it works mainly in terms of the support on public media for career crime whilst anything I did in terms of pushing them into a difficult corner as well, and having somebody with whom I can engage in a conversation about my exploits would mean that hell hath broken lose, yap, yap yapping all day long and the idea that I could regiment and follow with strict outlook, public duties, as to avoid what I think is a one off of the King suggesting organised criminals were fighting communists I am too cowardly to fight, seems to have fallen on circumstances that suggest it was not a one off.