I am now told I am instrumental to this process where entire communities and societies and leadership depart from the business of taking a position against racism and extremism all together and it is has no place in reality; the reality is that Politicians want to be complicit with racism because it ensures there is enough familiarity among ethnic groups to facilitate a process where they came up with a plan that makes sense, to grab any careers that they wanted from other people. In my case specifically its been 15 years of the Labour party going to Africa to find my parents and get them to make me behave – so we see it play out all the time in the sense the idiots don’t like to be proven wrong but want to have arguments with me and then attack me thereafter regularly, the outcome being that they now need National civil service, Parliament and Media, to show I am cursed by my parents. Its nothing unusual; we know before they found me to be enough of a thing that served a main preoccupation it was a usually a fight between them and the system – the parents will decide that if the government does not want parents doing what they liked with Children, then the Government should take care of the Children and you ended up with the benefit fiasco and other more difficult situation in which the children got killed by the parents. So mine is the one that has gone on long enough to develop this outcome where Celebrities get involved to tell me the Labour Party wants my Mum to control my life and property for them and I need to respond positively to her luvvies and it continues for as long as they think they have had me licked or something when we know I have not yet begun anything about getting them stuck at home to shower their Mums with affection while she plays up 50 year old school truant routines in the neighbourhoods either – so they have started becoming very violent bullies now they think they have gotten away with wrecking the academic work, building me years of media insults to run with and generally spending other spare time they have blazing my trial, to claim the problem was rather that I shut down their Popular culture and yes I have too; I have no wish for this situation to lead to an outcome where those stupidities about telling others how to exist by not getting along with society people because they think of themselves as clever people, concerning which they damage my academic work and build community of idiots with imagination that gets up my bum all the time and want to blaze my trail constantly, to brew an outcome in which my main thought process was about responding to local hoodlums who look just like them – each time it seems that way I will find any part of their Celebrity culture that had become free and I will shut it down as well, I will use it to tidy up any stupid mess that comes from this nonsense – it’s the same as their bullies and German influence idiots who will carry on those insults and abuses as long as they are unaware that I may become interested in the conveniences they create and preserve from it, just as I have warned their stupidities it’s about sexual dominance and I love them just as much in the first place too. It’s the same gimmick built up from 12 years ago when they had plans to ensure those who had did not have anymore and those who did not have had everything, meaning they wanted to become more important than I am via my own public image, as stupidly as possible, something they do to cause me the most amount of misery and claim I have little respect for women referring to their wives and Mums who have started feminist movements in the USA and all over the world to confiscate my Literary Empire and support them, while stopping me from killing them because it was love that their stupidities were talking about. So we can see its not just a case of getting up to shut down their Celebrity culture, we know they think of my Books as a means by which to make me react to their whims, which is an unbecoming way of perceiving another person’s career – so it’s the one that did not get services from an exorcist because nobody thought about taking them to Church, we see that especially when it starts to exhibit those violent tendencies, issuing those foolish threats it thinks I am too weak to respond to, like an education on why people kill people to ensure the families of their victims were made aware of it but their victims did not live to see it – it is as if the level of racism that we will have will depend on our turning our backs on wickedness, will depend on how moral and upstanding we were before they started. So the main point of call remains still i.e. the abusive advertisement continues to serve the means by which they pick up anything I do to prevent plagiarism of my work or to prevent them showing up all over my concerns until the earning margins ended up in their heads, so they might claim I am stupid and their main point of access is still that I gave away my information to help save lives and have also been providing services that mean I put myself out there because I had written a Book, eventually ending up in that condition where they claim I have the world and they have nothing. I have warned them the abusive and insulting advertisement have gone on long enough and they are not sharing the market for anything I have built around here, I have warned them it is becoming a matter of making sure they and their Media and Celebrities and paparazzi and every other scum who gather up as a community that has an imagination which gets up my bum walking around the cities like well fed sweaty junky idiots tackling my property right at the income margins like some grand sickening blackmail that never stops, is about to get a response and that they will not fancy it as much as they believe they ride it though. The bottom hurting thing is not an Arch Prince’s existence, it is what they do to ensure that they were able to get money off rich people and I would like a clearly set out case where an Arch Prince got on social media and those who engaged with me doing so on that basis, not interfered with by their stupidities any longer. This is all probably getting communities to turn their backs of civil rights movements and to embrace racism, as stupidly as possible.