They do claim there was something of my personality that people needed to be worried about but there is really no such thing, simply years of a career being messed around with – the academic pursuits were trashed over practical jokes and gimmicks with my body parts, the Bookshop was wrecked over gimmicks associated with some stupid civil rights and self-exhibitionism. I do not consider it a crisis as such as we know with respect to public work, the stupid German influence insolence always expects that public office was a toy and if its stupidities faced any challenges for it, then the consequences were the responsibility of the Office holder, such that if the Government came up with ideas on how to prevent the responses from the Office holder which may be abusive, it will solve all sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault issues which we understand to be a lie and we know they never stopped lying, reality is not to do with my personality, it is to do with the fact the idiots were looking for trouble and were on course to finding it. It speaks of Celebrities being my main problem naturally and we know Celebrities were a problem by hanging about on the stupid media, making statements about the existence of hoodlums on the streets and idiots that were banging walls and doors, they were the poofs working corrupt private security and rogue landlord gimmicks at me on the other hand and should know what is really going on with it as such – it needs to talk to me about what it is doing, not show up here being abusive about the fact it was a poof with corrupt private security to fool around with. Ideas about ways I had lots to lose on the other hand, especially for the Celebrities, will have to be gimmicks associated with questions on whether they planned to do it by themselves or get the King to listen to their stupid feelings again, it was mathematically conclusive that these sorts of nonsense would be the result of the actions of a bunch of abusive fools that always needed to assert themselves over other people because they considered themselves to be more important but I have had enough of it and wish to get rid of everything that allows the careers of celebrities to be relevant to mine and this is where they really will have to stop me with the lip flapping to show for it as well. The crisis is a simple matter of the way that the state of my finances showed that celebrity culture was the correct thing for the public whilst equity I held showed that the civil services and the work market was, the ways we ended up with such nonsense would be the series of unusual activities that will be set to make us a poorer country, like we have already seen its narcissistic gimmicks progress onto telling me that my discomfort with their abuses made for a rigid and poorer society and yet the corruption of involvement and threatening other people’s jobs when I got involved with people, had no impact whatsoever.

It is nothing but incredible stupidities expressed over my career and finances over ideas I had much to lose in life and some Celebrity idiots working the criminality violence people channelled at me, not something I wanted to be detached from and it is their need to get up on Media to detach me from it as they never listen to others and are always being abusive that is causing us all of out problems.

Their exit story is that I am not as clever as people supposed and it was the way that this matter went all the way up to the Monarchy, worked by sociopaths that need to spend other people’s careers on their private problems, its idiots on Media made the point of being so entitled that they needed to delay my career a little further in order to adjust the one that got to their heads so much that they damaged it to such an extent that they hurt themselves too – always making the stupid case for what it deserved for being through hell in its stupid little life, whilst another was a stupid judge that was set to arbitrate the gimmicks it invents to tackle me on the streets without reason or purpose. So clever was a matter of the time that people had spent pondering specific issues even when we were talking about those that showed real promise of genius, such that those who were not clever, either spent time pondering stupidities like these or had a genuine difficulty with learning, not to be confused for medical learning difficulties that is and that that I have explained it, and there were questions as to whether they are as clever as they supposed they were since they wrecked peoples academic pursuits to complete their own with the gimmicks they will not accept is the one thing that gets them into trouble with me because it targets me all the time, hence we had solved a problem here. It is the same as they claim that my Books were a threat but if the Books were a threat, the threat would have been obvious during the first 4 years after publication and there would have been enough controversy to get the public buying it in order to find out what the threat people were talking about was located, so we see the career vandalism was another incredibly stupid liberal nonsense that only tended to stop with extreme violence depending on how they threatened it first, bearing in mind its purpose was to express the sense that it was not in their interest for others to feel financially secure, once they asserted the idea that they were superior. Same as the suggestion that contrary to a sense the idea I am meant to complete my academic pursuits as will help me fulfil a royal commission, in order to impress them, is a boat that had long sailed, I spent my time with social rejects because I thought of it as my position in society, whereas what happens is social occurrences with women who worked a fashion designers business for example and there is a model employed to show up the products, model faces a problem and they thought they could get the model involved with a certain somebody as will fix that problem and the somebody just happens to be me, when they did get involved, it also turned out that my involvement with them had affected me in terms of their unusual sex life in the course of their careers, so there was the other part about socialites that make money investing my assets and thereby spend their own money since they did not wish to engage with the work market considering that they possessed a certain amount of money that could help their finances in order ways, thereby spending their money in a way that was economically relevant, a certain aspect of this is where I spend those I did not wish to get involved with, those who were too far caught up with sex work politics for instance or whose attitude I did not appreciate but continued to persist never the less, the areas that involved a court that was devised to work with female journalists. So the matter of clever here as we can see obviously was not just the fact that even when these idiots had completed the academic pursuits with flying colours, the insults were the only things they learned from school, this they explained as the ways that some parents possessed enough money to send their children to the most expensive schools, thereby creating wealth and social inequality.

