The question here at this stage is not as they continued to suggest, that the authorities did not tend to listen to complains made about me as per the idea that I am a threat, it is more a matter of the fact they have not provided an explanation for wrecking the Bookshop – the authorities on the other hand were full of buffoons with fabulous ideas whereby we all know these abusive activities were in their nature to do but had to get me stuck with the home wreckers whilst complaining about the outcome after prior, it showed up to claim as a privilege work I did to keep them outside of my career and finances, making a mess of everything in this place. The question is more a matter of when I got a reason for the damage done to my career and my Bookshop and if not, I got to enjoy an existence where no further involvement of the media and the famous in my affairs had to be tolerated. The alternative is that since we had a history of this incessant gimmicks where they damaged my career to make me a public plaything and complaining about the fact I am a scary figure as well at the same time, we had arrived at a new gimmick where they did it to get money off men who were a threat to them over processes I had set out for the interest of women with whom I did some work alongside, I must now take steps to ensure the men can take advantage of them whilst I did not get taken advantage of as well, beat them down so badly and rip up the finance fraud fame money such that they were no longer able to handle my career publicity, my Bookshop and my public work for their gimmicks. However, an answer to the question of the sense in damaging my Bookshop is how we begin to get around to their problem, if we were to take them at their word, that they were important people, public figures, not mentally ill and always seen making statements or getting around with people that had experienced a brush with the Police. It could cease making a mess of my Bookshop or find out if it was famous enough to get away with it from my perspective – like the insults and narcissistic civil disobedience, if we are to take their word that they were public figures, important persons, not mentally ill twats. The story told is one of a matter involving right and wrong naturally but there is none, just a need to show up running me down and seeking the interests of younger people over my career, everything was at a standstill here for 8 years after I dropped out of University over it, then I began to work on the bookshop to which effect I was spotted chasing it with a sense of urgency, so at the end of every day, there was a lasting practical joke built up for everything I had done during the day from the same gimmicks where they pursued the interests of younger people at my expense and played about with public transport operatives, still it does not match how it all began with claims I had a social life that would work well for popular culture and if I did not use it to make popular culture there was such a great need that somebody else will want to be one of their favourite sons in my place, that I am being attacked with a community that fingered my bum to make sense of the way that people in the communicative arts were meant to be abused in sexual context by society that had a need to feel safe from what such persons said and did. There is no global proportion conflict as they claim, just success in building me a profile that matched social activities of criminals and lay parallel to my social life for their famous idiots to work with. I really do need an assurance that when the stupid war with the poor had kicked off, they would be willing to lose gracefully.

They do claim that the UK hated the US because the US failed to work with the interests of the UK during world war two when it intervened in Europe, without which the UK would have been the single biggest economy in the world – reality naturally is far detached from this and it was an eventuality where most of the financial problems people faced were caused by enemies of the US  but it was the US putting the nail on the coffin time and time again, so if careful thought were put to it, we could see that it is the way empires looked, becoming full of incredibly stupid people, before they are smashed to bits with the proverbial best fiend back stabbing bits attached too, the proverbial best friend back stabbing which makes sense the most in terms of the way they claimed it was all a big joke and the main problem was that our skins were not thick enough. The point here being that I had considerable control of matters gnawing at the alliance and needed to get it resolved but there was nothing to resolve necessarily, we are living in a world governed by individuals who never allow public figures get to work over claims we were ruled and governed by cowards, now they are in charge and have driven the entire world a few steps away from global conflict, supposing they were doing incredibly well at their jobs. It does draw out the issue on so called cowardice endlessly when it is not yet a case of people who on figures could have me attacked successfully finding it impossible to think and talk about anything else and people who could not hurting themselves all the time, such that I pursued them all the way to their retirement and those who could never actually got the chance. I mean it is a matter of completing my academic pursuits to end up in a situation where 40% of the resources I had gathered and paid for had been cordoned socially, then I enter into another situation in which the remaining 60% was not seen as a 60% that I put myself through hell to preserve but a full 100% of what I am supposed to own as though that was my share in this world, then hell breaks loose the day I go public with something incredibly important, it needs to take charge and do the politics. Their big problem these days is the idea that I am supposed to get into a fight with people on their behalf, if I got into a fight I would not have been doing so where my resources were to be found and therefore a wasteful pointless self-harming venture, if I did not get into a fight people failed to pay for usage of my business products, as stupidly as possible, it will not stop being such a troll and show up here to read a Book if its stupidities had not blown up in its face so far – besides which it never paid for the Books it used, it is about to pay for an Arch Prince’s services in security and violence. Here we make sense of the biggest administrative crisis being that when it saw security service fraternised with me, it needed to as well but the security services did because I may have possession of public effects that assisted