Now they say I am losing everything I have going round in circles and it is utter nonsense as those who peddle such things do not engage with my Bookshop, so goes without saying they were better off spending their time on more useful things than myself, more so in such ways all together as it were. The reality of the matter is a group of very stupid individuals about whom it is quite clear there are people who had stopped them inflicting pain and suffering somewhere in the course of performing a job which gets to their stupid heads, the contracts on which that job is based of which has nothing to do with hurting people and I plan to find out how they did it, so I might as well, since its impossible to communicate to these idiots they needed to stop hurting me and just lay off my case. They do it all the time, especially the women, they cannot keep their hands off handling others and their imagination veers off very fast towards the direction of poking, prodding, punching etc, so what happens when they end up at the mercy of somebody who does the same to them is that they find a way to inflict further harm to those whom they had already done it to over money issues but I am not responsible for any of it, it does not even come in, considering I don’t make the laws and the Politicians are the ones responsible for doing so. Then there is the other part where they have to be neighbourhood bullies and people who inflict obscurity on others 24/7 to enjoy throes of suffering inflicted by their insanity, where you can say they do it because they are ill but that would not solve a problem but if you said they did because they are stupid it would solve a problem, except they have those foolish rules which say that you will end up in a difficult situation if you described them as a handful of bloody idiots. The rest are the media who have now run off for a while a story about the price I had to pay for my position as they cannot tell if the Monarch loves me more than the Country while what happens is the question at the Monarchy of what to do with my work and Office, recently being settled as an understanding where I am is a place where should the state get involved, is the stuff of civil war, so I have been given permission to delay accessibility when necessary bearing in mind I already used to take a while to get things done in the first place – it has already developed questions on which one HM loves best as stupidly as possible on the insane media. Then there is the part where they say that I have ended up with a state of mind that makes a mess of their culture and society all the time of which there is no such thing, just like the other fools spend time blabbing to their women whose brains had long taken a holiday, of the people they will attack to make others comfortable, so the foolish women show up here with girls dormitory bullying, looking like a handful of mean cunts all the time – in their case, the time between 2014 and 2016 which is three years in total is what they needed to build me a reputation that says I don’t get paid for the work that I do and everybody knows about it, complete with quasi criminals that hang around somewhere with my concerns to tell me my life is over, whom they had allied their stupid selves to. That said, I have allowed it run to such a stage that their stories I mess with the culture and society is now real, so we are about to find out what it is exactly they can do about it.

Its all just the usual case of perverted interests in my concerns degenerating for the worse. It rand off innocently as a right to experiment on me a happy community of people who wanted to know what makes me tick and has now grown into stories of me killing people alongside distant violence meant to foster growth of criminal communities and online money making rackets. That said, I really am at a loss at this point as per what I must do with journalists to stop them completing aspects of my concerns which Clients are interested in and spending all day working on me instead of their jobs, while the stupid threats they issue after churning my tummy suggests there is no way I might pursue my own interests by working on their stupidities all day as well. 

Now they say they persecute me all the time because they want to see me get into a fight and I understand as well the way they complain about me being that their famous stupidities need to stop hurting me and the Politicians on the other hand who sanction most of this nonsense where people attend their employment to spend the day working on me, have not done anything about the culture and society gits that learned how their jobs worked, the last time the punishment for not committing any crimes of abusive behaviour towards others was a systematic process of stripping me of everything that allowed me carry on my daily concerns in relative safety. It has always all been criminal behaviour and it needs to be a criminal because it means people have power to grab wealth and property when they are criminals, then there are those times when somebody just comes up with an idea to support younger people who are not party to these unfathomable personal decisions and it wants to recover its youth until Police shoot it and then a riot was a result. It needs to stop threatening me before that nonsense about hanging around at local communities to handle me leads to an outcome where he has to send out some scumbag to beat me up, the distant violence famous twats need to stop doing it as well lest they ended up being the ones sent out to handle me, as I am never going to flush their stupid lives down the loo for my part as well. They say there are root causes for these activities save the need to be criminal and it is the easiest way to access money and I am only aware of root causes where it likes to claim I will suffer and suffer for making a mess of its culture and society, as long as I had decided I will not be responding to it with that big mouth; root causes where it follows me around to place labels on me that set me out as a profitable victim of financial corruption with eyes firmly fixed on a life that is not its own and a Book I wrote in its life to say the least and I considered this was possible because it had no record of me doing any fighting at school to deter it from following me around as such, so I thought what gets to its head was that stupid culture and society as such – the rest of them that have joined in are looking for trouble and will find it. The Americans are an old case where the employers cannot keep their imagination off my bum talking nonsense either about me working for them because their Country is very powerful or me being disrespectful, just as their minions cannot keep the imagination off my bum issuing threats with a big mouth for the smell they cause as well, while the British ones are the part where I have not yet made my own fame and fortune from the relationship they have with their parents, so it is making progress here since I am no longer able to support myself on the theory that ignoring their stupidities solves a problem. We are about to enter the part where it will be a case of civil activity on either side and I will spend time laying to waste everything which ensures they did not shame themselves in public smelling of what they ate, like their need to handle me and throw insults at me does me, especially when I come through it and the Media is at the helm providing leadership that gets people working on me and my body to feel good about life instead of the stupid jobs they have got. They love to boast that they are not going anywhere and will not be keeping off my space any time soon but I guess people do that when they are bloody idiots, I guess peoples do that when they are incredibly stupid people and there were things they needed to find out in order to stop being so stupid. We all know that even the case of showing up at University to wreck my academic work with this nonsense was actually meant to achieve a process whereby I could never achieve that qualification that helped to expose my talents to them so that they might steal it, whereby even if I did get off to achieve the qualification at a later date, they would have gone way ahead with my lives work and hence became their biggest achievement here but then again, that happened in 2007 while I am writing this in 2020. They do like to boast that it counts as an advantage but it doesn’t; this was a 40 year plan on how I will secure my pensions, not a 40 year plan on how they will secure their own or a 40 year plan that I had made on their behalf – I have issued the warning long enough that the smell issues does look good on cracked up out of my league talking rubbish at me all the time.

