Now we find that I cannot get a break from the boasting that helped to rip up my finances facilitating stock market gimmicks and financial fraud popularity – I could never tell anyway since the main problem is still that there is too much contact between me and them, so they had since arrived at a stage where they were no longer taking responsibility for the way they provoked people without reason, up to the point where most people who came in contact with them were certain their behaviour warranted a Law suit and it happens all of the time, save the instances where racists have set out an ideology and encouraged a frustrated foot soldier to commit murder which they got to mitigate by claiming that the way I talked not only instigated such things but was also proof that I am working with both racists and communists, never listens so when it makes this stupid comments it got to start all over again. I mean it was never clear who would organise themselves like this anyway, organise themselves to say that they were confident no security services operatives would likely insult them and get away with it and on that basis they were getting out of bed to pursue careers that helped them to become respected members of society, by providing for their families and it is not clear why I am the one paying the cost for this in the most extreme of ways, what I think is now clear is that they understand there to be a deadline and within that time I need feedback from their stupidities, that they understood what I am saying to them about my Bookshop as I am now ready to take the steps that will stop this nonsense very painfully if I must – ranging from convincing the broadcasting community that although I had a Royal Office to play with, it was possible for these idiots to oppress me like they have claimed they had and the Politicians will take seriously the fact that their stupid civil rights was a threat to me, before I get to enforce the distance that will ensure they and only they took responsibility for the outcomes of the ways they provoked people and got to keep their imagination out of my pants, all likely to be the least of their worries, as I have since become rather convinced that the idiot who started the penis touching and bum fingering insults their stupidities have now converted into a sub culture to rob me every day with, either needed to get seriously hurt or killed.

It is nothing but a bunch of people who have created a Country to live in like we have never had before, in which there was so much widespread public and National Media support for people who fostered, supported and took part in criminal activity, as much as they had set out crime as part of a career option, the Celebrities were now complaining about me but they were not actually paid to start the process of breaching my patents to hang about with the contents of my Books that they had stolen, getting their completely innocent stupid fans to make sense of personal problems they were too stupid to explain themselves but were dominating me with security guards that ensured I was sore all over in order to keep the jobs that were apparently well paid, then there was also the Political pricks who made it all possible by deciding the way I stood up for myself needed to be passed on to those who were more willing to get into a fight for others and there was no thought at the time on the part of idiots who liked to do things to me, that such nonsense might crush my career finances, we now know they were working me for homelessness because they were fed up paying the unemployed persons support; after which we got to listen to their stupidities work the popularity culture to say that I am pursuing a career that should rightfully belong to more important persons, which really showers me with that motivation to think about the fact I should have raised fund I can donate to their electoral campaign to control their political bully stupidities but now had no money although I still have to control it for survival reasons. We ever had to spend time listening to even more gimmicks about the ways it would be bad for society as a whole if I were allowed to spurt these hateful things and get away with it whilst I had warned them enough times about the prospect of getting away with action I may have taken to tackle idiots who kept wasting my career on people who tabled crime as part of a career option, with a narcissistic press that obviously could not possibly serve another function. There is then the question raised about the fact it was a mystery and happened all the time which it is not at all; just the useless man syndrome where their role was to garner all the public appearances to themselves whilst the wife picked and chose which narcissism she would tolerate and then they patched the marriage and looked like upstanding members of the public before it started to think that my career and then my Bookshop thereafter should become the toy, convinced at this stage that it stupidity was a magician, therefore I was unlikely to get away scot-free in terms of any harm I might want to do to their person for it. It is never clear if what they wanted me to do was to think about the way that their social disposition suggested that no security service operative would insult them without consequences, to which effect the abusive activities were also being applied on me, that they wanted an us versus them situation in which their side involved popularity culture and the people working the entertainment studios, I believe for myself I have been clear about the reasons they needed to provide me feedback concerning what I had said to them over the stupid comments and gestures and practical jokes that stifle my Bookshop, so if they did, they would not be able to tie any of my responses to a probable criminal act, same as they got away with breaching my patents and converting client interests in a Book into an abusive interest in my Royal personality for equality reasons, the big hope is that in doing so, they would be deterred, if they did not I would enjoy my huge deniability advantage. Generally these sorts of stupidities are not common place and nobody should spend this amount of time and more so my time, assuming that I have experienced them before and therefore likely to get accustomed, I do understand the stupidities, the difference between putting in such a  great effort to build a career and others picking off other peoples careers to deal with themselves and keep a job long enough to build enough of a savings that allowed them to become bullies, but it is not clear why they bashed my Bookshop, it is the criminal aspect of this matter. All we know is the idea that if they were expected to carry out their own public security because they were always being so abusive of other people, this was the way they would go about it.