or gave them an upper hand in their work, considering that there would be no military leadership if all service operatives lost their lives on their first station in the hierarchy, besides which if I did not work with them society will be governed by a bunch of criminals and hence they needed the upper hand, so it became obvious that when they sought to corrupt the processes of evolution in the fraternisation process where we progress for instance from new recruits to matters involving changing attitudes to women in the service and overseas allies, by fraternising with me as well, need bear in mind that the prospect of escaping retribution for doing damage to my work or property was rather slim i.e. how much control I had of the matter and reasons I needed to share it. In the end it seems they have all been decanted from Europe and holed up in Hollywood where I got to deal with a power that wanted destitute peoples sex party with women I engaged with, to which effect what they did to get what they wanted was the sense that I could only maintain a royal position if they permitted it, using the business o reading my birth sign to find a Libra of their own who suggested I was owing them a debt because he had to get into a fight on my account, building all sorts of abusive nonsense here with corrupt private security, rogue landlords, quasi criminals and famous idiots, now asking me the silly questions. The excuse being that my fraternisation with armed services was a threat whilst it showed up at University to build communities that fingered my bum, played about with public transport operatives at my expense and chased the interests of younger people over my career until I dropped out, 8 year later, I set out a Bookshop and it turned out its stupidities had been following me about and therefore repeated the same process over the Bookshop.

Their risk is that my Books are equity bundles, allows readers who want t invest to work with what I am doing, shows brokers and clients that I have been publicly engaged with what we are doing, allows those who simply wish to enjoy the story to make sense of products they saw around them and for some it is a good way to pass the time during retirement, for which reasons I had to take into account health matters associated with the points I raised in the literature, if I progress from issuing the warnings about the reasons they needed to keep their comments to their careers and show up here with enough respect to pay for a Book, to a stage where I sold the Book on their social lives and public image, the stupid stories we had to listen to endlessly would change for the absolute worst. On the other hand it is said that nothing I mentioned have saved me from my immediate problems, of which my immediate problems were a matter of idiots talking nonsense behind my back and send out low lives that had nothing to lose, to bang walls and doors at me which makes no contact, save the distant violence the abusive stupidities of rogue landlords and corrupt private security got up to – the big problem is that whilst they make it work by picking up information I stuffed them with so they carried it around like PR I did not have to fund, it is the Media and Celebrities who claim every interest in me was such a heightened state of affairs of public importance on National Media that I had to get into a fight with them to show I deserved what I owned, it will not stop as such until I completely wrecked their show business for it – so this will be the idiots who were complicit with gimmicks that involved the abuse of people’s privacy and the subsequent building of communities full of hoodlums to finger the bums of victims, always conflict when they were not complaining. It is much the same as the idea I am a broken man which I am not – the public perception that I am is a function of the fact that I am running a Bookshop and people needed to stop being such a bunch of trolls, if they were complaining about me too, I mean I could always have predicted that when the involvement with my Bookshop had channelled the public interest to ensure I was used for an alternative purpose, they would demand I got into a fight with people to show I deserved what I owned in order to maximise a sense of security for themselves, so if I did get into a fight I will not be getting into a fight where my resources could be protected and they were not paying for what they used – the facts that have created the idea I am broken on the other hand were testament to the way that instances where they had to sort out something with Police in riot gear were usually a product of sustained cluster of activities that were within their rights to engage in.

They claim I bend society to my interests as well when I speak of the fact it all still comes down to the fact we were a constitutional Monarchy and did not tend to show a lot of respect for peoples personal and thinking space on account that most people who demanded one, were likely engaged in an activity that will help them make their interests paramount during public gatherings and affairs but then again, I am British and can do it as well, so I need to be free of the practical jokes considering an evidential 20 year career mess here. Besides they cannot say I had anything in my bank account to show that I bent society to my will anyway, hence probability is higher that they were lying i.e. there have been no instances I was seen to engage in a situation where a poorer person went up against a wealthier person who claimed that it was possible for the powerful or the wealthy to be oppressed by the poor, which is usually amusing considering such a person was lying and they knew they were. What we know is happening here is a health scare that was due to Celebrities and Media claiming the violent lusciousness being channelled at me, alongside its abuse of my privacy was a National level crisis about which I needed to get into a fight with people to show that I deserved what I owned, Bookshop stalled and health issue for this, whilst there was no health issue concerning Royal work, yet I am being told not to describe others as stupid people. The role of the Germans in the matter was to support any famous idiot that wanted to steal other people’s careers with muscle and security, not looking for trouble, had found that short abusive narcissism videos could feature happiness that demanded nothing from them for marketing purposes and would never cease giving because the victims would always need to be happy persons at various stages in life and reading the birth signs will serve the best ever tool for fun practical jokes on media which helped people make money from career piracy.