On the matter of displeasure on the way I have gotten involved with the British Monarchy, I really do think I am channelling my energy down the wrong direction as there are other people here who want to be an Arch Prince as it were (It would not have been the first time black people expressed opinions about me - the first was claims that I am a conservative and needed to be put in line and nobody knows what conservative people look like in their view to this very day, so these insults have progressively continued and showed up to express physical prowess where I have done the best work for my career, wrecking everything and seeking a sort of response which will teach them a lesson they will never forget for it. It does this all the time and then hangs about somewhere looking like I will soon provoke it well enough for it to send out a twerp that will attack me physically. Soon enough we hear that it would have been a lot better if I were less selfish and we are talking about the time frame between 2007 and 2020 as a period during which I had dropped out of University type of selfish, for which I am also always in pain because their eyes and stupid desires are never fixed on something else, always.)

They now say none understand what people really found appealing about me that they got so close I am now able to harm them as well. What has really happened however is that these idiots have evolved from characters who hung around building up a sense that tackling other peoples financial and family well being to ensure they wear nice clothes, own nice things and magically found themselves on easy street, whereby their civil rights looked like that, to people that can how simulate peoples lives and build it up on Media to fool around with to any extent that they wanted, eliminating the part where they got to offer sex in return when met at the night clubs and whatever venues people pick them up, never mind the fact that it has become even more difficult for those who are not interested to protect valuables from their stupidities. Then when I speak of it we find the criminal daddy characters blab about complaining after I worked with them to tackle others while their behaviour continues still, even though their own version of complain about me had long turned into a global stage phenomenon. Then again at the end of the day you say something about the insults of middle management that is always profitable at your expense and utter idiots that are always playing minion roles to please them, getting imagination up your private parts but we know Celebrities do not take part in this, they are only involved when they think they would gain from the idea that a person was a punching bag over every social problem and their own is always very personal and self-appointed, looking like a lesson that really had to be learned. It is not about me in anyway whatsoever, its about how they got to stop it before I too sacked everything that allowed them carry on without shaming themselves in public with a smell i.e. other people had evolved too. They do love to claim I make a complete mess of any instance in which an American developed a relationship with the Royal family while I don’t – we know the Daughter of the Duke of York got into a relationship with an American and the outcome was that they broke up and she took another persons husband out of wedlock and married it, Prince Harry and his American wife simply abandoned his own Family. So I do get told I needed to take a stronger position but the stronger position is usually the one where everybody are up in arms; these are quite a handful of criminals and this is supposed to be a process that I really enjoy exploring i.e. it wants to steal from me, so it comes up with ideas about spending money on something very important, relies on me to do nothing about a process where it handles and wrecks my finances to get on media being slippery and then once I am saturated with insults, it makes it stupid move. It needs to stop if its stupidities are complaining and we are here because of the most recent developments i.e. between 2016 and 2019, they spent time wrecking everything I did about my Bookshop and not just that, they had been running off series of industrial abusive behaviour that said I could complete my academic work if I had money and my Bookshop could be successful if I had money and there were many things I could do with a Hermitage if I had money, about which the very process of pursuing money in that manner would mean I got none but they were about to leave me with very little choice and we end up with a series of and series of things I could do if I had money, of which if I don’t have the money, now have to leave them for those who have money – this is what caused me to think about their self appointed and incredibly abusive position as Celebrities and why they needed to find out to what extent I am not a fan of their stupid existence too. I am sure it is not gibberish I have uttered when I say the famous twats really do need to stop hurting me if they are complaining and they always rather love to prolong the whole thing coming up with tricks and gimmicks about a state of existence which is supposed to have interfered with the fact people knew who the hell they were and they were making money from such a social disposition - hence much the same is applicable to their Liberal USA Politicians and I believe I have said my piece.

