So they now say that people like me really do light the fire on the world and bail out which is utter nonsense; what happens is that the immoral society had displayed its trade mark gimmicks at my expense – the public place insults that will make me share what I have, the abuses and mockery that will ensure I am not able to deter them and the communities that will run me down all the time to ensure I cannot defend myself when they develop a habit of hurting me and working on me over their money issues. What the Government did with it was to use the entire Parliament to tie my hands behind my back because I pushed back at them and give them public statements they can make as if they were in need of the services of an exorcist until it became a Political crisis; the original plan was to do this and blame the outcome of moral people in order to become more eloquent with their sense of freedom, so I wrecked that and now they say I lit the fuse on the world because they did not build a plan B.

Some have said we face this crisis on two fronts i.e. these trouble makers and moral people like myself which is utter nonsense too; to establish the relevance of such claim of balance they will never to make sense of the link between my religious activities and the destruction of my academic pursuits to hang around at Office blocks passing life changing insults at me all the time which these fools engage in all day. The question of the prognosis of this behaviour is what people say never comes to mind but it does every time; they need to be nice to win job contracts and sell things to the public in order to be rich, they have no wish to be nice to others but religious people do not run out of it – they need to have a lot of self confidence if all their target at industry and every person they needed to meet and satisfy had to be met and satisfied and whilst they don’t have this because of the consequences of their excesses, Armed Forces Operatives do not run out of it and the list goes on and on and on like that, right to the point where in my case, the spirituality of my personality and bed chamber is now required, for the time being of which their stupidities were asking nicely and it all stems from the completely harmless community idiots sharing it all the time to feel good about life.

I have been told it is bigger than I make out as there are governments which support it beyond abusive Americans making me into something I am not to destroy my income and get me into a fight on their behalf all day and yes it’s the same one that was responsible for world war one and world war two, so this will be the third time apparently. Its delegates think that the less sense of security Political leaders have is the more they will be likely to sign Industry deals, while it believes that it controls Europe, if I had decided its destruction of everything that lets me carry on my concerns in relative safety does mean it now needs to get stuck in with the difficult part of work that Armed Forces do, all hell breaks lose globally. So the USA is struggling with it because of the Obama wisdom that decided to replace the British with the Germans in order to curb racism and it might be possible to assist the US but their history of Celebrity waging war on me for instance over the last 15 years abusively and everyday says otherwise.

They then claim a huge part of the problem can be averted if people like me took personal responsibility to go around solving them but we all know history is full of goons like this, whereby people have one career and there is public upheaval requiring them to fulfil another until the result was that one thing happened and it was being explained away as something else, to such an extent that a public crisis emerged which history also bears witness to the fact they have never once fixed the problem themselves. Their attitude constantly suggests that they have had it all figured out, that death comes to us all and that they are not afraid of war.