The main conversation that people want to have these days endlessly is the amount of problems I have got, how it makes them feel better and predisposes them to being rich and connected and also how it means that they can get more wrecking my life by making this problems endless, besides which there is already enough of those problems they cannot even avoid showing up in Public being happy about it; none of which makes any sense when the only problem I have here is the one group of people that is Politicians, the same old case of plucking up courage to tackle them head-on – the same group of people who started since 2001 to ensure they were building my whole life into this sort of really stupid outcome and have not given me a single 24 hour break since then nor have they offered an explanation, save when we hear their stupidities go from blabbing about State Benefits to blabbing of how characters like me were seen to have developed into Millionaires in the past and that mine is really big. Always happy to brew up National abusive conversations on how I have ended up with problems that will never go away while nobody knows if their media gits get involved on account they had the same power and their government operative counterparts but never an explanation, only excuses and abusive ways of making up accusations as they go along and telling lies – it has not stopped in over a decade and a half for a single day and yet most of the threats are due to a process of having to deal with the culture and society trouble makers they deploy to run this nonsense at me endlessly i.e. having been we have done it as it were, given these goons money so they can never stop saying they were clever and would not have money if they were not, while like we do with their Politicians, we try to hold ourselves together tightly in the course of trying to see if saying that they are not stupid people would churn the tummy. We hear them claim it’s a matter of my involvement with the Monarchy where I am set up as a pipsqueak who is used by the Monarchy to rule more important representatives of the people and they did not say this 12 years ago when they had not yet wrecked my finances, when there were no debatable disposition by which I was given a Royal Commission about which I had tried to attend University and pass an academic work to settle up on what I must do with it, they are saying it now because they have finally achieved the greatest thing in their lives, since last they saw me at University, could read my mind and had decided that the disposition in it whereby I am not comfortable with the barely criminal existence and activities of their society and culture goons made me unworthy to pass my exams and now they want it to look credible that when I say I will rip up that stupid culture and society eventually as it seems, it was possible that I were bluffing as the result would be a war, the entire time of which we know if I spent time with what I learned in school for the purpose of ripping it up, we would be wondering where on earth the war had gone. So now they are keen to make announcements of my problems and are blabbing of how I speak of the fact all they do at Government is Celebrity, such that if they took the Government seriously it would not have ended well with me, as stupidly as possible; we know all they do is set about building up various colours of Public instability using their Celebrities and knowing perfectly well that Celebrity generally means people being unable to pass the exams at school and in my case specifically they say I am a hypocrite that is tangled up with Celebrities while it was rather the case that this nonsense had gone on for years, right up to the point where their industrial narcissists needed to wreck my finances and enjoy some forgiveness for it that their stupidities deserved while they spent time talking of Angela Merkel in Germany, Theresa May in the UK and Hilary Clinton in the US whereby twerps like me will be taught to behave when women want to satisfy financial needs at my expense, about which Trump was racist and it was all my fault – it never stopped until it got a response as it were. They do claim I hate Celebrities when I talk about their need to deploy Celebrity and create us all kind of public instability whereby a new one is created that we have never seen before each time we clear out the previous ones, while the reality was that if a Celebrity got an OBE for services to Celebrity culture, it would have been clear they had succeeded and were important people – while when somebody is in service of the Crown, it was clear if duties were fulfilled, HM would have be happy about it but if they were fulfilled in terms of keeping Celebrities out and making sure the main concern was the academic work and career everybody is talking about, The Queen would be ecstatic about it – its clearly not my Job at Parliament or my bottom hurting because of instability I have developed alongside Celebrities, since the last time we checked the environment where service operatives are trained had a specific name and we all knew what the name was. Every time they say I am unable to justify my actions, I am rather left wondering if they could justify the business of making a mess of my academic work and career since 2001 when I was 21 till date when I am 39, or they were rather convinced they were that good at telling ageist lies. So in love with these stories they are, the stories of how talking about their revolutionary stupidities that allows them behave like whores sleeping with just about anything on the planet at Parliament over some stupid need to get rid of a perfectly functioning Government over gimmicks of the Monarchy being archaic, was a taboo because of how it will affect the Monarchy but it is not a taboo here bearing in mind more so that I have warned them enough times about the existence of the Monarchy being used as yardstick to feed their wickedness of destroying my property so they might exploit the destitution that will have resulted from it, as if my existence operates in a conditions where Laws and rules do not apply – besides which they claim not to be fond of Monarchy but are at all times seen bullying people into a disposition that makes their victims little kings and queens that with the right bullying allows the victims to know things and tell their stupidities all about it, right up to the point where those who actually have Monarchy to look after will give these victims a working disposition because it threatens them, which disposition will help the protect the existence of their victims.