Squarely on the matter of being dominated by Scorpios, it never happens, they were currently running off provocative gimmicks that were set to cause me a need to develop a similar response to the business of having my personality split up with abuses, insults and narcissism, so that people can get in the middle and keep imagination of my private body bits in their minds to touch any time they wanted whilst they gestured me to areas of social abusive activities that they fancied and decided how I ought to exist to allow them experience the power they had over me but I do not think I might want to stop here if I did, I would rather want something that really works incredibly well with their stupidities. Here it is then suggested that if so, the authorities are right in trying to protect Scorpios from you but then again, I am living with financial complications because I am not getting into a fight with people like a low life when told and my responses to abuses that damaged my Bookshop was amusing, that said there was the result that since the authorities decided they were more willing to fight for others than I am and should stand up for themselves the way that I did whilst I found myself another way to stand up for myself, what they did with my Royal Order and other things the Armed forces identified with, since met up with a process by which the preferred explanation for reasons they loved to exhibit activities in my direction that suggested that bullying me was good for their health, had finally made sense to the public, so the abuse of privacy knew no limits and it was the Politicians complaining more than any other group of people because they needed privileges of injustice to play with. I have never really been given an explanation as to the reasons that Police brutality in the US involved me anyway, the Police brutality had simply stopped, and the insults had run my life instead, so we are now in that situation again where their preferred explanation for attacking me had made sense and I decided to keep it, risk being that it will become a grudge as this is not behaviour that normal people would exhibit.

Some people think the whole Libra – Scorpio issue was a massive public crisis, but it isn’t, just the fact that the preferred explanation for abusive activities that groom me into a position where people can touch my penis and finger my bum had finally made sense to the public, which really has nothing to do with the exact date that people were born in. Besides which what happens is that these idiots bother the authorities up to the point where people tended to tell them that what happens with their gimmicks is that they beat up the Libras all the time and so the stupidest believed it. We therefore as a result ended up looking as if history was repeating itself, even though we know that Germany being the Country that was responsible for the world war two, would rather get rid of peoples civil rights than put up with young men pursuing power who were doing their own thing, the mystery by which people think we too often loved to make up the idea that the Nazis and the German population were two separate things which they were, hence the Holocaust is deniable to this day. At which point we will find the conversation veer off to another corner where their stupidities would suggest they were happy for me to exist as per I had done something with civil rights – it had a lot of those stories to tell naturally, Apartheid in South Africa, Civil rights movements in the USA, slavery and slave trade being the one that made the most sense but also the one that shows the stupidities leaving my clients to deal with instances where I shared a skin tone with them and it was the biggest curse, that they were a bunch of incredibly insolent gamblers, who kept complaining that people had died because I organised my career to make them take more risks with personal safety, whilst I stick them too in a situation where some of the resources I needed were supposed to assist me in preventing people gathering weapons in the neighbourhoods to pose a threat to others in groups, but even when I ended up pulling off the job whilst these idiots took the money, showing up here to put themselves in charge of my affairs and gamble, there is still the statement made, that their stupidities had taken the Money, so it is now asking me if my position that people had died was satisfactory is okay and yes it is perfectly fine; all together the gambling is currently creating a sense its stupidity fancied an end to the world, to which effect some people would have been worse off for never actually getting to see their worth or enjoy the fruits of my work and these would be the people whose despair provided them with the largest stage for narcissism that they could ever dream of, like they gambled with apartheid, slavery and civil rights movements all over the world, so it needs to keep lip flapping at me when the explanation it would like the public to go with when I am being bullied had made sense on one hand and another prick shows up to gamble with civil rights and grab my income on the other, absolutely no chance that I will get worse.