As for the idea that it is all a matter of showing that people were tough enough to face the world, I could never tell why what I am saying was missing from the conversation anyway, as if I did not get a feedback that they understood what I was saying to them and the stupid celebrities, the stupid men’s world trading gimmicks picking up my personal life for pleasurable stupidities and my career publicity for incomes, developing into a result where it had become a matter of me and the multinational companies and everything else I was losing in between, I will make my own move without asking. It is not clear why they bashed the Bookshop, just the same as it is not clear why the Celebrities had taken up another 8 years of my time to run me down to such an extent I am now detached from my career, to respond to narcissism associated with their need to goad me over public control. I mean they claim I liked to work and it was not clear why Celebrities got so close to me, which is largely a matter of routines I am accustomed to, being faced with others who had some certificate literally, between them and their families to show up near me and get involved with my personal space, passing insults at me over a stupid political system and a narcissism Media, they have done it to such an extent I have only been able to keep a job for three months as far as I can remember, before they converted it into a bum fingering upstart gimmick along with radio wave lesbians, which was the only way that they could start a business of their own – I am in my 40s still contending with matters I got under control in my teens because they were too distracting for what I was doing with my career between 18 and 65 years of age, I am in my 40s still trying to get past the first three years of employment which are usually the most difficult and embarrassing because I had no money but had a job which I knew I had and needed to get out of bed to do. The Celebrity part was a completely different matter on the other hand, somebody may put up an item that was approved by a 2 million strong crowd and in 2 weeks they were looking it with a cringe, so where Celebrities I cared about were concerned and the need these idiots had to handle my Royal and public work for entertainment in order to avoid extreme mental illness whilst abusing me until I ended up with one, I did not want to be emotionally exhausted so I could enjoy the entertainment and did not want the entertainers to feel emotionally exhausted either. I am told nobody would ever consider it credible that these idiots pillaged my career to make their own but that would simply mean that there was a need to start the process from scratch, track assets and equities and make a decision that took up their time; it is the same as people wondered why they thought I am stupid which is largely due to the fact they were so stupid that they allowed me to deceive them into thinking so, the contrast between work I did to ensure I was being paid for a legitimate job at a Bookshop and a bunch of people who got out of their door to look for trouble, then get off that state to involve themselves with my career publicity but it was the narcissism and excuses that helped them access my privacy because as soon as they were done with their stupidities they had to eat some food, which actually tells what this was all about – I need that feedback that they understand what I am saying with respect to the Bookshop and I suppose I am rather certain that I am not bluffing. There is the point raised about what people would have to do to make me feel pacified but it is an old story about being robbed of the basic aspects, such as when concerned with what really matters in my affairs, I had opened up the Libra personality for others to feel good with and if they did not, they will run me down until they got into a fight with me and then I would live with the history that they had for the rest of my life either way, it gets serious when their stupidities were the first to complain about the way I am a low life and something they smelled – a bunch of incredibly stupid scumbags that I have now really had enough of, always reading my birth sign conveniently, seems to have failed to see exactly why we Librans were materialistic and is about to find out painfully too; always this gimmick at hand where there was enough interference with the basic bits to ensure that I always had to catch up with it and then the follow on process of making something incredibly important from the way that I smelled doing so but these scum are actually the first to issue threats over it. There was the part they claimed had not been explained concerning my career, which was a matter ripping up the finances as a engaged with Client broker, where equity and assets were concerned, I am now at a point where I needed to begin saying that was satisfied clients from all areas well enough for the service subscription fee and the stupidities continues with the part where each time I complained it was amusing because they were showing the world how well I could fight and making money off it – so I really need that feedback that their stupidities could understand what I am saying about the Bookshop, as to decide if I am meant to select a more effective option for handling them.

In the end they claim that it got me into a very complicated position which filled them with a sense of elation and it is utter nonsense just an expression of the real extent of their abusive nonsense - the truth of it is that this was a problem I handled as per knowing it has no other purpose except to distract me from my career and finances, in which I ensured those who engaged with it looked the part of the peace and quiet they possessed in huge quantities to pay for the results - we are working a problem that does not exist at this point because it was all a product of famous idiots goading me for public control issues, such that I was broke whilst at the same time dealing with the unnecessary health scare which they then suggested was a triumph of ideas on how to handle their own health scare, hence it is the last of the nonsense I had to tolerate from then where their stupidities and that of their politicians took the problems out on me, so that I would better devise a way to solve them. I would not have finished well without raising the point that they claimed there were questions as to whether I controlled the Military or the Head of State did, I could never tell anyway, they were always opportunistic and have since tied their stupidities to the coronation, clung to my finances, secured some legitimacy for their position and got on with it, like their insanity and that of their families had a right to touch me, impossible still to tell if what we were doing was security service leadership that we had taken away from the actual Chiefs of staff, about which we were failing to go all the way in deciding how the public related with security service staff and vice versa, the leadership that had created this nonsense is now a bunch of poofs who needed my personal life, ripping and tearing around here everyday, considering that as soon as they were done with their stupidities, they had to eat some food. They speak of the role I played in the matter of which there was only the instance where people saw what I did and decided it would have been a disservice for my person and my work to end up in the hands of the enemy, now that it had built up to a result in which criminals were enrolling at the service to find something I awarded security services which I also needed to award them in order to avoid inequality, it is not clear what the problem with the famous pricks really was; does not mean I have resolved anything here in saying so either, what needs to be resolved is that they are always so abusive and so disrespectful of my person and once done pick up my career to serve their cause, which leaves clients unable to pay for anything they were using here as part of a process where I needed to work with their civil rights in order to exist, whilst they got their culture to run me down, cling to my finances and issue accusations, it is important to ascertain where their stupidities would like to stop if they were complaining (i.e. they do boast that this was the consequence that awaited those who messed with Celebrities, so I suppose the consequence that now awaits Celebrities is that they wanted something Royalty had and there were people set to take the money from them as part of a process that ensured there was peace and quiet for everybody - it should be noted they had said that organising my Office to ensure their inability to allow others concentrate on work was to be met with abdominal discomforts that was to serve as a deterrence, was wrong and they took revenege for it, so I am at a loss as to the reasons their crime, criminals and people who make crime a career option supporting famous gits were still doing this).