They do boast that the idea I am a coward will never leave me but none knows what the motivation for clinging to that stupid story was, save the way they burned the streets when people took advantage of them to make money generation after generation, stemming from ageist idiots who use their gimmicks to build a sense that people are supposed to be pushed around with an unbearable amount of fuss and then made to lose something important or to live in a world where something was always being stolen from them, having failed out work out what to do with it, comes up with a practical jokes to play on me and trash my finances, which will make me get into a fight and if I killed it the family will then show up as it were. The story about the cowardice itself was largely this case of a need Politicians had to see me get picked up from the streets and put into military Uniform to do something about their enemies which will show their insanity made them my masters, so these idiots were the people willing to do it and the Politicians were never satisfied unless it was done the way that I would have, picking up my Royal order to fool around with endlessly while complaining about lack of National security which their government office stupidities was creating by doing so, building up to their idiocy exploring my civic duties to decide how they wanted to show up in area of town they were previously too afraid to visit and finished off with gimmicks where I ma a coward, history being that if I said nothing there will be mass stabbings somewhere in the UK and mass shootings somewhere in Europe or the USA but currently, on the days I do not like my job so much, I cannot attend it because they needed to get imagination up my bum and make me respond to their needs, keep their own jobs to make money and consign themselves to the fringes of society where they get to fight the Police and complain about criminals, set out toll systems that get others losing something important to their stupidities as will ensure they did not have to get a job for a living shooting off the big mouth at me like something that hated its parents and wanted somebody to remind it painfully. They are the ones selling this hell hole we had to live in to the Politicians – this so called Scorpio star signs and the other star signs that follow it; each time Politicians are seen playing with their government office vanity, it gets involved to sell the idea of ruining your life, having your back to the wall and setting out a sense others existed to be made uncomfortable and caused to lose something important to you, cracked up out of my league talking rubbish all the time and I am never going to build it a profile that will ensure there was a sense none had ever made a contribution to its wealth and social inequality problems before I came along, once I am done clearing out the mess its stupidities that involved doing what I am supposed to be doing for foolish Politicians have made all over the world, encumbering my public life in the process. It does appear to have been vengeance for the first time that it got a response from me and I think the next response will be the finale as it were. I do get asked this question of what I would do if I thought of them as a prevalent threat but it is a simple matter of the insults, the endless insults; all we know the insults indicate was some gimmick that they built up from the lives of illiterates and successful illiterates, about which we know from the relentlessness of their stupidities, both extremists and famous idiots who are always prime victims of extremism while others were complicit with it in their stupid view, that they have been to school, the insults, abuses and threats, suggesting they were capable of telling exactly what I am capable of as well. The Celebrities have facilitated it naturally, it does not stop unless it really had to, the health problems associated with clinging to my finances to put up practical jokes that imply I am meant to plug the madness of these idiots from thin air and respond to it before I paid my way in the world, when its famous stupidities had not a reason to commit suicide yet – I have ended up with Celebrity violence for giving them time to move on and cease building a silly profile that suggested the social disposition of my publishers business and my Bookshop existed to serve their madness and that of their fans, the original problem being that it never stopped picking up my public image to make its own money while pressing on an announcement that criminals were better than I am and I spent most of my time trying to rub shoulders with its famous insanity, when I withdrew access, decided to take charge of both our lives, with a big mouth - it does boast about access to a community and a society, needs to stop getting on my nerves or it will have need of it too.

They do claim I cannot get it done on my own first of all and also that I do not like their very existence – the latter claim always being a gimmick naturally that it uses to get its way after making a complete mess of other peoples concerns like in my case where the point that I dropped out of University because it is always making a mess of the way people lived in a community and then building it up into a popularity pressure that will rely on everything in my life that it did not have, should have been a warning sign but never was. As for the matter of the idea I cannot do it on my own, it would feed into the suggestion that they did what they did because I was too weak to respond to it and it may want to note I have had enough of its insults as well – we know it had been to school, so if there was a government investiture on its left hand side and Police work on its right hand side, it could navigate its way through the civic activities and make sense of its place in it, its madness is not one of things that people were meant to tolerate (there is really no point in pursuing it as the corruption issue that it is, it has built the bother, bother, bother and steal practical jokes that it was so fond of on what seems to be the public image which belonged to one of its nightmares, shared it with its communities, perhaps now it wants to liaise with the Police and get rid of what had since developed into a Public and National level crisis).