I had to compare this nonsense so often, the zodiac sign reading gimmicks and the characters who worked in the city and wore a suit, so their girlfriends got to decide the look of my career as a social contributory factor to the working of their career, where I ended up with such a mess of mine because women were out of my league. It gets off telling me Scorpio season is right around the corner, I may enjoy whatever I am doing with my Libra season, should be very afraid; it complains meanwhile about the suffering caused by the damage its abusive activities do to my career more than I did and has never really stopped issuing these stupid threats about which it supposed I needed to be afraid of birth signs that were dangerous than mine and of course Scorpio are dangerous, they are a bunch of incredibly stupid people who would pick a fight with the children of persons that owned companies that pillaged my assets if I needed help on the matter, so it was impossible to tell where people were tackling me from whilst it would show up to say that society made it out to be the more dangerous half and demand the top end rewards for helping. Reality being that women especially their corrupt famous idiots knew that should Libras be stripped of emotions they would beat the other birth signs and this is because everybody else is hard on the outside and soft on the inside whilst we were machines – the cause of all the crisis here being when I worked with clients, the copied the same activities for their own gimmicks that added up to a career and I have never seen anything so abusive in my life, so half my size Scorpio is never going to do a thing around here with a track record where it cannot catch me and another where it cannot stop me if it were able to catch me at all, complaining about the thing I did about peoples right hand side, which I stopped doing, to which effect we have seen their stupidities play out in full, to abuse people’s privacy with rogue landlords and corrupt private security, share the details with hoodlums on the streets and build communities to finger bums in a bid to get what they want. Overall, it is a counterfeit piece, needs to give it a rest. It underscores more complicated matters as such; we know that the only managers and CEOs with girlfriends that decide the look of my career, were those willing to take greater risks with public interests in the course of their business and find ways that would explain a loss of life in the worst of events through press conferences and media appearances, just like it is said this is a toxic existence for me whilst the person that engaged with it and the one that faces down their madness and that of their out of my league girlfriends, probably can produce a list of where all the unusual relationship with street traffic abusive popularity hoodlums lived with their civil disobedience channelled at me through media, was one and the same person.

We are told the problem had grown too big to be controlled at this point but it really has not – everything we see is a product of abusive career destroying narcissism associated with a corrupt sense of possession where involvement with my personality felt good and although all their involvement with it is destructive and more so with respect to my career as well, they are here to demand something their twisted mentally ill thought processes believed they were entitled to because they regularly made media appearances. It still comes back down to the fact their behaviour had not changed since first grade, which helps them to explain it as a behaviour which was linked to success but it is really just a process of running people down to get appreciation from those who wanted to rule other people and the big problem in my case is that they have discovered the only way to make their point about making a mess of my career entirely, was to rip up the finances and gather information from criminals to investigate me on social security fraud whilst building me a social profile which matched the social activities that the criminals engaged in, entirely counterproductive to what the social security itself was meant to achieve, they have stalled the Bookshop for 6 years and the stakes have never been higher as to whether it stopped painfully. I am told it was strange that I could still control the matter but it is not; for their part it was a matter of doing all in their ability to ensure that I ended up on the lowest tier of professional qualifications because they planned to handle my personality abusively, the society involvement was to mitigate the punishment that I thought as due for property damage – for my part every person who walks into an academic environment always ends up having sociological matters following them around for it, it determines that after a person is qualified they walked into another person’s establishment where goods and services were being sold, to do something for a payment on the basis of their employers being able to make sense of who liked them and who did not as part of a profile that served a social front for the business. the prime assumption was that dropping out of university on my part was the last of their narcissism, we are now living in an environment where it was rather obvious that it was not. I personally have never seen anything so stupid, like the times it would not lift a finger to defend itself if it was being attacked by a bad person but never stopped persecuting well behaved people and others were always playing a role in the matter because they got involved with the gimmick and got addicted to the way I responded. There is a clear difference between people who liked to read Books and people who engaged in these activities, if I am meant to explain myself on account, they wanted others to listen to their feelings. Eventually we see the true nature of this nonsense not just because there are no sociological matters following them around since they walked into an academic institution which is incredible strange, stranger still that they completed their studies and drove others to botch but still have no such thing attached to their profile, only the employment market narcissism and the good market narcissism, the practical jokes and the media presence an uncontrollable desire to drive it into mainstream public living, such that according to the title of my Book, the Book has made them and their society uncomfortable, so it needed to be removed from the market or they needed to become an oppressive society whilst I became a civil rights batty boy – it is prepared to make sense of this nonsense and therefore shows up here every day to run me down and try to change a narrative, will make the most of it if I relented on a desire to dish out the consequences and punishment for the career damage as well and was prepared to punish whole communities thereof.