They do suggest I got people thinking I had recovered my career but had achieved no such thing; reality of the stupidities are instead that it uses a media presence to subvert my enterprise over a need to handle my person on claims that it felt good to get involved with me and at the same time enjoyed trashing my career and finances too. It appears to be a behaviour that will not be stopped unless we arrived at a point of Police involvement which will be followed by work that the organisation that had to regulate their behaviour would do on my account and their parents getting a feed back for the 20 year career mess I have had to ensure here, if I had not way laid them to cover their faces with a bin bag and beat them up so they could never tell the Police about what became of the media insults, lies, fake news, trolling and destruction of public involvement with enterprises that they had no business with every day. It takes advantage of the fact that I had at some point due to a need to build a career publicity and to ensure that clients were provided a service, found myself hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent industry people making a mess of my career, which caused me to take a certain perspective of property owners but this does not only feed into a degree of abusive disrespect where people picked up my career publicity to make me serve some other purpose that made them comfortable with, it also feeds into the idea they thought they were important, others thought they were important but I did not care if they were, since the business of a state of mind where the guy who took part in an MGM film was MGM itself and the guy who reported the news for the BBC could run me down without consequences all day because he was the BBC itself, not withstanding that the BBC is not incorporated in the same way that my Bookshop is and I therefore did not have to deal with such things, which is never really surprising as such behaviour only ends when the abuses, insults, lies and lasciviousness resulted in outcomes where they had to sort out something with Police in riot gear on account that I provided them a response but if I did not will never ever stop, it happened once and now it says that 8 year financial mess for my Bookshop was something I deserved because its stupidities were famous and will not let go unless it really had to. I had provided them an exit assuming they were addicted to my personality since people who were of a character that matches the definition of the word fame, were likely to behave in such ways, I had asked them to make comments about their career and get involved with mine only for the sake of my Books and nothing else. Now it seems the adage had moved on to a gimmick where my condition was amusing as per the fact that when time, resources and work were spent on product development and any brokerage that I worked with others as a matter of Industrial partnerships, it was possible to progress the abuses and insults on Media as facilitated an outcome where somebody else can extract money from my partnership using a different product – the first time that this nonsense about exclusive neighbourhoods, its insults and unusual interest in my career, produced an outcome where I did not wish to manage my account Books at the end of everyday in terms of how much of its stupidities I had to tolerate, it got the Politicians to listen to its feelings over the claim that I wanted to control people, so I have no idea what was so amusing about the current results and outcomes, I do suppose I want to stop that stupid happiness because it distracts me and drains me of energy but doing so is not my right yet for the time being.

We have had the problem explained extensively as something to do with the fact the Media and Celebrities did not wish to engage with National service but at the same time the problem we faced was that they had not yet made enough money on the basis that some of us had careers in which what we engaged with was worked on a need to know basis or on the basis of secrecy, as a tool by which lies and insults could help them get money from Washington over gimmicks they devised on ideas about who was in league with Communists, lip flapping at me endlessly whilst complaining that people had died. It apparently goes all the way up to the Monarchy, not that even when somebody got involved with and made a mess of armed forces business where for instance I might warn them that I would find the business of insults and abuses at the workplace that is supposed to make them rich, being linked up to celebrity culture, very provocative and they set out a perception for it on media to facilitate their daddy characters running off the sexual context abuses at security services till Kingdom come. It goes all the way up to the Monarchy and its stupidities bullies me in terms of the ways I stood up for myself when attacked being passed off as somebody else’s privilege whilst I had to do something to get into trouble with the law in order to show I deserved what I owned, being that my person and possessions will; have ended up on what its idiocy will perceive as a social no mans land at such a stage, not listening to warnings that none is asking its stupidities to supply opinions about my existence yet so far. They do raise points about the way I ended up in this situation naturally of which besides building communities that ran me down and ensured I did not have the right to smell good whilst clinging to my public image and telling lies that will make it all my fault, to build private armies over the finances, it claimed I was one of its children on which its stupid future relied and that it was the person fighting my wars for me and what I did which had caused so much provocation was to raise awareness of the existence of somebody so willing to do such things for me that they needed to make a public announcement of it – I mean it is not impotent as such considering that I had in doing so wrecked every opportunity to get younger people doing violent things on the streets but it is being raised as though people were unaware of the reality in which it occurred and the ways that they had gone on to fight law enforcement on my behalf among many other gimmicks since. It needs to cease getting the stupid community that is built to run me down, affecting my personal and social life or their children will be too afraid to attend school because of me, the Celebrities will end up with trash careers because they could not keep it from being relevant to the use of my personal life and the male society narcissism platforms for trading gimmicks with keep off my income margins and business partnerships painfully, it will make the second instance I have responded to the same activities that got me dropping out of University, the first had become a global stage phenomenon so far, their exit story being a claim that I am exempt from National service whereas the one I can do in my position involved the grey area where the idea Politicians were corrupt was not set in stone, as it was a matter of when big businesses opened up operations and when a previous one had been closed, having said so which we know there are genuinely corrupt Politicians who suggest others were doing the wrong thing, to serve their gimmicks and secure privileges for the children who were more worthy, so I will be doing National service with it and especially in terms of what the communists were complaining of and we know that they according to history will likely be the first to complain that I did.