They do say my sense of humour causes a lot of problems for others but it’s never really the sense of humour as it is the fact my whole life has become a fraternity at the whim of media fools, which anybody can join and so we find that the civil rights ones who believe the answer for their civil rights cowardice is to pick on and attack somebody that is unlikely to harm them in the way they had been attacked, and I think it’s what they want to other people’s jobs going off to somebody else foolishness want to do with their time but if it becomes a threat they will feel me every single time as well considering having a livelihood and a job or academic work should not bring about physical and violent pain that is a result of being hit and attacked while their corruptions of involvement appears to have been a culture of evil that is here to stay with that big mouth. So we find they are the ones that always wreck people finances in the hope they will fight for a civil rights on behalf of such persons after calculating what it is worth fighting racism on people’s lives – while the racists do the same except its more about their superiority instead and so it’s just me and some Woman at Court and they are not complaining enough and blabbing about becoming a plaything for Media all together – they do say I say such things but never make progress while there is actually no reason for people to drop out of University when community croons worry about their fame all day long and the supposition I am trying to save myself from bullying is all wrong since it is obvious that it is carving fame from my personality that makes me such a target. I mean in terms of making progress – if this whole business of being hit by celebrities and fashion fools and popular culture idiots who want to make money on my public image does not come to an end as soon as possible, how do people image I am likely to get about solving such a problem anyway? So it is a set pattern after all and does not actually have a reverse gear; mostly it’s incredibly stupid, the ones that have jobs will not pay attention to it, if they prefer spending money on any celebrity scum that passes abusive insults my way when I do not know them and we are neither friends nor enemies, creating this outcome where my progress will be defined by what becomes of those stupid high flying jobs they do not love as much, if their stupidities keep showing up where the phenomenon that is my Books should be earning me a living, ripping the patents and making comments. So eventually we see it’s a matter of dumb students who find that when they are irresponsible it helps them concentrate on academics showing up to bully me, tell lies and extract money from my Royal estate all the time and I have allowed my finances take a battering because it means when somebody does get off to the insulting fashion and media and popular culture and it was the broke person that supplied the equity property, they get to blab and bully so much but what has become of that is that they want to tell me of what favours I owe them on account that if they do not show up all over my public image to get their financial problems settled they will lose their minds and it’s the same way I want to lay waste the high flying jobs ones that I intend to handle it too – a bit of normalcy but only after the carnage. The part about security is the most telling part not the most complicated i.e. take steps to ensure others do not get hurt protecting you since you do not like to do much heavy lifting at the heavy lifting part of your engagements and these idiots will show up and run this nonsense for years, make some money and get off to do the same as well, then start the provocation all over again, when they have famous and had hired a couple of security guards, for some cowardly freedom violence that will settle penance for the fact they had lost a fight even though the fight they do not plan to lose is the one with the things that curb their evil nature and that stupid temper they say matters to others as well when it doesn’t. So, the civil rights are losing money and the celebrities and the popular culture and the stock markets and the media but they are not deterred, instead my whole body hurts and clinging to my income to tell lies has become the main thing and I wish to know why they suppose I should go about solving the problem if they do have an opinion anyway. They do say this is how wealth distribution is done of course but I wouldn’t know anyway – I have a literary empire attached to a Royal Estate to release money from and it is perhaps the stage where I will have to take a position on those who have a problem with my rights and dignity as set out by the law, on account they have money problems – all they have to do is carry on this way and keep blabbing too – after all people get involved with an author to buy a Book as it were. They say I provide people false confidence that what I do is capable of saving them but we all know I do not wish to spend my time listening to the fact people on the left kick them all the time which is usually done turning my tummy upside down all the time and when I do listen it does mean their stupid politicians are getting a job done – I mean it’s usually a matter of not making up your own of what they are saying to you instead of just listening to it to get the message clearly, whereby they mean you need to eat some shit and all those various nonsense that helps them keep an eye on your public image to get rich and famous with, a false fucking confidence you give people. They do say I will not kill off any high-flying jobs but we all know I have given the advice people get involved with a writer to buy a Bok, before I set about checking my losses over their success of insults where I work for it and have it damaged, then I forgive the damage and the perpetrators build their own from copying my public image to bring about equality and then will likely get a bloody complain out of them for it too. So, they say these are desperate people and there is no way I can get any of it done but we all know that to be false as the reality is rather that I can always very easily ensure they are clear that they are insane and that I will kill off those high flying stupid jobs, if the advice that people get involved with a writer to buy his Books are not taken asap. – It feeds into the story about how I thought I had power over social media but am finding out I don’t, this is where it is going to be settled. I mean, if somebody pillages my work to make money at stock markets and I said something at the Office that caused him to lose money, he understands the level of distress but continues the routine of let’s get together and go to his business to hang around and block consumer access because it’s amusing – cannot do anything about you when you set out to pick a board and nail it to his shop to shut it down for the same period but wishes to continue and boast about how little you can do about him on media.

So, they do say I am being manipulated by Politicians here which is not true; this whole exercise is about putting a lever on the politicians which I can pull every time they make those threatening gestures and give those stupid speeches that encourages people to tackle my finances. We hear them brag all the time about how it happens because I have little respect for their stupid challenges as per when my Daddy stands up on a pulpit to give a speech and provide some leadership using my reputation and Public image because he deserves the limelight, I get off and develop an effrontery to interfere with that big mouth and then my tummy will never feel good and I cannot get anywhere looking and feeling professional. It’s always easy to start out thinking they are a separate thing from that stupid Media and the Community croons but it is clearer and clearer that they are not. They say my activities brew madness but clearly anything that is not helping with writing and selling Books, college and any small means to raise needed extra funds is madness, its none of their business what I do with my livelihood anyway; they might not be confident I can wreck a high-flying job but I think people get involved with a writer to buy his Books as a matter of generic fact.