They do like to boast that I am facing a losing battle which is utter nonsense; I did not set up this Bookshop to hurt people and so its a lot of work for me to respond to their stupidities because of it and it was not set out as a cash intensive investment either, the potential earnings I have lost to their gimmicks has now motivated me into a position which means I want to make them listen by any means a famous twats. As a writer, I can only make money for as much as people listening to me talking about things is interesting and this is impossible alongside this sort of attention and abuse - I want them getting off my Hermitage and engaging with the Books I have written if it is about interest in my work and they were going home with their Media salaries every month, going on like this all day long. They do love to claim that in effect when it comes to it, there was no way I could take them on and I can understand the part where you walk into the City and see the lifestyle there and whilst you may want to be a part of it, you also think a lot of about the way people live from which it had resulted and whom might end up getting hurt but then again at the same time, when the other reasonable voice that believes they are not entitled to any part of your property sings as well, it will be clear what happened at the bank balance is what the idiots responsible are really doing. It does now need to show showing up at the radio waves to beat me down while I chase my daily concerns with insulting women whiles that takes this business of having written a Book that assists them with bullying, had my whole life flushed down the loo because I did not understand my social disposition and how much of that stuff I create their stupidities really needed, to a whole new level. 

They claim what makes them feel the most despondent about me is the idea I am an Arch Prince but I am, however the reality is that I am a Royal Hermit; they however have a need to look for trouble and when they get some they needed the entire world in order to handle it. The idea I am discounting the powers of my Office by saying so is what some people will find uncomfortable but the reality is that I am a Hermit; The Queen control both the Armed Forces and those who decide what happens with civilian living and how we get around our concerns in safety and security. There has to be a crime I had committed which has caused me to be hounded for over a decade and a half and to have everything that allows me get on with my concerns in safety stripped off me, so I might become a laughing stock about whom the foolish media may go on all day but they have no wish to face the crisis that comes with it as well. Then there are my Books which assisted them but I really did not understand my social standing and how much they needed what I had created and now considering recent events, I have – blabbing another one where I think I can take them on.



June 13, 2020

So they now say that people like me really do light the fire on the world and bail out which is utter nonsense; what happens is that the immoral society had displayed its trade mark gimmicks at my expense – the public place insults that will make me share what I have, the abuses and mockery that will ensure I am not able to deter them and the communities that will run me down all the time to ensure I cannot defend myself when they develop a habit of hurting me and working on me over their money issues. What the Government did with it was to use the entire Parliament to tie my hands behind my back because I pushed back at them and give them public statements they can make as if they were in need of the services of an exorcist until it became a Political crisis; the original plan was to do this and blame the outcome of moral people in order to become more eloquent with their sense of freedom, so I wrecked that and now they say I lit the fuse on the world because they did not build a plan B.

Some have said we face this crisis on two fronts i.e. these trouble makers and moral people like myself which is utter nonsense too; to establish the relevance of such claim of balance they will never to make sense of the link between my religious activities and the destruction of my academic pursuits to hang around at Office blocks passing life changing insults at me all the time which these fools engage in all day. The question of the prognosis of this behaviour is what people say never comes to mind but it does every time; they need to be nice to win job contracts and sell things to the public in order to be rich, they have no wish to be nice to others but religious people do not run out of it – they need to have a lot of self confidence if all their target at industry and every person they needed to meet and satisfy had to be met and satisfied and whilst they don’t have this because of the consequences of their excesses, Armed Forces Operatives do not run out of it and the list goes on and on and on like that, right to the point where in my case, the spirituality of my personality and bed chamber is now required, for the time being of which their stupidities were asking nicely and it all stems from the completely harmless community idiots sharing it all the time to feel good about life.

I have been told it is bigger than I make out as there are governments which support it beyond abusive Americans making me into something I am not to destroy my income and get me into a fight on their behalf all day and yes it’s the same one that was responsible for world war one and world war two, so this will be the third time apparently. Its delegates think that the less sense of security Political leaders have is the more they will be likely to sign Industry deals, while it believes that it controls Europe, if I had decided its destruction of everything that lets me carry on my concerns in relative safety does mean it now needs to get stuck in with the difficult part of work that Armed Forces do, all hell breaks lose globally. So the USA is struggling with it because of the Obama wisdom that decided to replace the British with the Germans in order to curb racism and it might be possible to assist the US but their history of Celebrity waging war on me for instance over the last 15 years abusively and everyday says otherwise.

They then claim a huge part of the problem can be averted if people like me took personal responsibility to go around solving them but we all know history is full of goons like this, whereby people have one career and there is public upheaval requiring them to fulfil another until the result was that one thing happened and it was being explained away as something else, to such an extent that a public crisis emerged which history also bears witness to the fact they have never once fixed the problem themselves. Their attitude constantly suggests that they have had it all figured out, that death comes to us all and that they are not afraid of war.



June 3, 2020

They claim my toughness had now been fully expressed and it is utter nonsense as what really happens is that they barge into Court and spend years on media insults which help them simulate some of it to play with and rectify stupid personal decisions they had made in the past to make sense of their ideas about whom they were superior to; we have now ended up with two separate existences, one being mine and the other being their own, so while mine is untouchable, theirs is about to clear my sp...

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