There is this talk about how UK government reforms on the economy is not working and that it will not pay off and that things are slow and that things do not work as they want. It makes so much sense to me when it is said so accompanied with abusive and insolent language towards me. I mean I can see myself as a business man but I would be a normal business man and therefore know that I am only to work with the economy I have got not tell people to change it by spending more tax payers money for me. I should suppose therefore it is a matter of the fact the idiots are deluded and this is not the only prove of course; there are others such as a process where they want to use the social, political and market system in the UK to make money but pay taxes else where and in all that time they have not on any occasion read properly the fact that as far as I am concerned the better they get the hell out of this country and find somewhere else more comfortable for them to do business in the better; all that promoting Britain stuff that goes on is very expensive and we do not wish to send out mixed messages about what our economy is to any world; like we are a mainly financial economy with tourism pulling strings because of its influence or we are mainly manufacturing economy with financial sector pulling strings because of its influence and so on.

Then there is the part about what they will settle for as an alternative which is a system they say would work better if Labour was in government because they promised to spend money to boost growth; I have no idea anyway whether the fact one government spends money to boost growth and another does not gets to mean that the economy itself changes, hence the problem businesses have with some kind of reform that Politicians must have made which makes it impossible for them to do their own jobs professionally. It is the same attitude they express towards my livelihood as well; their idea of getting off to a day job for the male ones is a process where I allow them use my work to make their better in order to make money then as time goes on they complain to the politicians until I give it up but nothing tells them that when that happens and I give up the market place they are trying to get rich with, I will have lost my entire business and that such a thing can only happen in hell, perhaps the part of hell where the devil has got no power so that even human beings and God himself sort of can do what they like in that part of hell. For the women it is about rounding me up and wrecking my finances to play their obsessive nonsense around me in order to get on places and put an end to my ability to prevent that their sharing money rubbish from resulting in more money which is what profit is for them; I mean peoples idea of doing business is about handing my property and getting off somewhere perhaps really public place to multiply the amount of money that they have already got, so it applies that to them I am something of a money multiplier or something and it is infuriating beyond measure when they tell me if it is impossible to in the UK they will be safe to somewhere else in the world: at present that particular prognosis is the reason they hate my guts to much and I have not begun to mess with their sense of freedom and humanity yet. I mean they make statements such as claims I was born bankrupt; I do wonder what it really means anyway, maybe some kind of business slag or something. I am not born bankrupt and never was and they will feel what I mean when I say this; safe in South America or South Asia they say, no body multiplies any stupid money around here I say and if they have in the past not any more, everything that needs to be done with their lives and those other idiots from other cultures that protect them with their strange cultural powers will be done so they can understand that it never will happen. This is really what is happening i.e. chasing them around the world to ensure I am there everywhere they do business so they do not multiply money with my work, not the fact I was born bankrupt.

Business men and women like those; you can get around the world and gather them if you want or you can let the immoral politicians who think their foolishness harms no body, do it instead in order to crush a Christian faith from which they will get trophy victories from so doing, since it will harm no body and so they need to stay away from my books and even farther from my earnings.