In the end they claim I may be done but it is all water over a Ducks back as far as they were concerned but it is really not as they have had to build a community that fingers my bum and is held together by radio wave lesbians, media insults, rogue landlords, corrupt private security and street quasi criminal hoodlums, hopefully it will ensure that at some stage they damaged the career and I faced unsurmountable odds, so I could not effect some punishment, so that the story might end with less pain, I do not believe that was likely to be the case. I will not cease to punish the University fiasco by making them a part of the way I accounted for my time and resources, I will not cease punishing the work market narcissism I experienced for 8 years thereafter, and I will not stop punishing the 6 year stalling of my Bookshop, all together the 20 year career mess.

We find the backdrop to all these matters having much to do with the idea that I was unable to keep away from other people’s women, we know however that they teach those women to expect backup when screwing with my career and finances because they were bigger or wealthier men and we know that they have not learned to back off because they incurred uncomfortable experiences. It is not necessarily the crisis they make it out to be, I could ask them to make statements about my person only if I sanctioned it but there is actually nothing they can do about me on the whole as such hence there is no point to doing so, on a more general stage however, it is the same group of people who had hijacked public processes so even law enforcement cannot ascertain exactly what added up to the provocation of a person when they attend to a situation on account they were making money with it, soon enough they were to decide what new civil rights were at the expense of people who dared to own items that they had not tasted, experienced or discarded and will be making even more money from that too. At this stage the big sensibility was that what I said was alright but the problem was more to do with the fact that it was not financially progressive, such that if I said the main problem was the hidden corrupt issues, where Politicians on engaging with businesses I worked with, will want to trash my career to secure better opportunities for their children and standing for themselves, then what I would have been saying is that they were lying and needed more information on the hidden corruption issues, which is what I am saying, just made the point with more facts. This matter of Politicians seeking opportunities for their children is always bound to happen when they are working with businesses on red tape issues, this is not the problem, like we know that majority of narcissistic women that were likely to take advantage of somebody claiming I could not stay away from other people’s women, loved to be victims of such a situation because it was convenient but most of them were relatives and family of government operatives, such that when daddy says don’t take drugs, I end up with no energy whatsoever, so I needed to ensure daddy knew what the facts were on reasons people took drugs when making the law at work and if that fails I will take the drugs to highlight my problem and hope I do not get found out, sort of situation, hence the main problem is the fact it has been a decade and a half of a singular crisis where Celebrities played about with my career and finances, leaving me to get out of bed and face poor book sales numbers whilst they resorted to increasingly more abusive methods of possession that featured fellow media idiots who invited themselves into my court to talk through to me all day and claim I am the person doing the provocation rather than get out of the court, the reasons that I will never stop attacking them as well. On the whole however, I have devised methods to handle this matter properly, where Celebrities rip up my crime control publicity and forge an alliance with the criminals for finance and economic abuse gimmicks that gave more strength to their finance fraud fame friends that now had money added to the energy gained from avoiding work to get rich and working the finance fraud fame by creating me a University fiasco where they were not paying the fees and now a health scare where they are not paying the bills, to show up demanding something from my career, personal and social life to which they believed they were entitled, I have responded as a matter of Asset equity I deployed to manage the crisis and some investors have developed products with it, so if the Celebrities wish to avoid the bottom chasing issues associated with their lifestyle and a need to be seen getting around with hoodlums complaining about the way people grabbed their careers whilst working crime, with whom I had a history of dishing out punishment for the University fiasco I suffered, laid out for government office practical jokers and had since grown into a shoplifting epidemic, they would do well to engage with the products but have instead decided to start a mini war and it is only when that mini war was successful would there be real damage done to my career, either way which I have provided them exit, to restrict comments to their career and stay away from my Books. I am told it is the same things I did to the society trouble makers and yes it is – life draining fight to keep something I developed for client use because it was a source of income and the idea that successful people ought to share wealth thereafter, followed by abusive managers with ideas about sacrificing my career and property for what they wanted and for market, with no idea what kind of problems will emerge later and a need to run me down over the demand to do so; what we have seen recently being the University fiasco because there was a prospect of fighting back when people wanted free usage of my resources abusively was a history and the punishment I dished out for the career damage which affected whole communities was the result, only for the same group of people to perform exactly the same activities over the fact I was found chasing the Bookshop with a sense of urgency, clear indications I should never stop.