It is not true I am still financially vulnerable to them, what I have seen is that they have been borrowing my social life and public standing and will not give it up for how good it felt to have it, so this place is never quite enough for people to simply read, which was due to the way that Celebrities wanted to pursue their own fame careers – I have not sold any Books since 2017 and they were the same to get around to the local authorities, progressing from working me with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, to getting the local authorities to work with them on a plan to make me homeless. It seems to have served the purpose of an outstanding job that I have not done i.e. I have worked wealth politics to help the public build products that will baby sit goons who spent money at Industry fighting them, so the question is that of what I can do with the famous to achieve similar results and the answer build up to generation gap issues and veers in the direction of hatred and a process of making sure they understood that I hated them without a doubt. The supposition that attack them would do nothing for me is not built on truth, the problem is criminals seeing my privacy in everything they did due to a history of Celebrities handling my public work to make entertainment, meeting up with their new history that criminals were nice people and I am the cause of public problems, therefore previous history should be consolidated or destroyed – due to the narcissism civil disobedience, progress can only be made to show a public that was unable to engage with a Bookshop until I got rid of them, if Celebrities knew without doubt that there was bad blood between me and them. It does not need to build up to a crisis, I am simply pointing out at this point that wealth politics with respect to the famous and a need to cling to and borrow up my public life up to the point where I am cash strapped and living on social security, is likely to be developed around a sense that there was need to hate and express hatred towards Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z but hatred expressed towards Gen X the most. They have suggested the main problem here was to do with the fact I was working with communists against them, reality of course is that I was doing something with security services that was applicable to ideological no mans land by which public security was provided, so if they were telling lies at Washington to make money, any lies would make sense in such an environment, their problem being that to make these lies real, they have gotten the communists to make something of my work and attack them with it like they did but my Bookshop is private property, no further gimmicks that affected it will be tolerated; the real problem here is that they were borrowing my public image and career publicity for the sake that it felt good to handle it and will not hand it back for reason that they had an incredibly big ego, arriving at this stage where the cause of the ego was their money and I was convinced they needed to lose it so I can keep mine if getting enough respect for a Bookshop to be quiet enough for an audience for me to make a living was too much to ask, over what is really a process of handing their mobility to immoral society to show up being so incredibly abusive towards me that I ended up living on social security whilst they took advantage of the anxieties I suffered for doing so. On the ground it really leads up to somebody working corrupt private security to abuse my privacy for this nonsense all the time and builds up to the idea I cannot deny they enjoyed giving me a difficult time, which they have not, just made me really ill from the fact that I worked the Office on the basis of wealth Politics, so the primary way to get around the fact they never did allow others concentrate on anything was to push it up to the stage where law enforcement got involved, then leave the feelings they expressed as a consequence to popular culture people to have fun with, what we are now doing is a process where I get to the Office and everyday I did, there was nothing I could do to make a meaningful living or profession because the wealth politics process had been hijacked by a bunch of people so stupid that whilst they needed me to do that work so they can concentrate on what they were doing as well, they were also whipping up a crowd to attack me because I did it, in order to get rich; this is the history of involvement with my affairs that Celebrities and Media need to either consolidate or destroy so I can move on too, it is set to be the source of a massive problem, including results where they lost the stupid money so I can keep mine. There are no tough times ahead either, if I can show clients what I was doing with the Bookshop during the years of delay and practical jokes, the income structures will be safe and if I cannot then I have actually lost the money, they never ever stopped putting themselves in charge of other peoples affairs to solve personal problems and we have not even started raising a point on the lies and pleasures of crowd bullying.

On the matter of how we ended up with this problem in the first instance, it was Politicians getting corrupt, such that we could see that if Celebrities were hanging about my public image, could not do a thing without handling it, had products to sell and nothing sold as fast or as much when they had not handled my career publicity and public image, especially when they were being abusive about it too, what Politicians were supposed to do is convert a result which would simply have meant that if Celebrities were being abusive about extracting money from my public image, it was an indication that they had made enough money, into a gimmick where I am a character people bullied so that the Celebrities would share the money with them. Now I had to start over from scratch, say that if I am working wealth Politics, everybody could see my wealth politics and if people showed up clinging to my income structures to make stupid statements about communists and or American power which was the pinnacle of their incompetence, there was publicity I had provided to ensure they really felt like taking a swipe at me so we could find out etc but none of this is making as much progress as it should due to the activities of people whom as far as being a character others bullied to befriend the wealthy due to a problem caused by popularity culture middle management gits, which outcome was that poorer people were always worse off somewhere regardless of how successful their businesses might have been, they were not living on foodbanks to say the least.

I am now told that there was something I did which suggested I liked people to suffer more of what they suffered and yes I have done such a thing as these were a group of people that had spent a decade of my time running me down and passing insults at me, to such an extent and so frequently that whilst they were accustomed to it, I could feel their fantasies in my pants – the blacks who complained about racism were the inventors of these society organised insults and the Muslims who were happy murderers were the Saracen liars who ran it off too often. So I think now that it had gotten serious enough that they were affected too and were complaining on my behalf, I ought to act in a way that showed they behaved abusively towards me because they had problems and I wanted those problems to repeat itself to such an extent that it was possible for me to commercialise it too – so more does not deter them, fuck more will catch their attention as the abuse of my privacy and body parts is what they were really supposed to do, especially when there is a police officer locally, as would then go on to express the fact that people who thought they deserved to take their problems out on others because they were stupid, are actually wrong as what really happens is that whilst I for instance make decisions progressively, they made their own regressively, so it was possible to do the time after doing the crime, without the smelling tailbacks, reasons I raise the point about a Police Officer around being that I will not get away with pillaging their own as well last we checked the facts, the other effect is that fuck more means we were heading towards a result where I fucked them too as they faced more of the problems that caused them to be abusive in my direction. I do not think that this is the problem, it is not, the problem is the Celebrities as none ever shows up here getting imagination into my pants unless I am living under the bootheel of a famous prick getting up on the red carpet to express the joys of idiots working rogue landlord, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks at me, I mean I have had to keep my promise of not attacking them if they ceased to cause my clients distress for working with me but this business of borrowing my public image as a bunch of well dressed hoodlums and refusing to hand it back because it felt good and they were important enough to be entitled to it, is building up to such a response as it would be obvious there was no law preventing me from ensuring no idiot ever gets on a red carpet to pillage my Bookshop being overjoyed that twats were working rogue landlord, corrupt private security and abusive shopkeeper gimmicks on me and there was no millstone on my legs pulling me back from doing so either, I have issued the threat well enough on the warning that when I pick it up, I will on the basis of a need to get through to accessing the stupid bank balance that is the cause of all this that they will lose the stupid money so I may keep mine.

