What we have recently is one of Media journalists telling me not to refer to myself as an Arch Prince because it risks war and I could not understand what part the Media plays in the matter anyway; we all know however that my state provided security was based on surveillance and people have invented their own security business to corrupt it, we know they chase my bum all the time even though they know it provokes the Army when they do, we know they will not get a job because they are evil people who are rather happy to kill somebody and use a history of doing so as a mean to get about grabbing fame and fortune which does suggest if they grab mine, I will find the relatives of those enemies and they will end up finding out more about me than their stupidities wishes to pay attention to, we all know they always want to fight my battles because I prefer to work for money which means I am not going around thinking about killing people so I can deploy a history to grab fame and fortune and it is the reasons they always have stories to tell about being attacked by National enemies because they were fighting my battles or better still being killed doing it; this which was a given since I have some Royal Office and I am not a trained soldier, except it is not what their insults tell them they need to beware all together. I have always had to deal with these insults from the British ones and do not wish to tolerate them further, the Americans however have their problem with Mr Trump to look into and of course my Books were never a part of it, completely fed up now with a process of hurting myself when I attend to my Books because writing it had become the main preoccupation of Liberal America while it is Mr Trump that they have claimed was racist. In the end it seems I must take this business of keeping their young people away from fame and fortune to a whole new level that ensures they understand I have no empathy towards them on the matter, thereby preventing them from ripping up my academic work like it once did – the Politicians that intervene to ensure I failed at this usually ended up making out stories of an endemic lack of respect for women on my part but showing up at school to build others failures and setbacks which let the goon children to get ahead of others is still a behaviour that has not been tamed in anyway whatsoever yet – the Industry ones are busy building with this business of hurting me with every progress I make with my writing career at the market a position for themselves that I have a personal problem with and like the politicians complain about hurting bottoms because society knows how their jobs works due to me getting bullied they will be complaining for their fair share the consequences of being so important as well soon enough – not to omit the Media whose Career criminal supporting processes that facilitate the busy body opportunism is based on how the community croons and he criminals who are also victims of crime themselves make use of other people’s sweetness and is usually not my business except is has a filthy comment to make about everything I say and do which propels the need of society idiots to stick the nose into my concerns because their insults will help them find a way to share –  I mean the part linked to the bits where I too get to waste everything that appears to be a product of their need to get involved with other people’s business exposing a separation between them and personal peace and happiness especially for the abusive housewives, so that I may be able to ensure all that they had was the stress and the extreme emotions at all times because I am building a life with the sweet parts, which is something I appear to learn from them uninvited every day –  it should therefore make sense of those stupid insulting civil rights powers the ageist idiots think they have got, leaving their  society idiots to believe that they have me wrapped around their fingers at all times while we know they complain about and want to be free of me any opportunity they get, surprising and even amusing that at the same time cannot keep their hands to themselves claiming making out they were forcing me to share something I had with my brothers and is linked to business and Industry, probably Middle East and Africa as well and then should I end up writing a Book on it, the problem will be the things I have to do to sell such a Book all together, which will make it the constant insults and abuses of their women in the neighbourhoods that helps them churn my tummy and make me haemorrhage income all the time because they always provoke me and keep an eye on me to ensure it never just washes away, a proper Industry for it all together. For my part it does seem that when all these things are worked in a way that helps my Book shop, only then does it become obvious the kind of audience I am trying to capture and only then will I have less to worry about with respect to my writing career whether or not they continued to engage in their business of interference. I do get told that I do not treat others as equals as well, which is utter nonsense; people play with me all the time but it seems when some young women show up to play with me and are busy doing some popular culture music over it, people playing with me has never been so unusual until I met these goons, so it becomes so difficult for people to just play with me on account the issues were really about sex, which I should engage in so others may have gossip to spend time with or I should not engage in so others might ask these women for it perpetually – so it needs be clear what I do here to write Books and when they show up around my Concerns should be engaged in reading it before they ended up losing their careers as well, especially over issuing those stupid threats to suckle me by all the time. They do eventually confess they would like to see me suffer and I understand but before then it was a case of filthy dirty bullying full of city centre financial squander and academic work vandalism and garnished with lies and lasciviousness that ensured people thought I could not take care of myself and were too disillusioned to intervene as well.