The matter overall was one in which Celebrities claimed they were surprised and rather bemused that I am not afraid of them – I am not afraid of them as the underlying problem and the core reasons we are doing this is more the fact that they never stopped running off the idea that they should be backed by people I was afraid so, so they may do anything they wish with my career. I had since gotten rid of the people I was meant to be afraid of and they were unable to get past me to secure new ones just as much as I was unwilling to fulfil the role. In the end it had the government over a barrel on these favours where it got to tackle communists for the Government to get rich fast, it only had much to do with me because it needed to handle my assets for its own financial well being and do so abusively as well, to ensure I was too handicapped to respond or prevent it. The advice is that Celebrities needed to cease issuing the threats at me or we will get to find out how I planned to cure this problem where I am not allowed to get into clothes and meet people over a career, not allowed to smell nice on account that they were working immoral society gimmicks in public places. We are likely to go back to the origins of this nonsense where public authorities were characters who needed to let others have a go at power and those that were cheap to handle whilst they could not stand up for themselves if they had no access to Royal Publicity and politicians Hospitality, would not be able to pay their bills unless they served their famous masters slavishly, most times ends up in a law court and then a Judge got to decide how expensive it would be for them to keep handling such persons but when it continues to stifle my Bookshop and make comments about what I am supposed to be afraid of, it is not looking for trouble, it is famous. They do claim there was a way to end it all but I was too narcissistic to explore it but it is not up to me, this is the fourth time they have organised their careers in this manner and at my expense; first was to do with the idea they wanted to be business people but feared the market, so I was a nobody who had to go out there to give the public what it wanted and they could pick up my work after to push red buttons for large companies – after that it became a matter of instances where they met wealthy people and needed to get their children familiarised with the wealthy for connections – after that I was being punished for protecting myself from abusive wealthy people now they are simply ripping up a Bookshop to keep up abuses that they got accustomed to, it got serious the first time around and the next time that it will get serious, we will go beyond the idea mass shooters in America worked for me, when their gits whose true nature of evil and wickedness shows up each time the government appeared to have organised society in a way that eliminates some of the difficult decisions associated with security, so most people may get what they needed, which is translated as fresh ground to see what will be the prize of wickedness like it needed help from an exorcist. The next time that it will get serious like that, there will be no need to stop pushing on my part, as to facilitate a process where they got to display their gimmicks in a more public setting, it needs to stop running me down when I am work, needs to give it a rest when I am at work. The Politicians have suggested I could have said this a long time ago but had a need to hurt myself which I don’t, as they tore down wealth equity and crime control publicity without reason, save I was to assume the purpose was to suggest the responsibility was mine and therefore cause me a difficult time, so I had to get around to the details and ensure they never picked up my assets to make a career a second time around. So, the outcome is that the alliance with criminals got me to develop equity and asset for the purpose and investors got involved, the investors that have are mostly high end fashion brands, due to their need to beat people down, make people feel ill and perpetually tired all day, using their rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop manager gimmicks that got involved with everybody’s business and picked up product, premises and career publicity for abusive gimmicks that will drive victims into a position where the main outlook was to do with money, so that what they possessed may easily become the bane of other people’s existence – the products have been built to cover their backsides and baby sit them, if they failed to engage somebody else will buy products that they were supposed to and we know the fashion brands do not come cheap. It is like what happens at work endlessly, whilst it suggests that it had financial upper hand but there was nothing wrong with the jobs at the work market, so it comes up with television and radio wave abuses that target people whilst engaged with work to cause unnecessary destitution and loss of property – I had decided they were the only people wealthy and famous enough now to buy products that their abusive society fans were selling so others could keep jobs as well and as long as they engaged I was happy to be abused, which is the sort of thing that luckier members of the public experienced every day, it turns towards another gimmick instead where it speaks of favours it does he government and the Public by tackling communism, so I must take the position that it needs to stay away from the Bookshop and cease running me down when I am at work or this matter got serious the first time around considering I was Royalty before they were famous and there was no way that I would have failed to work them for a more potent form of economic abuse, especially as they have spent most of their professional time on me and ended up complaining that the Books were a difficult read which is none of my business, that it got serious the first time around and the next time it does I should ensure my actions made it the finale.

