So the Royal people and or those that are connected while I am not, who always seek things that are bigger than them but in order to have it from a position that is Royal, need to turn somebody else's entire empire into an essence everybody can tap into and become the ones that are being generous with it with the entire world, like they can give to the frugal. They had done so with my property so we have the usual results which were;
 Then of course is it time for people to hunt me down over the need to find a job which I have and make a living because I have won all my battles against their wickedness and because they never leave people alone, it is the only place they can catch me, where all has worked so well in my life it can be damaged that is; so every time it is always the really ugly girls that serve secrete society men that have sex with them once they promise them to pick on young men for them for all sorts of reasons and this is how they end up with jobs no matter how difficult it is for others to get one, mostly because they are also making it so with the fact no body can ever work out why they pick on people if they do not know they intend to attack them until they can have sex with them which of course is some kind of a vision and for reason of which no body knows if they do because people think they are beautiful when they are ugly or people are actually ugly and like to play mob queue powers over other peoples earnings, acting as if the sufferings of poorer people in various parts of the world is just something that shapes people in a particular way to create more success and of course they can never stop attacking people especially when God has blessed such people, in their eyes people always need to be seen doing better to look like its really tough and difficult and in my eyes too which is why their hate for me has no limits they always want the world to believe their actions are because they love or want to have sex with people when I know and will never stop telling the world too it is because they serve the devil, are evil witches and know their wickedness if operated along such lines ruins peoples lives and apart from a job that evil men have given them to provide for themselves for such purposes, it is the only other thing they do like a profession. The issue being of course that when I provide security for my friends especially the females, so they con concentrate on their jobs and even their studies and do well in it because it is all so incredibly unrelenting, it is time for community girls to take over the relationship with their insults especially when they are not white and have one such relationships with me whether I like it or not-usual means of punishing me for serving God being the need to help people who are in trouble of course while they make sure people think they are good people as well and idiots who have thrown away the truth in right and wrong want to sit somewhere and take their frustrations out on others because they hold different opinions about what is happening: the others from the Eastern part of the world simply think that each time my friends are concentrating on their various pursuits it is the time to get involved with me like my friends do but in the end however, if they work in the employment service for example other people always get the jobs while I never do-point being that they are measuring their levels and levels and levels of beauty with the use of me and how beautiful they can get with the use of me too, which of course is my punishment for serving God that happens before their violent men talk rubbish about the need to spread the Gospel of Christ being a threat and of course bearing in mind also the protection they provide for such people to steal my property and get confident I cannot get it back with, after they do only when they have made sure I have no choice but need and require it, which they do with a big mouth.

Of course the other effects are the business scum that spend my securities with media and commercials industry using scandals and insults on things like their mid life crisis and heart disease, which they make out they need to beat me up into taking right into my own heart like the miracle I should b performing, so that they can have a healthy one like a miracle. Knowing their stupid business cannot do any better but completely confident of how they will earn my own income instead, after making me desperate enough to require the one they need too because I have no other alternatives.

Then the  community scum and the fact everything about getting things from me is all about power-no body asks, they just need to do certain things along the lines of the need for respect and then I will get what is coming to me if I don't know what it means and thus comply, which original purpose was to detach me from my faith but is now a means of spending my property.

Then the stupid children of all these fools who spend all their time insulting me in order to feel good and feel healthy and then do well in school, like I am the person people hurt to get a blessing because the Community girls and women have got me in a place where I cannot escape.

Then the fame freaks that cannot stop leaning on me or leaning towards me, then threatening me with everything they do with their stupid filthy problems they issue threats at me for because they think media has turned the table and they are now me to have all I have, while I am them to have all the problems they had with a large gob- for other people have no feelings only they do. They always make out the problem to be my faith but set out to pervade the very air that comes out of my mouth whenever I say anything all together; then seek to have my intellectual property to get good feelings while those that find ways of dragging me into scandals and making money by doing something to earn my income continue to buy their immorality since last they were supported by the state whereby tax payers money was given them to give them the upper hand-knowing perfectly that I broke the securities and Equities with companies worth billions all over the world and that the system by which I do this sustains my book sales which is where I get my income for all I need to do including my Government work.

They sit somewhere all of them making millions for pulverising my property, complaining about the need to spread the gospel of Christ changing their lives, threatening me all the time on public television each time they make adverts because they have stolen something that belongs to me somewhere to make it with, to get rich with and then telling me bad evil things with happen to me when I spread the gospel all over the world with a big mouth.
When they are done they tell you not to preach the gospel of Christ so they can win, they tell you not to convert them, they tell you not to bring them closer to Christ, they tell you not to save them from the devils damnation with the gifts that God has given you; of course you must fight, I must fight and you must fight hard and be strong for it.