They make this statement that I possessed the knowledge to help everybody make sense of the Celebrity abuses and vandalism but failed to do so whilst what is really happening is a bunch of donkeys in Government buildings ripping up my Bookshop to work vanities of power whereby I was in a position to be provoked into a fight because their stupidities loved to see me fight; it was obviously nothing but the same old processes of famous idiots finding that nothing they wanted to sell sold as much unless they were handling my career and developed their gimmicks up to the point of rounding me up like an animal to order my steps but it would seem that the only group to build communities that finger my bum and insulted me everyday to a point where my finances was affected was the mind reading magician millennials who complained that people had died when they had failed to predict which one was suffering from mental challenges, because they loved to take advantage of people who had to ward of ageism from a career, whilst the only group to be the expensively dressed hoodlums who clung to my public image and would not give it up whilst I lived on social security because of it, extract money from my public image doing this, which they shared with idiots who spent the youth being tough and built communities that fingered my bum to convert my work place arrangements into a bum fingering up start and cling to my career publicity whilst handing their own mobility to immoral society quasi criminals, were the Gen X which I believed were due to wrath at this point, the millennials on the other hand died and died and it seemed that they were suicidal. Apparently I am a Gen X as well, a year older than the Millennials, these stupidities and the mostly American government office pricks that enjoyed putting themselves in charge of other peoples livelihoods to solve personal problems and explains why their country was so violent, made a lot of sense from their point of view, even when they explained it – an example of instances where people wanted something so much and attacked me to such an extent over it, that I took my own steps to ensure they got their fill of it, current idea being that they won a great victory here whilst I have allowed their gimmicks persist up to the point where the fact they cannot stop handling other people made them a problem outstanding which I appear to have overlooked.

I am most recently informed that I had found a way to get most of my activities making sense to people whilst it is actually utter nonsense but it has nothing to do with me, these are activities that I carried through in response to two group of people attacking me to make up reasons for doing so, up to the point where they had settled in on the reasons that most made sense to the public i.e. Celebrities who disobediently continued to rip up my career publicity and finances by plugging personal problems from whole crowds and products into my public image and public work and the birth sign reading criminals and quasi criminals that they shared the money with because such persons did not spend the younger days planning the career and finances, if it was preferable to spend it doing things that will cement their reputation as tough people. The reasons they attack me always come down to the idea that I am some sort of weakling low life that people can step on without consequences, but an example will be that we were having this conversation because there were morals to the story that resulted from incessant attempts at doing so. From my point of view however it still comes down to the German and Italian influence funded narcissism Media that allows every stupid thing to make sense at my expense, whenever people thought they needed to embark on a certain activity whilst clinging to my finances and career, thereafter finding a way to say that they were able to stifle my finances and mobility until it was done, we know the idiots who invented the narcissism media and have been keeping it alive, were complaining about consequences associated with these gits making trouble for everybody every time they stepped outside of their door, that eventually over time, so many people had been affected that the victims wanted them to pay for it in some way but it was not clear why they preferred attacking me to keep it going anyway, especially if there was possibility of somebody spending their time to make sure each time they were making money, other people’s family ended up in hospitals, using the same process to avoid consequence for their activities later on in life. It would sound at this point as if I had informed them on what to do but I am not interested in what they want to do at all; this is a crisis created from the fact that there was access to my affairs brought about by the fact that I am single, the cause of the disobedience being that they were financially comfortable, so when I devised wealth politics for it, we ended up with those situations in which we had to work with generation gap issues and 80% of the problems I faced here were caused by Gen X that appear to be the only group willing to extract money from my public image which is shared with criminals that spent the younger days being tough and build communities to finger my bum, the stupid incompetence had not stopped attacking my clients markets to make the statements about Democracy and Communism naturally, it assumes I may have informed them on what to do to avoid further trouble and I could never understand why we ended up with the conversation if we already knew, especially as they continued to claim they were fighting communists on my behalf, what it actually was.

Eventually we listened to the gimmick that I am now completely ruined but the public was still manipulated into a position in which it was perfectly okay to extract money from my public image and share it with criminals who failed to plan the finances properly when younger because a bunch of idiots were ‘famous’; either way it seemed that the best thing I could do for myself at this stage since I planned my finances to work best in a matrimonial setting, is to get into a matrimonial setting so I may close the back door, currently what we see being that when women showed up to ensure I am single forever to keep that back door open and my finances a mess, women were no longer a problem, such that the phrase ‘stupid fucks’ really made sense. It is the same story endlessly, showing up here to have revenge for stress after it must have had its fill at my expense: does not want my Books because it was such a playful idiot that there was no time to read it but social inequality dictates that its stupidities must gain access to the contents and make use of it, the Politicians were more a matter of the way that my Books were so important that they needed to have their fill of it before the public got to, however they never paid for what they used and were now lip flapping nonsense about ways I should show credentials of having fought communists, my personal favourite should not be omitted i.e. that my career and finances should be suspended until they rebuilt their own public image as will show that their stupidities were more important than I am.