We heard it was all an opportunity for the oppressed to become the oppressors which is utter nonsense as majority population nepotism Celebrities whose social disposition was also corrupt enough to tell media lies and take advantage of minority interests were claiming to be oppressed which was something that had to be seen, as per the way some people were never free of oppression and getting into clothes to meet people for a career had nothing to do with whatever it is their business with immoral society was in the first place, as I mention often, not yet confessed it was looking for trouble. The reality being that some people simply move into an existence where their oppressor’s paid attention to something else and are never free from oppression, so it needed to cease muddying the water literally. The idea I had put my heart and soul into this matter, lost much is utter nonsense too, we know why there are millions of images of famous idiots asking questions in my direction and setting the stage to dominate me, was to do with building me an alternative profile for rogue landlords and corrupt private security idiots to fool around with i.e. when I speak of the way it claims it was famous, obviously not looking for trouble. It still stands that I have my own enterprise and if they wish to avid bottom hurting issues engaged with applicable products, not show up here looking like they want to curb the means I possessed to practice economic abuses on them as well. I am aware all of these occur because it is said the King does not like me much and of course I am ware HM does not like me, he never did since his time as Prince of Wales and had personally caused most of my financial problems without there being an instance where it is said that I acted in such a manner it was obvious I was an enemy, he has always believed I was a character that was devised after years of evolution in male society who was to be sacrificed to facilitate the kind of power that those who wanted to rule wished to wield, so the King does not want my services and I moved on, not disturb the King, was meant to be the end of the story but it was not due to the actions of a bunch of idiots that built me a profile which matched the social activities of criminals for HM to engage with, such a thing for the head of state of engage with was in itself an achievement, but we are now entering into a stage where celebrities want to be the people doing for the King what I did for his Mother, so the busy body privacy abuse complicit famous idiots who complain about the same problems of rogue landlords sharing people’s privacy with hoodlums to build communities that fingered the bum, want a piece of me. This nonsense has evolved from the idea that one is supposed to pursue a business venture and when it was profit viable leave it for more worthy persons to make money with, into something of a more personal form of entitlement, so I am saving the part where it was a Bookshop and I ought to run it, pay the bills, build a home and settle down, whilst everything else that did not comply with the prime objective which showed up was destroyed, for a time when they will dig themselves into a hole so deep that their own option in life would be the power option. We have ended up with this because people never believed the issue which lead incumbent Monarchs to abdicate their positions existed, some strange thing occurring which did not make any sense they think, so there have been changes which encouraged such Monarchs to stay on, in this case a Monarch who has found friends in people that build others profiles which match the social activities of criminals when they want other peoples property, the crimes committed were in the past, so were the price the victims paid and the price the criminals themselves paid, even the period in which the Police got involved are all in the past yet the social activities that emerged since ran the Country. It is not a matter of being difficult, it is a matter of the idea that Armed Forces would only have carried through their paid jobs if the Office of the Head of State was run in such a manner being used as a tool for getting people stuck with home wrecker famous gits – yet the same do not like such results as I considered the damage to my career an excuse to attack the home wreckers and celebrities on their behalf, considering my previous standpoint was never enough, that it was about being manipulate, so having my work damaged to facilitate manipulation which will make me work for Celebrities without pay slavishly meant I devised methods by which Celebrities would work for me slavishly too, the one outstanding matter being that I am the one with public duties, so I had to ensure my manipulation recognised the fact that I had public duties to pursue and they worked for me slavishly on that basis. It seems inert to most, this business of getting public figures to slave for them naturally but it does create an environment that was incredibly stupid, a shadow over a successful career for the public to judge and this can be deployed on Media for controversy that will help to pillage the victims finances whilst building show business so people could make money by avoiding the employment market, in my case they believed they controlled me and that they had support from even more powerful governments to do it by.