So they speak of me creating a lot of instability each time the Military supports me better than they do top members of the Royal Family but I am not; I am only doing my bit – Heroism has always been a skill before it is a behaviour, you have to be a hero first before you act like one, when such services call, sometimes we may have people who behave in ways suggestive of villainy but are actually deploying the system of heroism to do things that are heroic and likewise we have people behaving in ways suggestive of heroism but are acting in villainous ways who now hate my guts because what they hoped to gain by messing around with the security services is now lost i.e. this was supposed to have been the worst result of the two. We find the same concerning Hollywood as well where all those actors and producers I brokered equities with are now faced with brokenness because somebody else is replacing us all with criminals who buy the films at the Cinema – now however we know they want to be free from the abuses and they have started targeting us again, so that even if I had this great idea of getting them out of it by breaking my own rule that says they must be made to seek their equities from their savings which they worked for and secure ideas for entertainment from their own backyards and not my Estate, all those producers and actors they have been hurting will then have a completely separate idea about that. We see these conversations they have invented on Media about how Women treat Men as children being held on my public image and then tales being told of how it is not my Business while it is another gimmick that stops me selling my Books all together. The reality of course is that women usually have very limited choices when it comes to the people they have relationships with, so if they know they are in a relationship with a cruel person are likely to come up with a Countermeasure. In my case we are here again where they blow off their big mouth at me for deciding that dropping out of University on account they find my reaction to the insanity of society amusing, that their madness will pay my Bills or it will never be over, concerning which the work on the society and political goons have been done and I need the media ones to clear my space and keep off my Book sales lest they end up with their own as well. If we want to list the reasons women treat them as children we will find it’s a matter of what we saw when we were younger and has always existed; Mum has given birth to little brother and sometimes spends hours talking sweet nothing about how everybody thinks the Boobs are great, not that she is disputing the idea when she looks in the mirror and so it’s all booby fun that women do all the time – seems to be the reason you cannot keep them down because they are always happy but then somebody finds it impossible to let another 3 months break from maternity booby fun, some even go as far as to take the job away because of it. Then there are other types where as I mentioned, I drop out of University, not just because they look at my bottom all the time and know a Christian will never give them consented anal sex but are complaining that women treat them as Children, while the main impetus for such behaviour we see where they promise war onto anybody who causes them to fight any cause that created an idea that the sense they were famous was disputable on one hand, while their whole life is based on self-progression on the other that is based on a completely innocent person with a Public image they want to confiscate so they can make the persons personality deal with gangs and crime, looks exactly like the person who offended them unforgettably; I do love to suggest as such beside the idiots complaining that women treat them as Children while I am yet to find a person that is able to marry the two behaviour, that the cowards do need to get the racism and do some media with it as well. It’s all about the little things they do to discipline women of course and since that was exhibited on me because they had the right, I thought it was apt to drop out of University over Legal studies while able to deploy fundamentalisms that should not be explored to make a living on the other hand, to open them up to matrimonial cruelty as well and now that women can discipline them any time they hate my guts but since I dropped out of University for these stupidities, I have continued to give them their exit whereby they kept off my Book sales and cleared my public image space – nobody drops out of University for such nonsense as Men wanting to preserve or build up the things they need to discipline women by without consequences and I am certain they understand that too; it’s time for them to keep off the Books and let it spend some culture and politics and society to pay the bills around here as well, we all have problems. They do say it’s a big problem for me while it is not; its ever present here at the Monarchy – I wrote a manuscript somewhere and he picked it up and savaged my work, to run off and get married to that Princess that likes me, adding to his society of self-preserving cowards with a need to discipline others confiscating peoples public image to avoid gangs and criminals while marrying people to criminals and social issues on Media at the same time and there was no way that the Princess would have seen that he is a very cruel person, that the relationship was going to be one full of cruelty and was never likely to take him to a corner and show him how people work his own out for him as well; so these ways women take them to a corner and show them how their own is worked out is the reason they need to tackle my finances and persecute every day on Media and social media, then tell me I could not tell them they were idiots in suits who needed to keep off my case as well all together. In the end, this business of the fact that getting into a fight with local people means people chase their bottoms and they cannot maintain the fame and Media jobs, is meant to be a clear indication of the consequences of living in a world where people really enjoy picking on their leaders.