I am said to be popularly completely unaware that HM is a threat while I believe myself to be welcomed at the Royal Family. The truth however is that this is a threat issued by some goons who spend their time playing up Men’s world gimmicks with The Prince of Wales; I find it so incredibly annoying that they love to issue the threats at me for the effects and consequences. It’s the old story that if you are a Prince and were asked to be a Priest, it would not have killed you to be one necessarily – they have played their games to such an extent that they split up leadership at the Monarchy and for my part, if I said it was wrong for The Prince of Wales to devise his own leadership for the Queens absence while The Queen was still in Office, it would have gotten me into perpetual trouble and yet we know what it means is that we have two Monarchs, time after time, we find HM is touring The Country while The Prince of Wales is getting along with his European friends and somebody who has planned his future is busy trying to explain it to the rest of us while we know exactly what it is. It therefore goes without saying they do need to stop threatening me and if they want to devise a means for the Prince of Wales to run a Mans world reign when he is King, they need to do it without handling me, this is the only way to do it safely for everybody, the only way to ensure they were in charge and everybody else wasn’t. The Prince of Wales himself will say that others get things from their mothers that he has not had the opportunity to get from the Monarch and yet we know that for everything that he is not getting from The Queen these guys that are always trying to explain where he is wrong and where he is not, where The Queen is wrong and where The Queen is not, are at the centre of it – this has been the case for all his life and yet no specific fact and eventuality that has emerged from it has yet to be taken seriously. Then there is the only story about the Media and the Celebrities where it is assumed others cannot handle it and it is said such things are used to harm his feelings while we know that the best source of leadership on Media and Celebrities in this Country is actually not The Queen’s leadership as some may think, it is that of his Father the Duke of Edinburgh who has done this since he was a Teenager. I mean at leadership here in the UK, you are expected to put first the needs of female community as it is the case that you are not also expected to say one thing and then stick to it, especially at Royal Office, so if the Prince of Wales decides to prioritise the needs of Men, it has to be a matter of some handful of very narcissistic goons who want to find out whether people are capable of thinking about them as items that can be handled so abusively as well. I have been told I needed to take the increasing state of instability in the Country seriously but there is none; these people would do anything for Royal Politics, they liked the way HM responded to things but their problem is to stand by the leadership when the people at the top had reached a point of no return – The Duke of Sussex for instance has set himself a new Benchmark, whereby you may abandon your Royal Office entirely if you needed to, yet, I am said to be a pariah because I am guided by the position of the Church, while they are the best deal for the Public because they believe in modernism and why all else ought to see the reasons their needs had to be met. I am aware there are people that will not let it go quietly which is precisely what I mean i.e. it is better for all when those who are working their men’s world gimmicks are doing so in a way that sets out they were in charge and others were irrelevant, handling me is not likely to proceed well – this agrees with the idea what they are doing is wholly a matter of leadership style.

The Politicians have however said that there is still instability that cannot be brushed under the carpet and yes, I am aware of this too, but it is mostly a matter of German leadership not the Monarchy. Their minions will progress from goons about which I ensure the culture and society trouble makers are stuffed full of what I know, so they don’t show up here to lumber me with their social and sexual corruption when I am chasing my concerns, to characters that have acquired some form of spiritual power that can be used to ensure that I suffered heart disease when they wanted to get rich at my expense but co-operation was not forth coming and then I will come up with a plan to ensure they can take some things from me but not enough to allow them hang around somewhere talking nonsense all the time and not enough to actually cause me any trouble. This is what German leadership destroys completely, claiming the British are stretching the power beyond its limit and then these goons will get completely out of hand, all the German leadership will do then is make a statement that they have no beauty where they are and those who are at its mercy were warned not to take on things that are too much. An old story where the same Country invented two world wars and not much have changed since and they will say we don’t object when Americans throw their weight around which has not link to this whatsoever; the reality which is that the same social evils that created Nazism exists have always existed in every Country in Europe, including the ones that have been at the mercy of the Germans over the last 200 years, militarily and even economically but none of these Countries are as interested as Germans are in the exploration of what we consider to be purely evil in a social context and we find them explore it, feed it up because they cannot handle it, let it grow very big and then fail to handle it every time; either way, devising social evils they can work as a community and hang around looking like its too difficult for them to shut it down by themselves when it makes me smell and gives them opportunity to tell lies and issue stupid threats, especially on claims I fart in Public places, they know exactly what my feelings about that stupid culture and society is and what will be the likely result of letting me get my hands on it too. So far, the stupidities have claimed they are uncomfortable with the bullying that is being carried out against them to a stage where their assailants appear to have gained Doctorate degrees from doing so, hence I guess that it would not have been sporting for a Hermit to tell lies as well, so I did make use of their own lies.

I do get asked what my agenda is and yes it is the business of getting people to build us Public problems while we also had a means for them to get it solved by themselves, as we can see that the stupider it is, the more difficult a public problem it will be. So far the Middle Classes have progressed from getting Celebrities to wreck peoples University stupidities as parents encouraged Children to hang around at University setting out other peoples Children as tools that will handle culture and society goons while others passed exams because passing exams was the reserve of their superior, to fighting society trouble makers over the bottom chasing issues that have not gotten completely out of hand – having been their own is done, I am meant to tidy it up and prepare for either profile lies City centre big brothers and big sisters with Media presence abuses at other peoples expense or culture and society idiots with access to Popular culture making tools out of those that are trying to find solutions to complicated job, personal and career issues. They do suggest that what I say is not going to deter anybody, like we see the society goons are supposed to hurt their Children first, then realise the correct thing to do was to get into league with them and get imagination up my bum which has happened but the result had not yet come through of their stupidities putting a stop to all processes of entrapment and playing foolish games with me where I have done the best work for my career – so the business of making sure structures were in place to ensure their minions are not fooling around at my expense each time I chase my concerns will continue therefore. In terms of what I have said here deterring anybody, they have shown the Celebrity gimmicks and vandalism does not work if you are doing it with your own property, so although I am unable to be a Celebrity myself, I will have some Celebrities in a Court system just for them – besides which I have no idea why I appear to be stuck somewhere looking like I am complying with their stupidities to engage with the world around me the way they do, know and understand it, fighting society goons for insulting big brother and big sister City centre characters, who really should be doing it by themselves – the deterrence. So far it’s the Middle Classes who get to University to set other peoples children out as characters that should be dealing with gangs and criminals while more superior people passed the exams and after that the lies will be just the tip of the iceberg, who are now fighting the society goons and hanging around somewhere claiming I will lose a Hermitage over it – I am supposed to tidy this up at this stage and prepare the society goons and big brother – big sister abusive city centre gits as well.