They claim my toughness had now been fully expressed and it is utter nonsense as what really happens is that they barge into Court and spend years on media insults which help them simulate some of it to play with and rectify stupid personal decisions they had made in the past to make sense of their ideas about whom they were superior to; we have now ended up with two separate existences, one being mine and the other being their own, so while mine is untouchable, theirs is about to clear my space and never realised it was primarily concerned with being tough. It stands to reason that if people have now split up my concerns into two parts and one is where the world problem ends up and when people see them help the entire world in such ways they are set to get rich doing business, while the other is full of conveniences which their stupidities are already building a public image for, added to the terrible personal decisions they had made in the past, moving them on will mean they drink of the cup they had measured for me and people will get killed. The rest of it is just a simple case where they keep off my Hermitage and engage with the Books if it is mercy that the civil and criminal disobedience now seeks. We all know that as long as their victims are living and breathing instead of dead and a memory, this need to talk about the glorious violence and invite their stupidities to areas of peoples careers where the victims had done the best work, in order to express their gimmicks will continue without end, provided the victims let them continue.

They claim it is a lack of dignity and composure on my part that causes most of the problems but we know when that is resolved, something else will cause most of the problems in its place; the truth of it is that these goons have always desired a fun process of seeing what will happen when the utter evil that hangs around telling people off for praying in the private time, using culture and society subliminal messages, had statements to make in public places over the careers and finances of their victims. The bloody idiots believe they have covered their tracks well by getting into Government buildings to claim religion is the cause of the worlds wars, while on the other hand making laws that permit LGBT to marry at Church, now they believe when they blow off their big mouth on media, because they will wreck my Bookshop if I didn’t, I should run to their aid and amuse their stupidities by doing so; the fighting which is required of them and their politicians therefore awaits fulfilment.

Now they say I don’t have my bottom sorted and I think I can do much which is utter nonsense – I suppose that when I point out that they need watch out for the way I want to keep their middle management eyes on industry shop floor and off my body, as well as the imagination of their minions on their jobs and not my anus, they would say that pointing out like so robs the Armed Forces of useful tools while most can see that it does not. So an example of a crisis situation is being told that Celebrities must have the glamour that was lost since I stopped engaging with them, at all cost and I too want a condition of civil rule on either side, where I got to spend everything that allows them carry on without smelling or shaming themselves in public – it is rather simple and I don’t know why people keep fooling around with the guy they claim is always messy due to the way people respond when he pushes them into the most difficult aspects of the work Armed Forces operatives have to do anyway – it needs to keep away from the Hermitage and engage with the Books, so we get to find out if I have not had my bum covered. The story is that how things play out in the US is nothing unusual but it is not unusual in anyway; I mean every fool who wants to create the idea you live in a prison in the neighbourhoods, where you smell and get threatened, would say its the consequences of how the US handled its stupid finances in the past, likewise when he has great ideas about bullying me for ethnic minority information that will help him improve his personality popularity stupidities as though he was already living in an Apartheid era, unless it is quite clear his stupidities are about to result in circumstances where that other scum who hangs around the local communities with ageist investigations into peoples lives concerning money, will send him out to attack me physically and this will be the day his distant violence insults stopped, so when mentioned thus, we find then that we are back to the residual problem that is the Media carrying on like that all day, a new record every 24 hours. The rest of the time they claim its about being bullied by ethnic minorities that are not White but we know the primary stage for that is the claims my personality are a product of sleeping with peoples wives and some corrupt Hinduism where they claim those who have psychic abilities are designated to be very unhappy but the way Hinduism works on this really has nothing to do with their stupidities carrying on and on and later on blabbing about physical attributes which are so closely similar to that of the white man, it got to make their stupidities superior to me, in order to get around with Fashion fools and Celebrities - there is nothing like bullying their stupidities can perform here.

They would say I am complaining but strong worded at the same time and its utter nonsense as there is no reason for me not to be. None knows why they get off building me that claim that my personality is the outcome of sleeping with peoples wives, then hang about with corrupt Hinduism to claim I am destined for unhappiness because I have psychic abilities, so that the behaviour exhibited towards my bedroom window and any occasion I showed up in public might be sexually incredibly with that big mouth they have got, not even when Politicians had said they had to be spared because they were working Political power, does it make sense. The part that kills me is that they are aware their parents hang around in the neighbourhoods spending time on this at my expense and it alone but will show up in Public with practical jokes that gets their imagination up my bum and issues a threat which suggest they are completely unaware as their stupidities should be, that their parents are responsible for how tense I feel. They do say something which indicated that if they showed knowledge of this, the pressure would not have been enough to make me smell as such and this is the question that needs answering i.e. whether I should be worried about it, especially when they are pint sized bus driver idiots that will beat me up rather soon with a big mouth, wrecking career in this place. In the end its the same story about their stupidities getting off the Hermitage and engaging with the Books, not hanging around making a mess as a method of putting me to activity to brag about telling me what to do and planning a stupid existence on it. It is never really an issue when it was clear that its about some git that hangs around neighbourhoods drinking to my health with friends and blabbing about what Prince Harry should have done, dispatching them to perform these gimmicks all the time, so we find that they love to issue those threats from Hollywood, that the way I withdraw the support people get from my concerns to make themselves important will get me into trouble while it was quite clear I do not work for Celebrities in this place, they need get off the Hermitage and engage with the Books, not hang around with insults and abuses which suggest they are not quite an industry issue, just fools sticking out like a lesson that had to be learned.