With respect to differences among the political parties in the UK I have difficulty understanding what they mean. Labour is Labour and Liberal democrats are Liberal democrats and conservatives are conservatives; differences anyone?

Conservatives always do what they always do and Liberal democrats are the ones I can never get; I mean what is Liberal about their democracy besides what happens more often which is pretending to be the nice guys of Politics then going all over the place hurting people and blaming yet more when they fail to make it work at the polls.

Labour on the other hand is quite clear until somebody gets hold of them and beats them up mercilessly the whole process of never doing anything unless they have the will of violent people to push on everybody else and tell people if they don’t tag along those violent people will get out of hand, by which they issue personal threats at people and target others like myself with the rhetoric of yours is a social case every time they appear in Public it does not seem like it will get any better. Maybe they plan never to go anywhere without their cars for example so no body would ever catch them; I have no idea. These are the people who fought for my civil rights before I was born. Idiots with opinions I always call them they never let you get over any trouble you have with anybody so they can do civil rights and have power. In this case you know most people who travel here do not want to travel back to where they travelled here from. So your life is always about you and your parents and then you and your parents and your academic work and then you and your parents and your job and then maybe you and your parents and your family end of story. Until that is somebody set out to change the way the culture works specifically over and around you in order to have power. Every single civil rights problem in the US for example has been created by them and here in the UK we just have the ones that are completely obsessed with shrines and powers by which to get rich.

They will claim your property a large part of which is being used to serve the country is something they want and then by which time they have already set off to confiscate the part that you personally make a living from. The reasons they say is that they want the Country to be run by a new system and yet if it was you would have another job or would be doing something else with yourself which means you will still have your inheritance anyway, so it confuses you all the time what they mean. Except of course you were there when they realised they could not confiscate your property and use it in the service of the devil and wickedness to have power, so they had decided to play games and push you into government so that they can make Political arguments by which to have what they want anyway. So where I come from, it is the anti-Christ, they never ask because doing so will make them inferior. They always must be able to take and then later make you understand they have all the power. So if it is about faith, they want you to set up church so that they can join as well and be priests so that they can abuse Children for example among other things or become the ones that make priests abuse children among other things etc.

They always throw around those games about plans they have to become like republicans in America and I have no idea what it has to do with me anyway, which most claim is an act on my part to get rid of those who fight for the cause of others like me. I think I have said enough on it; they can see republicans in the US whose offices and personal lives it is possible to grab and make a mess of in order to be like them and I had already mentioned it is the antichrist.